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  1. About Panorama tool: It would be really useful if it was possible to save final panorama image as LAYERED image. That is, the images which make the composite image (placed, rotated, stretched, color matched) would each be an individual layer. There could be a simple tick box in save as dialog "(x) Keep layers". As essentially stitching produces layered image until you finalize it this should not be too complicated to implement. Also, it would be nice if panorama tool would accept Photoshop files. I had to convert to tiff to make panorama.
  2. I'm looking for a tutorial that shows me about creating (not editing) a 360° panorama. Does anyone know one? Thanks Erwe
  3. Hallo to everyone... I looked in the forum but couldn't find any answers... is there a way to export directly from Lightroom some images to the panorama sticking function, like happens for PS in Lightroom... It would be really nice!! Thank you!!!
  4. Hello everybody. To get started please excuse my basic English (thanks to the automatic translator) This is my first post here and I have a request after a small disappointment in my first test of Affinity Photo. I'm an hobbyist illustrator and I also done animations on another program called Moho. In Moho there is the possibility of spherical panoramas used as décorations, and from there came to me the idea of drawing my own panoramic scenery. But I have never found of drawing programs that would give me that ability. I was very excited about seeing that AF gave the possibility to draw directly in an environment of spherical panorama. but the problem is that this is only possible on a single layer, and I need to use that picture guide on top which I could draw my decorations. Why not let the possibility of putting the live projection on a folder containing several layers? Some examples of what I'd like to be able to do under Affinity Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YqUQiPvRMM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCGFMNhFMe4
  5. Hi guys! I am really loving the panorama stitching feature of AP! But I am having troubles stitching spherical panoramas in AP. Does AP handle such panoramas? I have tried several projects, both panoramas shot with an 8mm lens, and those shot with 12-16 mm lenses, but have gotten none of them to work. I have been able to successfully stitch them in several other stitching softwares, though. But I would prefer to be able to use AP to stitch these panoramas. The same is true of some 360 degree panoramas that are not fully spherical, as well. Best regards!
  6. Hello, Love Affinity, such a well thought out and versatile software. Would be great to be able to drag and drop files into the panorama mode. Thanks! Ben
  7. Hello, Full convert to Affinity, love the functionality and speed. Would be great to get more options for exposure/ blending and projection methods in panorama mode like PTGui. Are these planned? Many thanks Ben
  8. The ability to have different Panorama Stitching layouts like the ones below would be awesome. Auto Perspective Cylindrical Spherical Collage Reposition I take photos of large estates and having the option of just having the "Collage" option would be handy. Cheers, Mettsy
  9. Thought users might like to see how well the AP Panorama feature works. This is a hobbyist example of 3 images taken in a California USA street and it is the first attempt at using the AP feature. The three uploads show (1) the 3 images to be stitched, (2) the automatic stitching by the Panorama feature and (3) the final cropped image. I made no corrections anywhere along the process, although some lighting & sharpening filters might be done at this point.. Fun! :) 1 2 3
  10. I shoot panoramas inside buildings with moderately wide-angle lenses (typically 24mm efl). Some parts of the interior are close to the camera and so the stitched image has considerable distortion in those areas. AP stitches better than PS in most situations but unfortunately I find that AP's mesh warp is almost useless for straightening two dimensional distortions compared to PS's Adaptive Wide-Angle filter. So, much as I would like to wean myself off PS, I can't. Am I missing something - am I not using the mesh warp tool correctly (I've watched the tutorial videos many times)?
  11. G'day, Complete newbie to this software. I may be missing the obvious but the help files refer to "Panorama Persona" however I cannot find this menu item anywhere on screen. Does this need to be installed separately? I am running version 1.5 on Windows 10.1 Appreciate any assistance
  12. I sometimes take partial panoramas (180 deg or less) with my iPhone 6 when I can't get far enough away from a wall or large object and I would **LOVE** to be able to use the Live Projection mode to edit them. Equirectangular Live Projection doesn't quite work. I've tried enlarging the canvas of the photo to trick Affinity into warping it correctly but since this isn't a true spherical panorama, it doesn't quite work. I'm not quite sure what the name for it would be but what I'm asking for is a Live Projection mode that works well with iPhone panoramas. Or possibly just more controls in the "Edit Live Projection"mode to allow adjusting the panorama with 'width in degrees' and the amount of vertical warping. Thanks for an amazing product! I use Photoshop less and less every day.
