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Found 3 results

  1. I often do forget and also have a hard time to find again resources that others or I have contributed over time here in the forum. In former times I've often oriented on MEB's Affinity resources page, which sadly nowadays isn't up to date any longer (probably it's too much work and too time consuming to keep that up to date). - Here are some links to my own resources section contributions, so I have and keep myself sort of an overview for these. Assets: Cat-Silhouette assets Common callout assets Hairstyle Assets I'am Groot - Vector assets Numbering assets new Ruler back to school assets Some BW arrow assets Some Firework assets Some Fruit Assets Some Nicholas/Santa Claus assets Some Snowmen vector assets Star Wars - Mandalorian assets Washi Tape assets Xmas cutout assets & sample Xmas silhouettes Xmas cookies/gingerbread Macros: B&W play macros Matte Color Macro Rusty Boost Macro Styles: Div Metal Styles Fabric styles Fire Styles Fur styles 1+2 Knock on Wood Styles Rust Styles Some Metal Styles Valentine texture styles Wild animal texture styles Xmas texture styles 1+2 Various: Affinity Designer Shortcut Mapper Affinity OpenCL Disabler (Windows tool) new v.1.2 A visual shortcuts explorer for Affinity Tools Christmas Photo Storyboard Chalk brushes Daily Planner DE/EN localized - Letter (ANSI A) print template Daily Log DE/EN localized - Letter (ANSI A) print template Delineate - A Raster/Bitmap to SVG Converter Desk Calendar for 2019 Desk Calendar DE/EN/GR for 2022 OS X El Capitan UI Kit Pocketcalendar 2019 Reusing filmstrips as photo borders Xmas Card & Envelope Xmas cutout assets & sample Xmas FB Cover Xmas mug mockup Xmas Trees And most importantly ... Quick Tips: for finding Affinity content with Google Search
  2. Hello developers and friends, I'm working with text styles about every day (as typesetter), and I watched the style tutorials for APu several times. I do not succed in catching how the different classes of styles are hierarchical to each other and how they influence the styles they are "connected" with OR they refer to. Is here someone, who can explain or even can give us a short graphic, how the default styles of APu are organized to/with each other? (I'm using the German version, the names are translations) - There are e.g. the (text and paragraph!) styles "no style". In those there seem to be allocated "Arial". But these styles can't be altered. But I do not need "Arial", no 10/12 pkt, no 12pt gap as fall back formatting. - How does the allocation of "no style" affect imported text, which has unwanted formattings? (It seems to me: no effect or random effects) - how can the (paragraph) style "Grundlage" (English: basic?) be based on "no style"? - how do unwanted formattings in imported texts struggle with the allocation of predefined (paragraph OR tex-) styles within Apu? (they struggle unforseeable) - there is the (text) style "Body". How is that connected with "no style" of text- and paragraph styles? In .indd I can allocate "no style" to a paragraph - and all formattings are cleaned up. Then I can start to format all text, pragraphs and single words/letters. - there seems also to be a paragraph style "normal". How is it based on the *text" style "Body", but on no basic *paragraph* style? For me it's a real mess. And I would like to catch the strukture which is thought behind text and paragraph styles, their hierarchy and their interdependence. - what is the "most important" (all other influencing) text style and paragraph style? - which other styles are depending directly from that (two!) "masters" ? (Because a "Body" *text* style must never influence a paragraph style!) - how is the interdepence-hierarchy of the remaining (text and paragraph!) styles? At the moment I'm struggeling very hard. And it is impossible to typeset a rather simple book for me, because if I alter a selected style all the sudden the total imposition done until that page got "hail-damaged". Many thanks! Johannes
  3. Hey affinity team, a while ago there had been existing an index of common feature requests which gave the users some ideas about which features might be expected in future releases. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10410-common-feature-requests-index/ Could you please make such a sticky post again? Thank you very much. Benny
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