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  1. I can fix the steps in the horizon using the Web Mesh Tool pretty well. Affinity Photo 2 2.4.1 The main irritant is just above the horizon I get dirty grey cloud type smudges, see image below. The 2nd comes auto stitched in the drone a DJI Mavic 3 Classic. No artefacts just above the horizon If anyone is interested https://photos.app.goo.gl/pLj87EptKfLC3oYJ8. is a link to the 21 original photos to be stitched. is there ever going to be a 360 stitch ? Cheers Colin from mallacoota https://coota.au is my blog video from the day..
  2. Hello, I'm a user of affinity suite 2.0 from some month a found a problem with the panorama compilation. I make some panorama with a drone dji mini 3 pro and impossible to get a flat panel without distortion in affinity who used as defaut the spherical one. Example attached I had to use Microsoft ICE to get the correct distortion correction in a simple clic. Of course some tools are avaible in affinity as distorsion filters or perspective panel but are really hard to used to get a decent result. Please could you think to added different distorsion correction than we get easy to make these modification in affinity? Thank you
  3. Hello everyone, First of all, sorry if this has been asked before. I did search the forums before creating a topic, but could not find anything. I've tried using Affinity Photo to make panoramas out of pictures I took with my iPhone, and the tool's been great to use. However, as far as I can tell, HDR data is getting lost in the process. I'm doing the following: - Export the original files (.HEIC) from iPhoto - Create a new panorama from those HEIC files - Export the created panorama as an HDR file However, when importing the file back to the iPhone the HDR data is lost. What am I doing wrong? And a "bonus" question: is there any way to export directly to HEIC? (HDR files are massive in comparison)
  4. Hi there: I am trying to stitch a panorama together with up to 10 images. I took the photos using the raw/jpeg setting on my Canon EOS1100D. I created them using manual settings, vertical camera plane, and made sure to have good overlap for each image. The problem that I am running into is that AP is splitting the image into two separate images after stitching the first four images, and then stitching the other six. I am not sure why it is doing this and I have tried both raw and jpeg versions of the images to no avail. I am using AP 1.10.6 on a MacBook Pro running MacOS 10.15.7 with 16Gigs of RAM. I would appreciate your help. Thanks. -Michael
  5. Stitch together 3 pics and sometimes the tones dont match together.
  6. Took 3 image and stich them together.
  7. Steps: Stitched a panorama (3 RAW images) In the panorama persona did follow steps: · Selected crop tool and “Crop to opaque” - successful · Then attempted further crop using the mid-side handle at the top to reduce just the height, with mode set to Unconstrained. · However the crop retained the ration and moved all sides (operating as Original Ratio) · Selecting a different mode and then returning to unconstrained mode the crop worked as expected. I also restarted the whole process and omitted the Crop to opaque step, the crop tool then worked as expected for unconstrained setting.
  8. Hi, I'm seeing something unexpected in the Panorama tool; I've watched the tutorial but my image seems to be anchored to the top left of the alpha background frame after stitching instead of centered. It's like the top and left of the stitched image are being forced to conform to the top left corner of the frame. Attached are some grabs of the issue: 1. After adding the four photos I get a good alignment in the right-side panel of the Panorama window. Looks normal. 2. After I click "Stitch" the alpha background frame appears in the main view window but with the stitched image offset and apparently anchored to the top left, instead of centered. 3. You can see in the Navigator that it is at 18% zoom and that the Navigator believes the image is centered. 4. When I zoom in to 50% the Navigator shows the area it believes is being enlarged. 5. However, the view window has zoomed in on the centre, cropping off some of the top left of the image. 6. Dragging the frame over to the top left of the image you can see that it has been cropped/skewed to force the top and left of the image to fit into the corner of the frame. I've tried several other photo sets with the same result. Oh and when I "Apply" the panorama to get to Photo Persona the result is the same. ...I can't see an option to stop this, so hope you can help. EDIT: I have tried on my laptop and have the same issue, so prob not an install issue... any ideas??
  9. I had 2 photos of castle in Varazdin Croatia. I used Affinity Photo v1 to stitch the 2 photos together. I removed myself and a friend and had to reconstruct part of lawn and walkway. I took liberty of removing someone in red from doorway. AP worked great to make the 2 photos into a single photo of the full castle.
  10. Ability to pass multiple images to Photo from the command line with the operation to perform For example: Affinity/Photo --hdr <img1> <img2> ... Affinity/Photo --focus <img1> <img2> ... Affinity/Photo --stack <img1> <img2> ... Affinity/Photo --panorama <img1> <img2> ...
