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Found 6 results

  1. I started the order for my V2 Upgrade using my email link but couldn't see how to add a desired add-on to my basket. Then, I went to the add-on product page, Abstract ABC by Chroma Supply, added it to my basket/cart but couldn't see how to add the V2 Upgrade. No matter what link I use, there is not an option to add the V2 Upgrade to my cart. Is there a way for me to order these together, in one check-out? Thank you.
  2. Recently I'd bought the Universal license for V2 but it seems that even though the amount was deducted from my payment account, the purchase wasn't reflected on my payment history. Maybe it's just a small error so I emailed affinity to try to get it fixed, but it's been 6 days since then and I have not gotten a reply from them yet. Fortunately the payment company did and they'd clarified that Affinity has not claimed the money yet but does anyone else have a similar issue, and should I just continue to wait for a reply? My concern with waiting is that by the time I get a refund, if it happens, the sale would have ended and I would need to pay the full amount.
  3. Why is my order failing to process? Payment failures/declines can be a result of many factors. Some failures are due to the customer’s bank declining the payment. This may happen for various reasons including insufficient funds, or concerns of suspicious activity. Failures of this kind are best discussed with your bank. They will be able to provide you with more information than we can. Other failures are gateway rejections. These rejections are when our payment processor has decided to reject the payment to protect Affinity from potential fraudulent transactions. When a customer places an order via the Affinity Store, the transaction is handled by the third party payment processor Digital River. Only a small amount of information is requested from our customers; this is intentional for GDPR and General Data Protection purposes. We process payments and orders based on this information, and Digital River either authorises or rejects the payment using this information, along with other additional factors. We have no control over this. In any case please accept our apologies for the trouble you are experiencing; this is certainly something we are trying to constantly improve. What can I do to fix this? If this happens to you, if you haven’t already, please update your web browser to the latest version. You could also try using a different web browser or another computer, if you have access. Please make sure that you have enabled essential cookies for our website. There are restrictions on the number of orders that can be placed within any 24 hour period; If you happen to have placed two orders on the website within 24 hours, and wish to place another within that time, you may receive an error as a result of this. The Affinity Store will allow you to add several items to your basket for one payment/transaction, and we'd always recommend this for future orders. As well as credit/debit card we offer a range of other payment methods. These will vary from country to country, but widely available options include PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay (when ordering from an Apple device). If your credit/debit card is being declined you could try one of these options instead. A number of our customers have mentioned that their use of popular browser plugins may affect their ability to place an order on the Affinity website, and that temporarily disabling them fixed the issue. You can also obtain the Affinity apps from either the Microsoft Store or the Mac App Store, depending on your OS. What will happen to the money that has left my account? Don't worry about the funds that have seemingly left your bank account/credit card; these funds have only been reserved for payment by your bank and have not been collected by Affinity. Depending on your bank/credit card company, the funds will drop from their reserved state within a maximum of 28 days (usually much sooner). If you have any queries relating to this, please contact your financial institution; they should be able to give you more specific information. If you still have questions or concerns, please send an email to affinity@serif.com
  4. Hi I ordered both of the workbooks( Affinity Designer Workbook & Affinity Photo Workbook) few days ago and I got an Email with the order info and text that said: "We will email you once your order has been dispatched" and for few days Im waiting to this second Email but I didn't received it yet someone know how long its supposed to be untill they send you the second Email and the package? thank a lot
  5. Hiya gang, I've put photo and designer in my cart, and am ready to check out, but the currency is in Canadian dollars, and I'm wondering if there's a setting I can change to flip it to US dollars. I ask because my bank charges a fee for transactions in different currencies. (I'm in the US.) Thanks!
  6. Hi. I have just purchased Affinity Designer for Windows and would really like also to buy the Affinity Designer Workbook. The trouble here however is that you seem to not ship orders to Norway. How Come? You ship orders to Sweden and they lie just next to us. I sincerely hope this is a temporary problem and that I will be the happy owner of said item in the near future. Please feel free to reply with info on this topic. There might be more norwegians out here for all I (and you) know.
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