  13. I used 4 JPG files for stitching panorama in Affinity Photo (Windows beta) and this is the result. This is the result of the same process in Photoshop CC 2017 The Photoshop panorama file is bigger horizontally because Affinity Photo dropped one file. Photoshop straightened the panorama and also made a lens correction automatically. One big advantage using PS is the "Content Aware" setting to fill in the transparent borders around the panorama with a very good result. I could not get Affinity to do this by using the "Inpaint Missing Areas" as described. The Photoshop results are better and is a challenge to Affinity Photo. The automated functions in Photoshop would be nice to see in Affinity Photo. I hope this is a correct comparison between those two programs, or am I misunderstanding something?
  14. Hello, when creating a panorama, the button 'Impaint missing areas' is not responsive. It can't be pushed down and I couln't get it working in any way. Thanks for your great work. David Sery
  15. This might be a hardware issue but i can't inpaint missing areas in Panoramas. The panorama renders in about 30 secs with a 5 shots raw 24mb image sequence but then the inpaint won't function. I don't know whether this is because of a difficult selection but at any rates there should be an indication of processing so that the user has a reference and can cancel if needed. I have used a number of tools within the program that display a complete freeze if you have made an error in implementation. I know that this can happen with PS but it generally is dealt with by a quick escape from the tool. Generally speaking I have had a number of complete overload experiences where AP locks up my operating system completely and I cannot even access task manager to stop the process. Any thoughts?
  16. The Mac based tutorial demonstrates the use of an automated inpainting tool from within the panorama 'wizard', but I haven't been able to get it to work. I have been able to use the inpainting brush from within the editor though (VERY Cool!). Has anyone else had trouble with this?
  17. I don't know why but dragging files from the finder into this dialog is not working. And I don't think that this is a feature because that should be a default behaviour.
  18. Going through my first panoramas from 2003 / 2004 from my first dSLR. I screwed up so badly then with overlap, zoom lens nudging (the lens didn't have a proper zoom stopping mechanism, had to hold it tight) that so far every tool I tried made a mess of it. Affinity Photo barely made any mess. One branch didn't match, easy fix. Few smaller ones I had to paint over and the blurry leaves can't be helped but aren't much of a distraction. I'm just glad to finally have a chance to do them without spending days on end. 500px: https://500px.com/photo/182113985 Moving pan: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMkndzDDDnr/
  19. I often need to edit full spherical panos, specially in the zenith and nadir, but also small changes everywhere else. Especially in the zenith and nadir you need to concert the file into cube faces or similar otherwise you cannot cope with the distortion. Same is when you need to edit on the right and left edges of the flat picture. It would be very handsome if there would be a panorama viewer available where direct editing and retouching of such a file would be possible.
  20. Version: Beta Bugtype: Not working function After stitching a panorama you can choose to use the inpainting function. There is no indication after clicking on the inpainting button if the funtion has been activated or not. Furthermore after clicking on "Apply" no inpainting is been done on the missing parts of the panorama picture.
  21. Hi there. Thanks for a neat piece of software... I love how it will take raw files (Panasonic) and use them for panoramas... still yet to try the other features. Ok.. Loaded 11 Panasonic .RW2 Panorama assembled. Grid-lines selected from 'view' Using the 'thumbnail image' to move around the main image to look at details. And then the crash message as you see below: 0x0000005 No Crash Reference dialog appeared when Affinity restarted.
  22. Does the 360 degree software work for simple two to three or four vertical and horizontal image stitching
  23. Hi If anyone is interested in using / likes playing with Panorama's, l took a series of single shot iPad images at the weekend specifically to test the Affinity Photo Panorama facility, really, just to see how well it worked. Most impressed l must say. Anyway, the single, unprocessed / straight out the back of the iPad images for you to play with and a completely unprocessed stitched Panorama example can be found at the following link, (l hope you can access the images, sorry but l do not do Face page or the Tweeting stuff). https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0NGWZuqDGPYHGo I have also attached a LowRes version of the resulting Stitched Panorama just for info. Enjoy.
  24. In Affinity 1.5 there will come a lot of helping tools to prepare the equirectangular photos for 360-panos. There are mostly the same corrections needed: -> modify the nadir (eliminate the tripod, or yourself...) -> leveling the pano In this case normally some vertical or horizontal lines should be defined, and the software should recalculate the leveled picture, but still remaining in the same size. That would be very helpful.
  25. Hello, I recently tried the panorama feature and it works really great. But what's missing is that when I compose a panorama out of RAW files (NEF in my case), it would be cool to be able to develop the stitched foto further. Today I have to develop each photo of it's own at the beginning. Best Regards, Sven
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