  11. Hi folks, Thought some of you might be interested in this stitching of 20 moon photos. Used SW 90x1250 Mak, Canon 1100D without lens taken through 15mm Plössl eyepiece. About 83 mag., Very clear skies. Edited with AP Panorama, various simple adjustment layers and the JR macro, Repetitive Bandpass Sharpening. You might notice a few black hairs from the camera sensor. Great software.
  12. I often make panoramas from a series of shots. Sometimes the pictures are taken in backlight. And when creating a panorama from such pictures, I encountered the fact that Affinity Photo unsuccessfully processes areas with bright areas and their neighbors. That is, Affinity Photo actually "fills" very bright areas with white and fades to darker areas makes it not smooth, but outlined with a Cyan color fill (as seen in the example below). For example, I tried to make a panorama from such pictures in Adobe Lightroom 6.14 (last standalone version) LR handles such areas much more naturally and "gentle". For example, I apply a panorama created in Affinity Photo, Lightroom and a photo of the central fragment, where the sun is in the frame. All shooting was done on a Sony RX10 M4 camera in RAW format. And in Affinity Photo I upload exactly the pictures in this format (raw). These may not be the best shots from a technical point of view, but they are frustrating and alarming, how Affinity Photo handles bright areas. And, I must say that, in general, in Affinity Photo, the panorama turns out to be more dark than the original shots - this can be seen from the histograms. I would like to believe that such an unsuccessful processing algorithm can be corrected in the future. Especially when dealing with bright areas... N.B. Affinity Photo's version is This is panorama created in Affinity Photo. This is panorama created in Adobe Lightroom 6.14. This is photo of the central fragment (RAW).
  13. https://www.hiddenmelbourne.com.au/melbourne-from-heidelberg-town-hall-4gpx/ is a 557,000px wide 4 Gigapixel 360degree panoramic view from the tower of Heidelberg Town hall. The file is 11.61GB in size. Photoshop can't open it. It was captured as a series of 42Mpx frames with Sony A7R2 + 400mm lens and stitched with PTGUI Pro. Final editing in Affinity then saved as a .PSB image file, before converting into a zoomable view with Pano2VR, allowing the viewer to zoom in to buildings 10km distant.
  14. Hi, first of all thank you for porting Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo to windows... by this smart move you earn one more happy customer :) I mess around with Panorama Stitching in Affinity Photo and I have my own feature request to it. Is there any chance to implement additional projection types to panorama stitching in Affinity Photo like equirectangular, cylindrical, cube map.. and others. And possibility to translate stitched panorama between them? I really miss those features. Currently I need to use PTGui, or PS witch flexify-2 plugin.
  15. Picture from Sakariasdammen a hydro powerplant in Tafjorden Norway. It is 96 mtr from topp to bottom. Made from 14 and 16 pictures.
  16. Just a picture I made from a Panorama picture. Loads of Patch Tool, Clone Brush Tool and cutouts that I twist and turn to fit in. Final picture 15000 x 11000 px
  17. I have been trying to level/straighten a 360 panorama using the "Straighten" tool in "Live Projection" view. However, I have noticed that after I go into Live Projection view and use the Straighten tool, then exit the Live Projection view and save the image, it looks soft. The sharpness is reduced. This appears to be a major issue to me as I am not able to level my panoramas using Affinity Photo. The quality of photos should not be affected in this way. Files showing Before and After leveling results are attached for reference. Observe the "Bosch" logo on the oven to easily identify the issue. 1. Before Leveling/Straightening (Original Image) 1. After Leveling/Straightening (Softened Image)
  18. I would like to request to add an option to merge/stitch documents or drawings to Panorama feature. Panorama works with photographs but doesn't work well with documents or drawings. (Unintended modification or distortion happens sometimes)
  19. What is the better way to merge multiple images? Like image scanned separately. Merging both vertically & horizontally unlike panoramas that is merged only horizontally.
  20. Affinity Photo crashes when I am trying to make a panorama. Doesn't matter if I use raw files or TIFFs. Was working well, but started crashing before I updated to latest version. I hoped the latest version would fix the issue but hasn't. My hardware details: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Driver Version 461.40 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz 15.95 GB RAM 2560x1440, 59Hz Windows10 Affinity Thanks for your help. Geoff McKay.
