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Found 11 results

  1. I have put off upgrading to the newer Mac OS on my current iMac. From what I understand, Apple was found guilty the French law courts of deliberately slowing devices to a crippling speed when upgrading OS or iOS on older models. They were charged a 7 figure fine. Did it alter the way they worked? Not that I know of. As a result I still have an iMac running Mojave OS 10.14.6. I am a new customer as of today and installed version 2 of the three products but none of them work on Mojave. I might need to be running your version 1. Are you able to link me to where I can find this version of your software please?
  2. I bought affinity photo and designer last week on my iMac and I am very happy with it. I talked to someone else who owns it, and she said she first used it on Apple and when she switched to Microsoft, she could just install the software there. However, when I download try to the software on my Windows laptop, the files are not supported: they are clearly installers for Apple operating systems. So I was wondering, is it possible to get the software for windows as well (or do I need to buy this separately)? Thanks already, Jip
  3. Guys. Linux is the future. You may not see it at the moment, but you are trusting Apple way too much. What if your golden ecosystem breaks down? The thing is that I know lots of people who would be willing to purchase this software for even more than the original price if it was available for Linux. The Linux community is not cheap. If there is a quality product that is worth it, we're gonna buy it. And I'm pretty convinced Affinity is. When I read about it, I was super excited because as a young alternative to Illustrator, Sketch and Vectormator, there would be a chance of Affinity being more modern and also supporting other Unices than only Mac OS. See, the world of Unix is so unbelievably huge, yet you are concentrating on such a tiny subset of it. The programming effort is tiny, many Unix programs are portable between systems without any modifications. Since Mac OS is practically a BSD-Rip-off, the programming effort of porting Affinity to Linux is tinytinytiny And you could be one of the first innovative companies offering a consumer-application for Linux, which would probably not only make huge waves in the Linux community itself, but also the whole industry, which will also gain you lots and lots of customers. Unless you were dumb enough to use native Apple-APIs of course. Then you're f****d. In that case I would advise switching as soon as possible, as painful as it might be. It will save you lots and lots of problems and lots of future pain. I can only advise you to look into Qt, which is by the way also cross-platform-compatible. Yes, I'm even talking about Windows.
  4. Does affinity designer and photo 1.8.6 Supported by mac os el capitan?
  5. My files : they don't open anymore (many of them) it says (IT:-) ) (You'll find the message attached which translate as such : "Impossible to upload the file. the access to the file has been lost during the initial upload. The file is going to close. " Needless to say that I haven't changed the location of the file nor any of their links. Thank you for helping me out . Best regards, Emilie
  6. I need clarification on how Affinity Photo saves images. My normal workflow is to import RAW images directly into the Photos App on OS for organization. From there I would like to edit images within Affinity. I understand there are 2 ways to accomplish this and there lies the confusion. I select edit in Photos App then select ‘edit in Affinity’ dialogue. The image is opened in Affinity after instructions that says close image when done and select save changes in Photos App. The edited image now replaces the original in Photos App. Is the image saved in the Photos Library? If I decide to export the image I have options for file types and location, but if I just select save or save as, where does the image get saved? When I select reveal in finder, says library>group containers>(some random folder)>intermediates. Is someone could walk me through the ins and outs of saving vs save as vs export that would be helpful. Or is there a video that explains all this. Thank you very much.
  7. Hi - New to Affinity Photo here. Are there any differences in software capability for Affinity Photo on the desktop versus tablet versions? It looks like the short answer is “not really”, but I am having trouble confirming this. Thanks, Trxr
  8. Hello It would be very efficient If I could get to the location of an opened file as in many other Mac Apps - by right click onto the docuent's titlebar or its tab. See the two samples from Photoshop (rightclick on tab of File) and MS Word (right click onto the docuent's titlebar). This is sooo handy. Is there a way already that I don't know?... Thanks for any hints or consideration. Alex
  9. Hi all community !! I'm french, sorry if my question isn't good translated in english ^^' but, well, I would like to know if Affinity Designer can export in real vectoriel ??? (this is important for me before buy it). And if yes, how ??? I never found on BETA / TRIAL. T.T And the second question is, if I buy a license for Windows, can I install the application on Mac OS too with the same license ?? I'm working at home on PC - Windows, and when I travel, or go to working place, I used a Macbook Pro ^^' I think to use the same account / adress mail / etc.. So I hope to install on Two device !! :) thank alot for your answers :) PEACE -
  10. Hard to believe I'm the first one to request it, so I assume my quick search simply didn't involve the proper tags. :3 That said, please please please please consider developing for Windows. I have a Mac at work, sure, but they're going to demand I stay on the office-standard Photoshop (lest things get weird) and I don't feel like paying 5x the amount the hardware is worth, so I rock a Windows PC at home—but I'd love to get in on this. Adobe has been losing their luster with their ever increasing money-grabs, so I really want to support their competitors...but you all develop exclusively for Mac! xD There's love from us over in Windowsland to be shared—come to the dark side! We have cookies! :3 (But we delete them regularly for security reasons.)
  11. I'm on OS 10.10.4 tower I can't find any info on what OS system is required Is this App just for iPads? I almost bought it on sale but there was a lack of info up front Best of luck Peter
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