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Found 10 results

  1. This short video is about how to create offset paths in Affinity Designer. Offset paths are a powerful tool that designers use to create exact duplicates of a vector object shape and then use these duplicate as individual vector objects. With the ability to create an exact size for your offset, you've have a powerful tool to create fantastic eye catching layers in you digital art. Creating offset paths in Affinity Designer is quick and it's easy. I show you how to setup the keyboard shortcut and with one click you are ready to create offsets for any object, shape, text, or line. Offset paths are one of the secrets that designers use to create stunning computer graphics. Create your own website graphics, digital art, blog posts illustrations, instagram images, and go ahead and brag on twitter! Happy Creating :-) Jen
  2. I have been following affinity designer however the offset path tool was not developed, unfourtanelly I can not use it because my trial expired long time ago. Do you have any updates on this tool ? Recently I have been using a pen plotter and I have been using -increments of 0.01 pt, in order to fill letters, is it possible to do it in Affinity designer ? (Like shown in the picture) Small example of the machine in this video
  3. You guys are saying that graphic designers will love the accuracy of the expand stroke feature when it can't even properly expand the stroke of a 45/45/90 triangle that's been rotated 45°. Is this a bug? Please fix this asap (and please add envelope distort and offset path as well). affinity_problem_lq.mp4
  4. We seriously need a OFFSET PATH TOOL and TYPE WARPING. Offset path tool in Illustrator is some i use almost everytime i open the software. WE NEED This. ! The expand stroke tool needs some tweaking as well. It produces some strange results. Gary
  5. Hi all, I make crafting stuff for my partner and there are occasions when I need to make an Offset path to emulate things like stitching, is there a way to get an offset path in affinity designer? On an odd shape, scaling just doesn't work because you don't get an even line.
  6. Offset path or even more complex contour tool would very useful for many works. I found on this forum some old disscusion about these tool but it was long ago and still not happend and even not present on roadmap. So I just would like to make little reminder about it with a lot of hope to find it in future update.
  7. Hello! after Adobe pulled another stunt (with Lightroom this time) I'm preparing for an Adobe Free Future™! I've come back to Designer (ßeta 1.6/12) — and what I saw made me very, very happy. Cannot wait till I see what you guys do with Publisher! As you have guessed I'm still missing some features before I can ditch Illustrator all together: selecting objects by type/look (see screenshots with Graffix Select Menu) lockable guides and the making guides from objects. Also: split in to grid. overprint on a per object (fill/stroke) base (not only in the swatches). ability to choose a font (and other things) from the contextual menu. Despite its name, it's not very contextual right now. plugins/scripting would make Designer much more powerful of course. See for example what you can do with Python in DrawBot of Nodebox offset path (could be scripted?) more transform options like "transform each", which is very, very handy in Illustrator … Anyway, can't stress enough that you guys already did a fantastic job, making such a powerful app from zero. …without the income of subscription-model ;-). Keep up the good work! — Benjamin
  8. I would like to see a offset path function. This is operation I use often and can not go with out. Outline object and outline stroke would be nice too.
  9. Just getting going - really cool software! I see there has been discussion about an offset path function for a few years - coming soon? I'm not sure any other vector software lacks that tool. I am using the suggested workaround for now but... Other than that, I'm hooked :D
  10. Is there a way to create an offset path around an object? I would like to create stickers and I'm hoping that I can create a cut line around the shape and send it to my cutter using affinity.
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