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  1. So I tried some simple grid stitching to see if that works properly now in AP. And YEP, worked really well. Barely had to make manual corrections to the stitch. The shooting setup was as below. X1 | Y1 ————— X2 | Y2 https://500px.com/photo/166244289 It's a great way to cover a wider POV without sacrificing distance to object and perspective.
  2. I shot this at fairly high iso (6400) at Eberbach Monastery's wine cellar and stitched it up in Affinity Photo without a hitch. https://500px.com/photo/160881441 The location may seem familiar if you've seen the Sean Connery movie "The Name of the Rose". I'm doing pretty much all of my panoramas in Affinity Photo now. The 32-Bit float ones I still do in PTgui pro for now, but that's about it. Which may change with v1.5 and the HDR bubble feature. ;)
  3. Hi, I am trying to find a tutorial which might help me with improving or removing curved distortion in architecture images taken with a wide angle lens or composed with assembling several images as a panorama. Does one exist? Thanks.
  4. If I'm editing an panorama, it works until it starts with the render process. It's not working anymore then and my whole Mac starts lagging :( I deleted the program and downloaded it again but it's still not working. Before last weekend everything was normal and okey but now....
  5. Hi! Great software by the way. I use it mostly to help with figures for my research. That being said, I need to stitch a series of images but I cannot ( remember this is science ) rescale or distort the images by any means. Is there a way to do that or I should request a feature ? Thanks
  6. Stitching Panoramas can take a long time. I have experienced computation times of about an hour for stitching about 30 fairly large images. I would appreciate a progress bar.
  7. When making a pano, often lines will not quite match up, which is fine. In the tutorials you suggest masking out the lines until they converge. This works in a few cases, but not nearly in all of them. For instance: The lines never converge. What would help me out is if I could process the pano, but instead of it showing up as a flat pixel layer, I get a group of layers, one image per layer with the correct part of the image masked. This way, I could easily use the mesh warp tool to fix the lines. I've been using this tool for awhile, and in many ways it's better then PS, this so far is the only complaint. Thanks guys!
  8. A common workflow for me is to send photos from Adobe Lightroom over to Affinity Photo for panorama handling. However, the panorama feature requires direct import from the file manager. The option to select photos already open within Affinity would be great.
  9. Hi i have italian version 1.4.1 but panorama function doesn't work.I import photos in the left setion,i see them but when i want to merge them i have this note: no panorama founded!! can samebody explains to me if there is a bug or i make some mistakes? thanks for help
  10. I like the blending of luminosity and colour in general but there are instances where colour equalisation is not wanted, but luminosity equalisation is. (like pics of a wall with colour stains, that should stay that way. Is there a way to disable this part of the equalisation? If not please add it as a feature request.
  11. Really impressed with the Pano feature in 1.4.. As a quick test I loaded a three image panorama from my Pentax 645z (50.1 mp) and running on my little Mac mini rendered the pano quite quickly, on par with AutoPano Pro running on an i7 32 GB PC system The images stitched seamlessly with no artifacts. Well done So my feature request would be some additional Pano Projection settings. Not interested in the esoteric projections like Small Earth and Mirror Ball, but: Planar Mercator Cyndrical Would be more than welcome additions Thanks for a great product..... MK
  12. Dear support team, i like the new feature for creating panos. My standard workflow is starting with Capture One. From there I open my photos withing Affinity Photo. Now that I have opened the photos, I´d like to stitch them together, but the dialog only offers opening photos from disk. Selection of already opened photos seems not possible. Is this right? If yes, it would be a great enhancement to have this option. Another question? Would it be possible to send the created pano back to capture one? Many thanks in advance. Regards, Joe
  13. I am new to photo processing. I can't work out to create a vertical panorama. The "normal" panorama was easy but can't work out the vertical.
  14. Maybe I'm just being dense here. In the panorama video https://player.vimeo.com/video/147727411, at 01:11, after 'stitch panorama' there is an inpainting brush icon above the image. The video doesn't demonstrate how to use it and I can't get it to work.
  15. Edit: thread can be deleted, my question is answered in the video https://player.vimeo.com/video/147727411, starting at 3:45
  16. Hello, I can't find a way to change projecting mode ( Rectilinear, Cylindrical...) in the panorama tools ? It seems to me that AP stitch a "sphérical" panorama. Il would like a more "plane" panorama. Is there a way to do that ?
  17. Hi all. Very pleased with the results of this panorama, :) no retouching done – made from 6 overlapping hand held photos taken in 2012: Paul.
  18. How do does one go about stitching multiple photos together to make a panorama? I see Serif have a "Panorama Plus", will this be integrated into Photo?
  19. One tool I use on almost every photoshoot is to stitch multiple photos into a single image. So to create a large panorama or to create what has come to be known as a Brenizer portrait. This is a BIG deal for me and something I'll have to keep doing with Adobe till it becomes an option for Affinity Photo. Anyone know of a tool that could do the photo merging and then send it to Affinity Photo? Please add this feature.
  20. I'm doing a lot of 360 degree panoramas. For me the offset filter in Photoshop is very important to shift the equirectangular panorama "around". Also an absolut feature would be a function to match the color and contrast of the left and right side of the picture to get a seamless transition. Gregor
  21. Hello, some features I miss so far is the possibility to change the colormode to bitmap. That would be fine. A other feature I request is an automatic stitching tool for overlapping pictureslices, so they can rearranged and stitched together. For example from a double page in a pdf-file. And make it better than the PS-function ;-) .... that's what you do everytime, of course! Regards Torsten
  22. Can I stitch multiple images together using Affinity to make a Panorama and do the images all have to be the same file designator? i.e. .psd,.jpg.tif,pdf, etc can i mix them and can i save in any format?
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