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Found 18 results

  1. The Issue: Some time ago, I realized that the raw photos from my Panasonic S5II will not load into Affinity Photo 2 Properly, Whenever I try and open a Raw File I get the screens below. I've also attached reference images to showcase that the pattern generated is related to the image file in some way I'm just not sure how. I've also included the raw files themselves, one being a chipmunk and the other of a building. I know there isn't a problem with my camera as I've used the free version of photoshop to verify along with Luminar Neo and the photos display perfectly fine. The only other possibility I could think of is that it's the system I'm using, as it's a work laptop with only 8GB of Ram and what I'd call *Office Grade* components. I'll have to verify with my home PC with these same files. I will update when I can. If you have any information please let me know! Thanks P1021271.RW2 P1021285.RW2
  2. Is there a timeline for Panasonic GH6 RAW File support? The camera has been available for more than a year. Thank you. Nick Kamparosyan
  3. I can not open RAW files from my Panasonic GH6 camera. See attached file. This is not due to any issues with memory cards, computers, operating systems, or the camera. Here is the reply from Panasonic. Will you be providing support for RAW photo files from the Panasonic GH6 camera soon? Thank you. Dear Mr. Steven Cleghorn, I hope this email finds you well. In regards to your query and following further investigation on your case, we would like to advise you that the reported issue is not a fault with the unit as the supplied/compatible software recommend by Panasonic works and that means that the unit is functioning within its specifications. That being said, you may contact the Adobe affinity team for support and help regarding this to confirm if the camera is compatible or not as we are not able to guarantee the functionality since it is a third party software. I trust that the above information will be of assistance to you, however, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind Regards, Eva Panasonic Customer Care Team
  4. I'm using the Haze Removal tool in Photos on macOS 10.15.7. When opening raw photos taken with a Panasonic ZS-40 and imported into Photos, the "Before" side is displaying corrupted images even though Photos, Preview, and my other apps have no problem displaying them. The "After" image is correctly displayed and shows that Haze was able to correctly understand the data and process it. The attached images are the "rw2" file exported from Photos, the "tiff" exported from Preview after reading the "rw2" file, and the screen shot ("png") of the Haze Removal tool's display. I've seen this problem repeatedly and it only has occurred with images from that camera. Images from other cameras or my iPhone, whether they were .jpg or .heic display correctly. The images were imported directly into Photos from the memory card on my Mac, iPhone or iPad. I'm not sure what macOS or iOS version it was but it would have been whatever was current at that time as I keep them updated. So what's happening? P1010602.rw2 P1010602.tiff
  5. When importing RAW files from my Panasonic ZS70, there is a vignetting effect which makes the RAW image useless to edit. I do understand this camera is not supported. Though, it is an incredibly popular camera and I'm frankly surprised by this of a company of your size. Is there any way around this problem or any word when this camera's RAW image import might become usable in Affinity? Thanks. Theon
  6. Hello fellow Affinity iPad users! i just bought the Affinity Photo App for my iPad Pro 9.7“. I already love it! However I encountered one weird problem: There are random tiny dots visible on my imported RAW files (RW2, Panasonic Lumix G7). You can see what I mean in the photo I have uploaded below. Does anyone know where that could come from? As for now it isn‘t that much of a problem as I can remove the dots with the clone tool, however it is quite annoying if you have to edit multiple photos and have to go searching for the little dots first and remove them all first. if you need more information to help me with my problem, just tell me, I‘ll try to be as precise as possible. EDIT: The dots appear only in Affinity, when I import and export the RAWs with another software, there are no dots visible at all. EDIT 2: I have now found out that the dots are so called „Stuck Pixels“. I tried the Pixel Refresh option my camera provides that actually claims to solve stuck Pixel Problems but that didn‘t work - it actually made it worse I believe. I‘m a bit concerned - I have spent my money onAffinity and really want to use it but this makes it pretty much unusable for me... Thank you for every answer! Greets, Sarah (infinabey)
  7. Hello, my RW2 files all have stuck pixels in Affinity Photo. Please incorporate an automatic Pixel Mapping Feature in the future because removing all of these with the clone tool is a pain and makes Affinity unusable when editing multiple photos. No other photo editing app with RAW support that I tried has this problem so there must be a way to incorporate it for sure! Please, I really want to use Affinity for my Photo Editing! Greets, infinabey
  8. Hello, if I take photos with my camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC G81) with aspect ratio 16:9 and open them with preview on my Mac everything is fine and I see them in 4592 × 2584 pixels. But if I open them in Affinity Photo my photos are shown in 4608 x 3464 pixels. Do anyone have an idea how Affinity can show my photos with correct aspect ratio? Thanks and best regards Jonas
  9. Hi all, I'm trying Affinity photo for raw processing and am working on an image from the dpreview samples here: https://www.dpreview.com/samples/4858512085/panasonic-lumix-zs200-sample-gallery-updated In particular, I am processing this image: https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/1484710012/panasonic-zs200-sample-gallery/0086927453 I use photo mechanic to manage my images. The first screenshot shows the image rendered in photo mechanic. The second screenshot is in the affinity raw process. I'm seeing a weird vignetting effect which is not there in the original image. Any idea what is happening? [Edit: Sorry... answering my own question. I just observed that the image displayed by photo mechanic was cropped quite a bit, there's no issue here]
  10. Hi Team, I can't open a GH5s Raw file. It shows me only Metadata, Camera, Lens, .. Image: "stuck" pixels With Lumix GX85 Raw files I can work in Affinity. I'm using in Affinity Trial version on a MAC Pro, OS Sierra. I just had my fingers on the BUY for MAC button.
