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  1. A small naming error emerged in the Publisher > Document keyboard shortcuts. The item Add pages... (with the dialog box) does not exist in Publisher 2.2.0 on Windows 10. The names of the shortcuts for inserting master pages and regular pages don't all correspond to the correct action. Release version 2.2.0: Beta version
  2. Could the right click menu item options in the pages studio be added to the keyboard shortcuts? These options for pages and masterpages are not present in Publisher > Document.
  3. Is there a way to change the space or distance between the spreads/pages/pasteboard? Within InDesign preferences ( Preferences > Guides & Pasteboard > Pasteboard Options ) there is a way to set this. I can't seem to find this in Publisher. I always found this helpful because sometimes I don't want to see the other page and prefer to focus on the page I'm designing. Thanks for any help or advice!
  4. It would be great to have the ability to name pages instead of just having them viewed as 1, 2, 3, etc. For example, naming the page “Cover” or “Back Cover” or “Article about Rome” or whatever. We are allowed to name artboards in Designer, but not pages in Publisher. I also hate that InDesign doesn’t let you name pages, either.
  5. Publisher: Is it possible to set more than 2 pages in a row? For layouts in the architectural field, this is very often necessary to evaluate the presentation of several plans side by side. kind regards shoeller
  6. Hey everyone. I need to know if there is a way to establish a page order when we export multiple artboards to a PDF. Currently, even though I set up my artboards in order, once they were exported, they actually came out in the reverse. So instead of 1 to 14, it came out 14 to 1 in page order. How can I reverse this? Is there some way to also set the order on export and is there a certain way we must lay out our multiple documents in order to get the pages right all the time? Thanks.
  7. When I upload my work projects to behance,i usually make a presentation in landscape with a continuous format. That means: it is super convenient to move pages/spreads right below each other in stacks, but I can't seem to find an option that lets me do exactly that. Am I missing it? (I'm using the iPad version)
  8. Currently, the pages studio and viewport are relatively detached from each other. I can double click in the pages studio to jump to this page in the viewport. However, the reverse action: double clicking on the current/ active page in the viewport to jump to this page both in the viewport and pages studio, is not possible. This is useful to manage the position of the page within the document, so you don't have to scroll to go to the page. In the pages studio, this function is called "Go to Spread" in the right click menu, so I propose to add this reverse action to the viewport too.
  9. Currently, it is difficult to track which Masterpage are assigned to the current page or to another Masterpage. I propose to have short 2 - 4 character code names associated to a Masterpage. This short name should be independent from the larger page name. So I can have a Masterpage "Chapter Page" and a coded name "Cp" or "Cp-01". In turn, this short name could be displayed on the thumbnail of pages to which it is assigned. That would make it much easier to manage larger projects.
  10. Dear Affinity Team I'm just new here change from Adobe Indesign. Your Product is just great and I love it. I have a question is there a posibility to print (export) diffrent pages on a Flyer folding? Exemply page 1 and page 6 only on format A5 as like in my exemple? a5_portrait_8s_zf.pdf
  11. I switch from Adobe to @affinitybyserif after 11 years. I really miss: 1) serious control tool to check pdf after print, 2) equivalent ai pattern tool in designer, 3) more than 2 side by side pages in publisher. I hope you think about it, thanks a lot
  12. One useful feature that would be nice to have is the ability to export multipage documents as separate PDF files. Essentially allowing each page to be in its own PDF document. This would be especially useful when using publisher to design a range of items with a uniform design style in one document, but then splitting it for upload to a printing service. A third party PDF manager can step in to provide such a service, but if Affinity allowed it as a feature, then it might actually be more straight forward. For example, my mug designs in one document could then be sent individually to a print service.
  13. Problem: The page list panel only displays Page #s alongside their thumbnails which means users either have to look at thumbnails carefully or remember page numbers. Not a huge deal breaker, except when there are projects that are not page number based. For example a set of sales sheets where each page might be a product. Currently, users must remember which product is a certain page number. But you might say they can use large thumbnails to navigate the project, true but its not that helpful since its common for these kinds of projects to have pages that resemble each other. Suggestion: Have an option in 'Document Properties' that enable Custom Page Names. This option will then display the Name field in the Spread Properties for regular pages that users can edit the page names, (the way it is in Master spread properties). When enabling: the user should be warned that Page name labels will stop updating automatically when moving pages around in the project. When disabling: the user should be warned that Page name labels will be overwritten by Page numbers. Then as pages are moved around again, each page name will update with the number like before.
