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Found 41 results

  1. Please fix this, bug happen by the steps as you see in my screenshot. Cheers. :)
  2. Hi. I'm fairly new to the forums, so if this has been mentioned before then I apologise! I'm an illustrator and would really like to make the transition from PS CC to Affinity but there's a couple of things that Designer/Photo don't have atm: Pattern Overlay with the ability to import .pat files and also the ability to import .tpl files (I use a lot of Kyle Webster's brushes). Could you add these features in the future please? Thanks.
  3. Could anyone tell me how I would go about taking typical 2D images and presenting them in a similar fashion as shown below? Kinda lost on this one. Thanks!
  4. Hey there, I have no idea if it has been mentioned before but it looks like the "Objektivfilter" tool (sorry, no idea how to translate it) is currently broken in the Beta 4. Whenever I try to pick another color than the standard brown, it will reset to the brown again. See attached file and try it yourself. Greetings Bike.afphoto
  5. Hi, In the develop persona there is a tool called overlay gradient tool. Does this tool not exist in photo persona? The reason I am asking is because some of my scans are in monochrome (no RGB), and the develop persona is not able to handle none RGB files. Which reminds me... is it possible to converse color profiles? Cheers Peter
  6. So, here we go again. This was originally created over a year, thanks to Supervolting on here for bringing it back to my attention. I have reworked the tutorial and it's less than 5 now and simplified. It's a really cool way to show of your videos or pictures and a great way to see how you can work with other apps in your workflow by starting in Affinity... Enjoy... (and click subscribe) ;) Creating a Mask Overlay Tutorial Allan
  7. I have a basic image with a layer over top of it which is a solid color and I've set it to "Overlay". Everytime I try to save or export the image...it changes the look of the image to something really ugly that I don't want... Simply by clicking on the layer sets the image back to what I want. Here is a quick video in case I haven't explained it correctly http://screencast.com/t/xw6jwEsGwu1Y Thank you!!!! Tracy
  8. Hello from Germany, I like to use Affinity Photo a lot - but this bug here often is very painful: Repeatedly I had issues with overlays in the Develop Persona-> 1. create an overlay 2. don't do anything in the picture 3. the overlay was (maybe) created by mistake and I want to delete it 4. when the created and unused overlay is selected and deleted, it takes the whole picture with it... So when I used several overlays and the last one ist created by mistake and I want to delete it immediately, all the work done before is wasted... Maybe, when the overlay is created an in the list it is marked as the selected one and not the master something in the back of the program is still pointing at the master... Thanks for your great work on this product. I hope, this bug will be fixed soon.
  9. I am a novice. I have been using the File, Place tool to place fairy wing overlay document png type (invisible background layer) files over background images, and then using the erase brush tool to clean up (erase the overlay) from the face and chest area. Its worked beautifully for days, but today it does not work for me, and I can't figure out why its changed? I did notice the assistant started coming on, with notes about rasterising the layer, but I selected to undo the action, and the assistant is disabled. I thought this would stop my issue. I think I want to be able to erase from a vector layer freely.... So, my process has been to open my picture, place my png overlay, and erase any "interference" over the subject's face... in PS I learned only briefly to use the paint brush tool to paint the overly in black over the overlay to "reveal" the area underneath, but that technique is not working either.... Thanks, OnTheWander
  10. I'm hoping I'll have more luck with this question regarding Affinity Photo. Has anyone tried refining a selection after you've added a B&W layer to your photo? Looks like the red overlay becomes B&W too and to my eyes it's hard to tell where the mask begins and ends. I try to disable the B&W layer, but then the mask disappears. I have to exit refine selection and click again on Refine on the top toolbar and then I get my red overlay back. To the developers - 1. Was this the intended behaviour - at least the part where overlay also becomes B&W? 2. Are you able to recreate the disappearing overlay issue when you switch off the B&W layer? This surely must be a bug.
  11. I would like to be able to toggle the overlays like masks on and off individually and also deactivate all to see a comparison.
  12. Hey, I know you guys are working on updated grids and guides... I just wanted to add my 2 cents: It would be great if : 1. Grids and Guides were a little smarter, by only appearing when actived AND in the middle of a click and drag operation. 2. Guides can be manually or are automatically toggled on while the mouse is held down. As soon as the mouse is released, the grids/guides disappear. 3. Custom colors/blend modes for guides and grids, including solid and dotted.
  13. The japanese Kitsune is one of my fav. subjects. Often taking a female shape to contact the mortals- sometimes good, sometimes evil. Always near a foxshrine. I really love the textured brushes. They are a bit slow, but that will give you an authentic watercolor feeling. Just love it. One drawing without overlay and zoom to show the details.
  14. Gradient overlay (white to back) causes a visual distortion. Creates colour issues and weird lines. See screeshot attached. Even when the panel is closed and the object deselected the distortion remains. This happen on any most settings other than normal for the blend mode.
  15. Had fun doing this, the new tapered brushes are pretty cool!. My Racing Queen was entirely done with RC-1. Minor glitches Had one freeze after: 1. using the top of the new tapered brushes, 2. then zooming in and 3. trying to select the drawn elements with a frame. Flying menus turned grey and the frame did not vanish. Unable to click anything after this, but happily SAVE worked like a charm. After re-opening some elements got an additional fill (all on the layer where I tried to select them) but with some mouseclicks it was fine again. Pencil tool: when drawing line is not visible - so it is still a bit 'try and error'. Brushes: I really like the additions, very useful. A bit of tweaking is needed for the Tapered Brushes. Sometimes, when drawing lines, the end of the line get's capped/ cut-off like you were using a square shaped brush. Tried this with different sizes and settings (velocity/ pressure/transparency): result is - the bigger the brushsize the more edgy your line-end. I also found the new brushes a bit laggy with the Companion Hybrid and the Bamboo. While the greyout of boxes has happened several times already I NEVER lost a sketch here. Find this very impressive. Some fully finished programs make me bang my head against the wall quite often ;)
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