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Found 3 results

  1. First of all: English is not my main language, sorry for mistakes. I am an absolute beginner in this whole topic, so unfortunately im having some problems with exporting a PDF document for printing. My project is a label for a bottle, I created my own design in affinity designer for iPad. The main font with the Name of the product has to be 100% black and set for "overprint". I followed all the steps that I could find online, I tried everything I could, but when I view the exported PDF in Acrobat Reader it tells me that the CMYK on the main Font is "C= 89%, M= 78%, Y= 62% and K= 97%". It should be 0/0/0/100%. Yes, I set a global color, set it to "Oveprinting" and turnt K to 100%, the rest to 0%. The Export format is PDF/X4. No matter what I do while exporting (embed profile yes/no, Font to curves, embed fonts etc., nothing changes). Can anybody help me with this issue? I'm at the end of my knowledge and just can't get this done. Pls help.
  2. The pdf passthrough is a very good feature but till now it is not perfect. I send you a publisher file with 3 placed pdfs. in the background two logos with black that is only 100% black. In the foreground one page of a publication. The main text again is 100% black. (only the monkey is not 100% black) When I export to pdf x4 one of the logos (the star) becomes 4 coloured black. The other yellow logo is set to overprint black and the whole page text is NOT overprinted black When exporting to ready for printstudio both logos blacks are 100% black, and the text is NOT overprinted black. The long text stays 100% black, but is not overprinted black. It makes no change if I choose transfer or interprete. When I open the whole-page-pdf in the foreground and replace with this the primarily placed pdf the text is overprinted black with pdf x4 and not overprinted black with printstudio ready. The logos do not change. this is a very odd behaviour of Publisher, Indesign here does not make any problems. afpubtransferproblems.zip
  3. Hello, Don't know it was already discussed but "global colors overprint" does not work as expected when exporting in PDF-X4 with placed linked vector files containing global colours using overprint. It looks like when a another design is linked, it does not take into consideration those global colors, even if this global color is 100% black. I cannot export cmyk pdf file properly for prepress this way (I'm using linked designs a lot…) Am I doing something wrong here ? Any comment would be appreciated. Attached is a simple example for demonstration. Thx Mac OSX 10.13.x with Designer 1.8.6 or 1.9.0 Affinity_design_k-overprint_issue.zip
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