  14. Is there any way to name pages individually without using Sections? I make customisable Inserts for Planners and its more useful to me to have them individually named like the artboards in Designer.
  15. Hallo, Ich habe eine Frage zur Darstellung in Affinity Publisher: Kann man sich die Seiten auch nebeneinander statt untereinander anzeigen lassen? Das wäre sehr Hilfreich zum Layouten. Ich meine dabei nicht die gegenüberliegenden Seiten, da hier nur jeweils 2 Seiten zu sehen sind. Ist das Irgendwie möglich einzustellen? Danke im Vorraus Viele Grüße
  16. I'm having issues trying to figure a way to pull off something I've made using MacOS Pages where I was able to give selected areas of text a border around them but I'm not wanting to put a boarder around the whole Text Frame it's self in Publisher. Rather I'm trying to make multiple sections within the Text Frame have their own borders that can adjust as text is added within them. The reason for this is I'm trying to replicate a messenger like system with frames as well as include images to the side of these borders. Tables do not tend to work well with this idea due to them messing up one cell where i could be putting the image but image size might not match the text length and thus looks messy. I ran into issues with Pages when I wanted to add color background to the border section with it not covering the whole area which is why I'm trying to see if Publisher can do this. Here's an example I made in Photoshop to show what I'm trying to do.
  17. I'm new to Designer and I can't seem to find the option to create multiple pages in a document. Can anyone give me a hint?
  18. I am using the latest version of Affinity Publisher downloaded yesterday, but this is a problem that I have been wrestling with for some time. At the moment I have a Publisher document for the WEB that has pages measuring 1600px wide X 1200px in landscape. I want to add a number of pages that are 1600px wide X 2400px. Whatever I do, the settings just will not take ? What am I missing or doing wrong ?
  19. I have a document in Affinity Photo with multiple layers each of which is intended to be a separate page in a PDF which I export. (So, layer1, would be page 1, layer2, page 2 etc.) I haven't been able to find out how to do this yet as I haven't been able to find an option for exporting layers as separate pages in a single PDF document. Is there a way to do this, please?
  20. Hi! Please, is it possible? I have document done in the Publisher and saved as afpub. Is it possible to continue the work in Publisher with all the pages opened as artboards? Thank you.
  21. I would request that my page numbers in the 'Pages panel' reflect the page numbers I apply to your live pages. Having a list of pages numbered upwards from 1 is no use to me, I need them the reflect what im actually working on. Hope that makes sense.
  22. I have a document, it starts on page 15 and finishes on 18, no problem. Is there a way to reflect this page number in the pages panel? In this panel my pages are still listed as 1-4. Am I just missing an option to transform the view? Many thanks
  23. Dear Affinity-Team, dear community, I am working with Affinity for a while now, and I am really happy with the product. One thing though is bothering me a lot when working with Affinity Publisher. I remember from my Adobe times, that it was possible to add pages from one document to the end, beginning or any page of another document open at the same time. So for example, if I wanted to integrate one page from one open document into another, I just needed to click right and I could choose between the options: "Duplicate page to beginning, end, page ... of this document" or "Duplicate page to beginning, end, page ... of document ... (documents name)" and then there was a list of all the documents open at that moment. This was a really easy and fast function in the Adobe Suite, that I liked. Is there any similar option in Affinity? Thanks for your help Best regards
  24. If you have some connected textboxes, allocated over some pages and you mark text by using Command+PageDown, only text on the last page is visible selected/covered (see screenshot). Same behavior if you use the mouse. Its "only a cosmetical" problem, but it makes some unconfident feeling in the workflow.
  25. HI Guys I'm new to Affinity Designer and loving it. I recently retired from the design industry having used Adobe Creative Suite Since its inception and Quark Express before that, even going back as far as Aldus Pagemaker just to show my age haahaa. Can anybody tell me, is it possible to add multiple pages so I can make a booklet? Any help appreciated Jeff
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