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  1. Hi all, Is there a way to import and use a NCS colour palette (.ase file) to Designer and Publisher? I managed to import a RAL palette to both Designer and Publisher (as a Document Palette), but with NCS.ase file, no luck. (The NCS.ase palette works in InDesign CS4) I'm using a MAC, if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey I would love to be able to export a palette from either or both Design and Photo into some sort of HTML entity format. It would be great if it did a text file with CSS in multiple blocks: hex hsla rgba And we could just grab as needed for development.
  3. Sharing some color palettes custom made from known pastels/watercolor brands. Caran d'ache Luminance Caran d'ache Pablo Cretacolor Aqua M. Cretacolor pastels Faber Castell Poly Old Holland Classic Prisma Rembrandt soft pastels Unison Sennelier Schmincke Caran d’Ache Luminance.afpalette Caran d’Ache Pablo.afpalette Cretacolor pastels.afpalette Cretacolor Aqua Monolith.afpalette Faber Castell Polychromos.afpalette Old holland classic.afpalette Prismacolor.afpalette Rembrandt soft pastels.afpalette Schmincke pastels.afpalette Sennelier Pastels.afpalette Unison pastel.afpalette
  4. Hey there, very similar to another much older thread, I have a problem with filter/adjustment windows opening on a different display, a pen display to be precise, instead of the expected main screen. Most of the time, especially when precision is needed, the pen display is turned off but remains connected to the computer. Resetting Studio, as suggested in the mentioned thread, only works if done via Master Reset (holding a specific key while launching the application), and even then only the first time a filter/adjustment is clicked. After the first time it behaves as above. It's incredibly frustrating because, you have to switch focus to another screen and turn it on (because it doesn't matter whether it's on or off!) while you're working on the main one every single time and leave it running just to move the properties window over to the main screen. Some information about hardware: OS: Windows 10 Home, Version 21H2 Pen Tablet Modell: HUION Kamvas 13 GT-133 Pen Tablet Driver: Driver_15.7.4.183 The expected main screen is connected via DVI, the pen display is connected via HDMI + USB for input. Something I noticed: The expected main screen is shown as »2«, the pen display as »1« in the system's monitor settings – but I can't reassign these numbers, and I'm not sure they actually reflect the primary and secondary monitors. I assume that the taskbar would actually act as an indicator of what the primary and secondary monitors are, and since it's on my regular monitor, I assume it was the primary monitor. If anyone could help me solve this problem it would be greatly appreciated as it is slowly but steadily draining my creative juices. 🪫 Cheers! Edit: This affects the whole suite, not just Photo!
  5. Hi, I've recently started noticing that the Export Palette option on the swatches menu is disabled in AD. Today was the first time I needed it in anger and was flummoxed as I couldn't find the reason why. Does anyone know the conditions which have to be met for this option to be enabled? This was in 2.0.4 on Windows. As an aside, I was able to open the same project file in the current Beta and it exported the palette no problem. This was version That exported file could then be read by the current release so I'm able to continue with work for the moment.
  6. It would be nice if the color squares in the palette tab would be bigger so that it will be easier to select them with the cursor. I work on a smaller 13" screen, so it can be a bit difficult to select colors since the icons are so small.
  7. Back in 2020 I suggested having more than one column of palettes either side of the main work area on Mac and was wondering if this is something which is coming to v2? One of the replies showed that this is available, but only on Windows. Is there a reason its available on Windows but not Mac? With an external 27" monitor connected to my Macbook and any Affinity app full screen, I have more than enough space for working, but my palettes are all crammed together because I also need to use it on my Macbook. I prefer having my palettes a click away rather than floating. I know my work area will be reduced on the Macbook, but I can hide/tab my palettes when working so I don't see it being that much of an issue. This feature is available on Adobe apps, and its the only thing I think really needs adding to make workflow even better. Any sign from the devs of this being added?
  8. In Windows version of Photo V2 you can create a palette from an image or document. But in V2 for Ipad there is no such entry in the drop down menu. I do not know if this was available in V1. But now I am wondering if this functionality was placed somewhere else or is it really missing? If yes, what might be an easy workaround?
  9. Implemented in Designer so far - the swatch reflow is tricky but this works currently. Also Mac and Windows version behave differently and affinity saves .clr files on Mac rather than .afpalette. This is the best swatch picker pattern by far as in the way it groups hues and tints makes color selection so much easier very glad to have go this to work. This version uses a 20 swatch row length.
  10. Thanks to this tool: https://github.com/philippbosch/tailwind-swatches I put together a tailwind palette have fun! tailwind.afpalette tailwind-swatches.clr
  11. As a web designer, I find websites like uiGradients.com a quite useful resource, with a massive selection of ready-made gradients (and css code for those). This palette is a complete (01.09.2018) pack of all gradients alongside their names, hand-imported over the course of an afternoon and a few podcasts. I don't think you can copyright colors/gradients, but the GitHub repository of the uiGradients.com website is licensed under MIT. I'll try to keep the file up to date with the website, but if there's a missing gradient or a error, please tell me about it. Enjoy: uiGradients.com.zip (A preview will follow soon)
  12. Hello everyone :) Since I just really love these colours, I made this palette and I'd like to share it with you. These are the colours of the Touch Twin Markers, from ShinHan Art. I numbered and named the 204 swatches, to keep them sorted as they appear in their Colour Chart, but of course you can sort them as you want. Hope you like them. :) Touch Twin Markers.zip
  13. Although the range of picker types you have is quite wonderful, I'm used to working with HSB/V (Brightness or Value) instead of HSL (for lightness.) It's a common way of specifying colors especially in the land of video. HSL is a similar user experience, but there are a lot of times where it just makes sense to think of 100% brightness (which, to get the same RGB value, somehow works out to 50% lightness.) (And as you probably know, Adobe Photoshop's picker has HSB, not HSL.) This website does a great job of dynamically showing the difference: http://colorizer.org Would you consider adding this option to Designer/Photo/Photo for iPad? Thanks.
