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Found 12 results

  1. The attached video shows how you can (quite) quickly draw a simple paper scroll, in Designer only (because of the use of certain tools). The basic steps are: (Don’t try to follow these steps without watching the video as they won’t make much sense otherwise.) Make sure that you have all the Snapping options ON except for Grid and Baseline Grid (it helps); Pen Tool: Draw a ‘zig-zag’ with 45 degree angles (use the relevant modifier key to help you); Pen Tool: Draw a ‘fly-out line’ from each ‘bend’ in the ‘zig-zag’ at 45 degrees (just keep them short, you’ll be changing them later); Node Tool: Convert the ‘bend points' to Smart nodes and drag the handles so they are at 45 degrees (you should see the purple helpers); Node Tool: Drag the nodes/handles (keeping them at 45 degrees) until they look nice (use your own judgement); Move Tool: Duplicate the whole design at 45 degrees away from the original; Node Tool: Extend the ‘fly-out lines’ from the original to where they are on the duplicate; Delete the ‘fly-out lines’ from the duplicate; Point Transform Tool: Copy the ‘fly-out lines’ to the ends of the curves; Shape Builder Tool: Make the new shapes; Remove any extraneous shapes if there are any; Add Gradient Fills and a Stroke to taste (better than I did in the video). 2023-08-01 14-08-24.mp4
  2. Could references, in-text citations and bibliography features be added for Publisher? I would love to be able to create text boxes where you put all of the sources you have used in with specific formatting (e.g. APA, MLA) and have the text box auto-sort the references alphabetically. Later on, when I want to reference the source in text, it would be cool if there was an auto-complete feature where if you hit a hotkey and start typing the title of the book or author name, Affinity searches for the reference and places it in the text as a cross-reference of some sort. I think it would be good to use cross-references for this, because that will allow you to make specific formats (e.g. just a [1], [2] or [Author name, date], (Author name, date, page number). If this could be part of Publisher, it would save a lot of time and might attract people who use dedicated referencing/ bibliography software.
  3. Hello, I have tryed brushes, blanding modes an effects on paper surfaces. I think it is interesting to work free in Affinity. This one it is done in AffinityPhoto.
  4. Hi everyone, forgive me if there’s an answer to this question somewhere on the forum I’ve yet to find, but I’m wondering if there is any way to add/download printer and paper profiles for soft-proofing to the iPad version of Affinity Photo. I always save and then move over to my iMac for printing, but it would be great if I could do the soft-proofing and printing straight from the iPad Pro. Any options out there? Thanks in advance and happy holidays.
  5. For those of us stuck with using ANSI paper sizes, InDesign has a number of additional page size presets that are extremely useful for making booklets. In particular, it would be great to have half-size versions of letter, legal, and ledger paper (i.e. 5.5 × 8.5 in and so forth).
  6. I had the idea for this rolling around in the back of my head for a while so I thought I'd give it a try and see what came from it. I've now got it to the point where I'm not very happy with it. I've added some shadows where some of the pieces of paper aren't fully stuck down - with a related curve - but it still doesn't quite look real enough to me. There's something missing but I don't know what. I tried to add highlights to the "curls" but they didn't look right. Each letter is an individual shape with enclosed image and text layers, and the shadows are themselves individual layers, so it's all totally adjustable. Does anyone have any suggestions for improvements? It's just a silly thing that I've made for my own amusement but I would like to get it looking better. Any ideas anyone? Feel free to get petty.
  7. Any chance of incorporating the option to manage printing with icc profiles totally within the iPad app? E.g. when i use the print dialogue i am given the choice of printing as is and letting my printer do all color management, I would like to have the option to let the app control the colour output by having the option to apply an icc profile to my image as i print it. Similar to the process found in dare i say it.....photoshop Cheers in anticipation
  8. Any chance of incorporating the option to manage printing with icc profiles totally within the iPad app? E.g. when i use the print dialogue i am given the choice of printing as is and letting my printer do all color management or applying an icc color profile to my output and let the app control the colour output? Cheers in anticipation
  9. Hi, ich habe mal den getestet wie man den Text Präge Effekt auf Papier simulieren kann. Dafür braucht man im Wesentlichen die Ebenenstile. I testet how to create an embossed text effect on paper. I made this with layer styles. Ciao Jack Link YouTube-Tutorial
  10. Would be nice to have more control over the "Erase White Paper" magic command. Perhaps a dialog that allows me to eyedropper the background "paper" color, similar to how "Select Sampled Colour" works, but with the magic :)
  11. The last update I was able to find regarding printer and paper profiles was in the beta forum dated 27 April of this year. Yesterday I attemtped to print to my Epson 4880 from Affinity Photo for the first time and I was completely frustrated in attempting to select any of my paper profiles for that particular job. Has there been any progress in making this software actually useful when it comes to printing?
  12. Hi, Does anybody have a way to remove the white paper background from a scanned pencil drawing that's easier than with the wand? I found tutorials on the web for PS but nothing seen for AD Thanks!
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