  21. I am using Affinity Photo on Windows 10 on a quite powerful machine (Ryzen 2700X, 32GB RAM, NVidia 2070 Ti) and try to stich a largeish panorama of 30 shots. Unfortunately, Affinity Photo repeatedly crashes when creating the panorama. The program crashes directly after creating the panorama, i just see a short flash of the window showing the stitched image when trying to use any tool in the panorama editor, it's enough to click the tool icon to make afifnity photo crash when minimizing and restoring affinity photo after the panorama has been stitched and is shown in the panorama editor I don't think it's a memory issue since the total system ram usage is just 20GB according to Windows' task manager (so ~12GB left). I use Nvidia's studio drivers, so those should be quite stable. I uploaded the source files to google drive since they are quite large (1 GB): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EZI_VKYCYUlnFZkEj-P_FObZWtHYS76r/view?usp=sharing Some crash reports are attached to the post. reports.zip
  22. Hello; the new facebook is annoying me no end so I popped over here to annoy you This was originally shared in facebook to help the newbies Not sure how this will work out for you ---- hopefully you will pick up a tip or trick ; or pass a tip onto me First SS is how affinity photo stretched the three hand held 24mm vertical files . The camera was basically pointing overhead from the back yard to record this cloud that stretched from the western horizon to around 1/3 from the to eastern horizon. 1-4 screen shots shows how the affinity mesh warp tool was used to save most of the data rather than cropping it off. The more I use the tool the more I learn and find other ways to often fix bad photography 5] making the tree and clouds bigger "finished" (never really finished) one of the original files Small warning: not suitable for every photo and you cannot go totally crazy as the image will look real weird. I had to redo this photo as the tree was starting to distort too much. Tip: click on the icon >you can make square inside the photo and that part of the photo is protected. Doing it will explain it best . your questions, honest comments/CC, and tips or tricks are welcome JAMES!! I would love someone to make an advanced ''mesh warp tool'' video as I have not been able to find one so it's been all trial and error Yep; I agree -- the amount of work done and time spent to this point of typing was not really worth it but all good practise Cheers PS Long time since I used a forum and added photos
  23. Hello, I am having repeat difficulty rendering panorama's since latest update to Continual repeat crash when rendering panorama's (regardless 50-350photos each) PC Specs: i5, 4670k, 4.1ghz (water cooled, temps under 75 Celcius when 100% cpu) 32gb DDR3 / 1600 (XMP 2400) Raid 0 2x1tb Windows/Program Raid 10 4x4tb (Source folder's) 4tb Spare drive (stand alone) RX590 8gb "fatboy series" AMD Video Card. 3x Benq 24" Displays (1920x1080). Windows 10 Latest updates. All drivers thoroughly up to date. Page file not on Raids, just the spare 4tb. Affinity Photo, i've set for 8, 16, or 24gb's (it uses upwards to 28gb's if I max it of the original ram, before page). Still same issue. Right now I have 4x "pano" source folders, (1,2,3, & 4). All Source files are JPG/ Taken by Samsung S8+ 13mp each I believe. Folder 1: 355 Jpegs, Total 2.19gb Folder 2: 310 Jpegs, Total 1.98gb Folder 3: 276 Jpegs, Total 1.53gb Folder 4: 116 Jpegs, Total 723mb (0.72gb ish) I've tried a catch all at once, toss them all in and see. What is found, then render. I've tried separately to just do folder 4, or 3, etc, smallest first I figured... It can get to the preview part, but when rendering... after a few hours the app fully exits/crashes. I've monitored on Task manager. The drive/memory/cpu and some GPU is used. I'm grasping at straws here. I have done the intel raid check. 0 errors entirely. I've defragged thoroughly. I've trimmed startup apps, scheduled tasks, etc. Literally minimized to maximized performance. I've even set priority of affinity photo to "above normal" I'll happily adjust or customize settings further if any theories help. I recognize panorama's take TIME. I know this thoroughly. I check back every few hours to see progress pro/con. If anyone has suggestions/idea's, hugely appreciated. What else is needed here to proceed/gain support, but proactively in the right direction? - RMLeLoup P.S. Thanks in advance for the thorough read. Edit: Updated version #, Edit 2: How do I get a "crash report" ? If needed, i'll attach, and upload samples if required also. (Have 185/185 fiber/unlim, happy to ts, don't mind)
  24. I miss the abillity to place photos into the panorama editor via drag and drop.
  25. Hi guys, first tutorial video in 2021. Let's go back to the basics of how to stitch panorama in Affinity Photo. I hope you learn something new from this video. Thank you!
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