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Found 11 results

  1. I know this has been asked before but I'd like to ask again. Is there is any chance we could get the ability to password protect exported pdfs to restrict editing and/or opening?
  2. For some reason my shop account can't login, even though I was sure about the password, but it was wrong until my account was locked, I tried to change the password, but I only got a repeated email link, even though in the near future I want to buy the product 😐 I hope someone can solve this problem 😅
  3. I do not have a Twitter or Facebook account, so I am posting here. I cannot log in to an account on Affinity (serif). I try "forgot password", generated a new one, and again get "incorrect password." I see no way out of this.
  4. I have forgotten my password , Affinity has promised to send me an update to my e mail address but nothing has arrived , this is the second time I have tried . I purchased Affinity Designer 6 months ago . Any thoughts please ?
  5. I tried to log into my Affinity account, but I forgot the password. When I try to reset it from https://affinity.store/reset-password/ the page tells me that I will receive the instructions in my email, but I have not received any messages related to my password, although I get other messages from Affinity . Could you help me reset my password? Finally, I have created my account again, so the problem is solved. Thank you,
  6. Hey Serif team, A simple request really. I would like to gain access to my account. I have changed computers and need to download my Draw Plus and Page plus products again (yes, I'll move to Affinity eventually). I've requested almost five times to be sent my password reset and nothing has come to my email (8 hours ago). Yes, I've checked the spam folder. I'd appreciate if someone could look into this please. If I recall correctly, the last time I had to access it, I couldn't get in either. Kind regards, Penny
  7. I installed Affinity Photo first time and it worked fine. Upon opening it second time, it said incorrect password. So I uninstalled and then re-installed Photo. Opened once and Ok but when opened second time. got the incorrect password again. Any ideas. Windows Photo 1.5 purchased today from Serif. Jack Herlihy
  8. Dear Affinity Team I have tried to re-download your products which I bought last year. I still have the PayPal receipts, the saved password and login details to your site. But somehow neither my email nor my password are recognized on any of your associated sites (seriflabs, affinity). I tried to reset my password but it would not recognize my email. I am certrain I got the correct login-details because these are auto-saved in my browser, I also remember successfull login in with those details last year. I purchased both, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for Windows. Could I get some assistance regarding this? Is there an issue with your account management from 2016? My name is Jessica Helsdon. I re-registered now in hopes of it being a bug but still I do not see my purchases. I canprovide the Paypal receipts. Thanks in advance.
  9. I have forgotten my password so cannot access my Affinity Designer account . I am waiting for a new password to be sent to my email address but nothing has arrived, this is the second time I have tried with no result. Any thoughts? Derek
  10. Simple password protection of a document. Much like Pages, Numbers has. There are certain documents I would like to encrypt and protect. For professional work which sometimes requires some protection, or clients who have classified projects, I would like to have some password option.
  11. I think it'd be a great addition to be able to open secured PDF files by having a prompt to enter the document's password (if this is not already possible, please correct me if I'm wrong). I work for a graphic design company and our PDFs have to be secured. However, when I try to open them with AD it just says 'Failed to open PDF file - The file requires a password' with no option to unlock by entering the password. Just an idea which could be very useful.
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