  14. Is it possible to use a colour palette to posterize image, please? Can APhoto map all colours from an image to a palette, and/or to closest colour, in this way? tia xx
  15. I want to use Select > Select Same to filter my objects from a PDF. In Illustrator, I can use Select Same to get all the objects that have a particular stroke & fill colour without selecting objects. I can use this to sort items along a gradient/ palette. The workflow is as follows: create a document palette > select the first colour > Select Same > Group > Deselect, pick the second colour rinse and repeat. This is also helpful to retrieve objects that are nested deep within the PDF, as long as you know the colours of the object.
  16. When I import swatches using the “Import Palette…” item, I should be able to select palettes saved from Photoshop (ACO – Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch File) or Illustrator (ASE – Adobe Swatch Exchange File). Are there foreign palette formats that AD can import? Maybe that information should be in the Open dialog box… or somewhere. (The Help Center doesn’t seem to do anything. I can search for a topic like “palette,” but can’t expand the results, so maybe the AD entries are just stubs?)
  17. I made this based on this Youtube tutorial by Greg Gunn. It is an Affinity designer document, that lets you quickly test your color palette. Mainly aimed at website designers. Nothing fancy, it uses global color swatches, so you can quickly visualize it by changing in one place. Here are some screenshots from the file Download the template - Color test 2.afdesign
  18. I work on icons for multiple color schemes, so I have a document set up with a color palette with global colors for everything in the document. From this master document I need to make multiple versions of the icons for different color schemes, e.g. Light UI vs Dark UI. I would love to be able to just swap the palette from the dark palette to the light palette and have all the new colors swapped out where the color names match. Since I haven't found a way to do this yet what I currently have to do I is make a copy of the document, then change each global color to the color in the new palette manually which is really time consuming and a bit error prone. If I could just swap palettes it would be a huge time savings for me Thanks!
  19. I had a need for a palette with named HTML colors, so I've created one without checking out first if someone else had done it already. A quick search of this forum didn't give out any results, so I hope someone else will find it useful. The palette, alongside Affinity Designer and an Excel file, can also be downloaded for my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zZ_CnBsp5Q-fBfE-GSBuCxyQL19L5G2b?usp=sharing HTML Color Names https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_names.asp HTML Color Names.afpalette
  20. Just wondered if there's a way for the font group to remember the chosen group? See below. For example, I'd like the 'Favourites' or 'English' groups active each time I open the Publisher/Designer/Photo but it always defaults to 'All Fonts'. Not sure if its hidden in settings, or if you need to create a 'default' document and save it somewhere (I think you had to do that with Quark/Freehand/Indesign many, many years ago!).
  21. When creating a palette from the current document the colors are incorrect. Obviously they are generated from the screen display and not from the objects in the document. So it is impossible to create correct colors of some vector objects by this function. Instead the color is correct if you create an empty palette, select a single object and click add color or global color. AD 1.7.2 OSX 10.9.11
  22. Informations Operating system and version : Windows 10 Is hardware acceleration ON or OFF? ON, same problem occurs when OFF. Problem I export in PNG format an image that includes a color (Red) and transparency. To have the minimum size on disk, I would like to palletize the PNG. According to my specifications I need: - 2 colors in my PLTE chunk: - Red - Another color - The tRNS chunk to set the Other color to alpha 0, and the Red to alpha 255. Using the tools available on Affinity, it does not work correctly. Red color is not properly palletized It can be seen in detail in a tool like tweak-png: And in fact, If i change the red to alpha 255 with my original red in tweak-png, the image is well rendered. --- If I change the export with a palette of 4 colors the rendering is correct: But i want 2 colors, not additionnal useless color, and by the way there are three colors not four: Alternative solution ? I think it's the Automatic palette export option that does some weird calculations I saw that there was the possibility of put Custom palette option. But when I select it I can't export; I got the message : "Error occurred when exporting...<my_file>" Maybe it can be an alternative to what I want to do, maybe you know where to configure it ? Thank you for your help!
  23. Hello again all, and welcome to the latest round of ‘Whaaaaa … !’ Yes, that's right, there's a new and (possibly) even dumber question than those which have preceded it. That question is: HOW does one UPLOAD a GRADIENT SET to a GRADIENT PANEL in Affinity Photo? Please see screencap for the source of this query's ‘where’. I can find no panel accessible in Studio(-s), and although there is a Gradient Tool, and gradients present in the Swatches panel, I can find no corresponding Gradients panel in any section of the Studio. Am I chasing shadows becos there is no Gradients panel to upload to? As to what is being uploaded, this is a set of 40 Photoshop .grd gradients. Is there an incompatibility that prevents uploading to Photo, or are .grd files an inherently non-uploadable filetype? Thanks again to all for your assistance with this query. And now for Today's Feature Attraction, here’s The UPLOAD of available choice in the Studio panel … Ta-Daaaaaa!
  24. When user assigns the color to group layer, the group layer icon could be better if the color also was added to the "folder" icon as well. This could help user works faster.
  25. Hi everyone! I have a little problem using color swatches in affinity (across all three programms). I defined some colors and safed those in named swatches. To use the colors across all affinity tool, and to use it in some other software. The strange thing is now, that in some dokuments the colors are differently interprated then in others - also if i use the same color settings for the dokments sometimes i get the correct result and sometimes a different... Can anybody told me why this happens?? What I am not seeing here?? I will attach two designer dokuments, with the same color settings...but different results! Thanks for your help! Andreas ColorPalette.clr Correct Colors.afpub Strange Colors.afdesign
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