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Found 14 results

  1. I am a new user to Affinity Pro 2 and I am trying it out as an alternative to Photoshop. I just finished downloading the app on my windows computer. Anytime I try to open a photo of any type the program goes “not responding” and eventually crashes. This happens no matter what type of photo I open or where it’s located on my computer. I’ve tried resetting the app multiple times, I’ve tried updating my computer, I’ve tried restarting the computer multiple times, and nothing seems to work.
  2. Is it possible to add the ability to open / import sketch files?
  3. - WIN 10 latested updates - clean new reset of PC and therefore new installation of Affinity Photo. NVIDIA GTX 650 - newest driver 446.14 EIZO CS 2730 Also installed: Affinity Designer 1.83.641 + Affitity Publisher 1.83.641 and Capture One (all downloaded today). --------- Hello, I'm new to the forum and didn't really find a similar problem description on Google. Therefore I'll ask here: When I open an image in Affinity Photo for the very first time via "File -> Open..." it often instantly crashes. When I retry with the same file at the same source there is no problem anymore. I first thought it had something to do with the fact, that the images are on a OneDrive directory (already downloaded before), but now, on my new clean system, it also crashed 2 times with local only images. Now, after approx. 10-15 tries with other files and sources, it works well. But I am afraid it will happen again when I do not expect it. I use DNG from Ricoh GR 3 and CR2 from Canon EOS 6. Strangley enough a have the same behaviour on my iPad Air 3 with the latest Affinity Photo App when I use "Import from cloud" and open files from OneDrive. Does anyone have an idea what can be the reason? I have not experienced such a behaviour in version under 1.83. Thank you very much in advanced. Best regards.
  4. I have both Affinity Designer and Photo on my iMac. I have one annoying thing that happens that I cannot fix. When I double click an .afdesign file in Finder, it almost always opens Affinity Photo instead of Designer for anything located in the "Affinity Designer" iCloud Drive folder. The only way for me to get it to open in the right program is to specifically select it using "Open With" or by opening it from inside Designer. How do I fix this? Things of note: - In Finder the files all do say they are the "Affinity Designer Document" type. - As I mentioned, this appears to mostly occur for files stored in iCloud Drive in the Affinity Designer folder. If they are on my computer or in the documents folder (I do have that being stored on iCloud so I can access it from my iMac or MacBook), the files tend to consistently open in Affinity Designer.
  5. OS x 10.13.6, AFPUB 1.7.3 This just started happening about a week or so ago. I have a file folder with all the pictures I'm using in the document. They are embedded. Now, when I go to replace a picture with another, AFPUB opens the correct folder but shows that the folder is empty (it's not really empty). You then have to click that folder in the dialogue (normally not necessary) and then you get the list of files in that folder. I have never seen that happen with any other software or when just using the OS software (Finder). I have only seen that problem with AFPUB and only when replacing a picture and only in the past week or so. Just wondering if that might be AFPUB or something in OS X (haven't changed OS X version in the past 2 years).
  6. Hi All, I'm experiening an odd issue with both Affinity Photo and Designer whereby opening a screenshot (taken using the built in Mac screenshotting tools) seems to mix up the colors. For example, here is an original screenshot: here is a screenshot of opening the original in Preview: and here is a screenshot of opening the original in Affinity Photo: and here is a screenshot of opening the original in Affinity Designer: Not sure if this is a bug or I've just mis-configured something? (I think my settings are all just the defaults). I'm using Affinity Photo 1.3.5 and Affinity Designer 1.3.5 (but the issue has occurred in all versions i've had (from the app store). The issue does not occur on photos taken from digital cameras or other sources. Cheers, Chris
  7. Mac desktop apps. Running both up to date designer and photo. I read in the Affinity help sections that all Affinity files can be opened in any Affinity app. But when I go to open a afphoto file in afdesign half the layers are missing from the afphoto file. Back story I designed a vector logo in afphoto and just bought afdesign over Black Friday. But the logo is not importing 100% into afdesign. If I click and drag the missing layer from photo over to the design window, That won't work either. Any help thanks. MTN Logo Square 2020 Final.afphoto
  8. yeah I know... it's beta so don't do real work with it... I really like the UI and look and feel that I know from Photo and Designer though so I started a production document. When pasting in the 3rd vector graphic from Designer I got the rainbow wheel and had to force quit. Had saved a while before that but am not able to open the saved file Publisher crashes when opening either the recovery file or the saved file... Any advice would be appreciated. Happy to provide the file if that helps using 1.7.58 Thanks a lot
  9. Hi everybody, without doing any obvious changes to my system or settings the following has been happening for a couple of days: Whenever I try to open a file from the Mac OS Fotos Mediathek in Affinity Photo using the "Edit in Affinity Photo"-function of the Mac OS Fotos-App, the following message pops up in Affinity Photo: Failed to open file /Users/XXX/Library/Group Containers/6LVTQB9699.com.seriflabs.extensions/intermediates/Apple Photos Document.afextensiondocument The file type is not supported. Opening files in Affinity using "File > open > Media > pictures" works properly, but I want to be able to send my pictures directly from the Fotos-App to Affinity, edit and directly send them back to the Fotos-Mediathek. The problem started on the Macbook a couple of days ago, while Affinity Photo worked fine on the iMac. Today the Mac is affected too. The repair function of the Mediathek was run successfully, but did't show any effect. I'm using the German version. Thanks for any help.
  10. Please rearrange the list of supported graphic file formats in the "open file" dialog window more sensefully! Actually the list doesn't give an easy overview of the supported formats since all formats are arranged in one line, not in alphabetical order, seperated by commas only!!! Please arrange it in alphabetical order, one item per line! Thank you very much in advance Auggie
  11. Hello, I used to be able to open Designer files on Photo, but now I get a "Failed to open file" error. Can this be fixed?
  12. Hello, I was working on a file for a client in the Trial Version of Affinity Designer. I saved the document and closed Affinity. When I reopened, I was alerted that my trial had ended, so I purchased the full version. However, I am unable to open the document I was working on in the Trial version. Is there a way to open up files in the full version that were created in the trial version??? PLEASE HELP! I need to edit this graphic for a client ASAP.
  13. I have notice when I open my raw files in Affinity Photo, they are much darker than they are in Adobe Bridge and in Photoshop. They also appear much darker than they appear on my camera view. I'm wondering if I have a setting or preference set wrong. I have attached two screen shots. Nothing has been done to either photo except to open them in Affinity and Photoshop. You can see the difference in the brightness and color. The Photoshop clip better represents what was captured in the camera. Can anyone make suggestions or have you noticed this and what did you do? Thanks, Joe
  14. I've noticed there a a LOT of tool on the left had tool bar when the work area is empty. When I open a RAW photo file more than half of the tools disappear. Where do they go? Can I get them back? Thanks, Joe
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