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Found 13 results

  1. Say I want to copy or cut an object and paste it inside another object. Everything works the way it should except the menu does not disappear (the way it does when I use Paste or Paste Style) and I have to close it manually.
  2. When exporting PNGs of character assets I noticed that many of them have an ugly "halo" of bright pixels. In the example image I have the shape of the torso, within that shape I have pasted another shape for the shadow, which has it's layer mode set to multiply. It looks completely clean inside the Affinity editor, but ends up with the halo on export. I have tried different export settings, and formats, but all have the same result. A fix, or workaround would be much appreciated.
  3. I’ve a simple rectangle. Pasted inside it, is a complex artwork which is much larger than the rectangle. Is there a way to move the rectangle without moving the artwork that’s inside it? I’ve tried locking the artwork that’s inside the rectangle = didn’t work. I’ve explored choosing the node tool = nope. Can’t think what else logically to do. All help appreciated, thank you.
  4. I have seen and followed some tutorials with no success. I have made a selection from part of image (a). I duplicate that selection with Ctrl J. Next I copy image (b) reselect image (a), do the paste inside. My pasted image is not visible on my layer selection. I can see the pasted image in the layers panel. Please advise. In my attached file, you can see my selection and the pasted image in the layers panel.
  5. It would be very handy to Paste Inside (for instance an image). In any frame but in particular in multi-shapes such as triangles. In the Edit menu an option: Paste Inside (⌘-Alt-V)
  6. Hi. I believe its logical to have the option to choose (paste inside) while have an object selected on double finger tab pop up menu. Thanks
  7. Hello There are things that I do not know for some of the layer operations. 1. Is paste inside of layer operation the same as clipping? What is different unless it is the same? 2. If you attach the background layer to the pixel layer under the horizontal blue line to the left in the attached file called clipping, what does the vertical blue line mean to put on the bottom right? The explanation of paste inside of help was difficult for me to understand, so please look at the attached file if you are in trouble like me. Thank you. paste inside.afphoto
  8. I would love a way to paste an object inside a group. In the attached image, I want to paste the pink rectangle inside the group that contains three elements. I know that there are ways to get the same effect, but I want to keep the file as small and editable as possible.
  9. Paste inside doesn't seem to work in the Windows beta. I'm using Windows 10.
  10. Hi! If I paste inside several elements I know that with Command + clic I can select and edit isolated elements one by one. But I just want how to revert the paste inside. I mean select the group of the elements ”pasted inside” and be able to ”set them free”. Thanks a lot!
  11. When I create a polygon with some opacity or gradient and try to use it as a container when I paste inside a polygon or image it does not work. I need to create 2 polygons: One for transparency and other as a container.
  12. Thanks to a request called How to make egg shapes by ameleen07 and a nifty solution by MattP... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/5519-how-to-make-egg-shapes/ I got I little carried away. Hope you enjoy them, these are some of my favourites. They really look good in a slightly different context. Peter.
  13. FreeHand is for me the best vector application just for draw with precission. What about Paste inside. For example a image or a group of object inside a square? Another one. What about move objects precisely in the way you set? Like 1 mm or 5 pixels? BTW, Option + drag a object does not work in OS X? Is a basic routine from the early ages of DTP. Thanks a lot. In Spain (Europe) there is a lot of power users of the venerable FreeHand application. -------- In spanish: FreeHand es para mi, el mejor programa para dibujar. Punto. ¿Qué hay de pegar dentro? Por ejemplo una imagen o un grupo dentro de un cuadrado? Otra. ¿Se puede ajustar la cuadrícula en la medida que se quiera y así restringir el movimiento de objetos o su creación de milímetro en milímetro o cada 5 píxels, por ejemplo? Por cierto, Opción y arrastra un objeto hace que se duplique. Una vieja rutina. Gracias. En España (Europa) hay muchos usuarios avanzados de FreeHand.
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