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Found 10 results

  1. With the final closing of Community Plus for Serif's legacy products, I thought I'd create something to remember that range. Goodbye Old Friends. DrawPlus X8 was used to create the background SVG. Included the package for you to mess with. The rest of the work done in Affinity Designer. Serifs Plus Range.zip
  2. Hello, I've read this on your website: Will Affinity Publisher open PagePlus X9 *.ppp files? Thanks in advance Best regards from Germany Andreas
  3. I've transferred these assets to Affinity Publisher from PagePlus X9. There are other silhouette categories but these are the ones I use mainly. Here they are for others to use in Affinity form with PDFs to edit yourself. Birds.pdf Creatures.pdf Silhouettes.afassets
  4. Is there any plan to support reflection maps into styles like we have in PagePlus X9? I find it adds a certain realism to some textures and would love to be able to achieve it in Affinity Applications.
  5. Here is my latest piece of poetry laid out using Affinity Publisher. Firstly the Morality.wmf was placed and rotated on the master page with a whit rectangle covering it using an opacity of 75%. I applied an Affinity Photo live filter (depth of field) adjusting the clarity and radius and using an average blend mode. Then on the main page I used artistic text for the title and imported the Morality.png to complete the title effect. Centring and grouping the elements together. I then copied the text of the poem from WordPerfect X6 and pasted it into a new text frame. I altered the text style to body text and adjusted the point size to 18. I right justified the signature copyright line and resized the text frame so it just fit the poem. I then aligned the text frame to the centre of the page and moved it down by eye until it looked good enough, I used PagePlus X9 for the bloody filter effects as I couldn't achieve the result I wanted in Publisher. The Trouble With Morality.pdf Morality.wmf Morality.svg
  6. Okay this is the first time I've used Affinity Publisher to layout a poem without first laying it out in PagePlus X9. It works quite well and I love the easier access to the typographical controls in Publisher. Here is my 'Dancing With the Psychotherapist' poem. Dancing With the Psycotherapist.pdf
  7. Here is my latest Affinity Publisher effort. A poem called Leela. Exported as a PNG. The title was created in PagePlus X9 and exported as a 32 bit PNG. One of the features Affinity Publisher lacks is this sort of font filled effect so I have to cheat a little. I hope you like it ...
  8. Hi there, Is there any way to import or copy over a number of pdf profiles I use in PagePlus X9 (.PDF_Profile), into Affinity Publisher without redoing them all? Would be great to import table styles too... I have a ton I really don't want to have to redo! Also, any .ppp import support forthcoming? Many thanks,
  9. I understand this is primarily a rebuild of the excellent PagePlus using new technology. Therefore my expectation would be as a minimum is that the features in X9 would be here and if they’ve been improved e.g. tables then that would be a bonus. May I ask though if there are any features that have been retired? Thank you
  10. I would like to see a simpler way to visualize which pages will print on the left or right sides of a booklet. I understand there is a multiple page view, but it woud be faster for me to determine which is a left facing page or a right facing page if there was some indicator in the pages view (e.g.: a small dark marker of some sort in the bottom left or right corner of each page shown; could be an option shown along with changing the name of the page window). Or it would be helpful to see a two-page spread screen to see which pages will print to face one another. Alternately, it would also be helpful to have an option to force a master page to appear on the left or right face when using a booklet fold (and have it automatically place an extra page before or after in order to accommodate this transition). This would come in handy when creating booklets if you prefer the chapter title page to always begin on the right side (or left). Thanks for listening... Looking forward to seeing what Affinity Publisher 2017 beta has to offer!
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