  11. Quick question - I have just started to using Panasonic RW2 files in AP from a GH5. It seems a lot harder to get a pleasing result than with the Nikon raws I've used in the past. The default treatment is very flat, undersaturated but I'm having trouble producing a pleasing developed image. (see attached image for example) Ramping up the saturation only helps marginally, curves adjustments too. Does anyone have a good workflow for GH5 image processing they have established? Many thanks.
  12. Does anyone know why a file from a Lumix camera imports with the White Balance Temp and Tint cranked all the way to the right? I have nowhere to go with Tint at all and only a small amount of Temp headroom. Any ideas?
  13. Hi. I use a panasonic G4 to take pictures und want to work with the rawfiles in Affinity Photo on iPad Pro 2017. But affinity foto (only on iPad?) can’t handle this format. I wish you can add this feature in near future. Thx for reading and sorry for eventually bad english.
  14. Dear community, I am facing some problems with some RAW files that have high light exposure and get some tendency for the sky to burn out. When I open the RAW file in Affinity Photo develop persona (v.1.5.1 Mac) I get some purple skies I do not get when opening the file with Apple preview or Photoshop. Also the ready made JPEG does not show any purples in the sky. Are there any adjustments that can be done to fix this problem? I am using Panasonic Lumix GX 80 / GX 85 / GX 7 Mark II however it is called in different countries. See the screenshots below in the upper left corner. Thanks !
  15. Hi, when opening RAWs from my Panasonic GX80 no lens correction is applied. It looks like it doesn't find any lens information at all? Is the lensfun database based on the latest stable from over a year ago or is it based on development branch? If I open files from my older Olympus EM-10 (mk I) it finds lens information, those are not the lenses I use on my GX80 though. Thanks!
  16. Hi, I've tested the development of RAW files from the Panasonic DMC-GX80/85, because it is in the list of supported cameras (affinity photo beta). It seem, that the white balance or the color interpretation of this raw files are not correct. When loading the corresponding dng file, the colors seems to be correct. According to dcraw, the filter pattern of this model is: BG/GR Loading RAW-files from a (the older model) Panasonic DMC-GF1 (also in the list of supported cameras) the color interpretation seems to be correct. In comparision to the corresponding dng file the interpretation of the raw data of this model seems to be nearly identical. According to dcraw, the filter pattern of this model is GB/RG Maybe the differnt filter patterns are the reason for misinterpreting the GX80 files? Cheers norbert.r
  17. In Affinity 1.4, importing raw files from the Panasonic ZS50, the following distortion results. The raw files process well in DxO and other programs. Have tried using Apple raw and serif raw engines. Seems like a bug in the Affinity raw converter. Any help is appreciated.
  18. With recent cameras, Panasonic (and certainly other camera vendors as well) support a feature called "4K Photos", where a sequence of pictures is taken as a short 4K video clip, but is logically treated as a still picture. This includes features like high-speed auto-bracketing, pre-burst, etc. It would be nice if Affinity Photo could support these image sequences in the internal workflow, so you could review the sequence, select the best still pictures, discard unused frames, do transformations or filtering batch-like on the whole sequence, etc. Thanks! Mirko
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