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Found 6 results

  1. On my wishlist: Object Styles that behave the same as - consistent with - Text Styles. All Apps. Meaning: They update; are amendable (currently not) They flow through to all objects where the Style has been applied In short: the same as Text Styles, but for Objects. Yes, I'm aware you might be thinking "so when Symbols vs Styles?". Styles are concerned with fills, strokes and effects. Symbols are mini artworks. …therein is the answer. Indeed you could have an Object Style applied to several Symbols, in theory, couldn't you? Scenario: Brand colour combinations comes to mind - a plc I worked for had six different colours, as well as two core colours in their brand manual. The six could be used in any combination or tint. No doubt a designer's choice of fill-stroke colour combination would be questioned by marketing, or the manager signing-off. Everyone has an opinion on colour. The value of being able to update a style once and let it flow through to multiple symbols and objects, in say, a 56 page company report nearing print deadline (as is always the way) - then change it back again when they decide they like the designers choice after all ....should be obvious. Hope that helps you grasp the "why". (Saves a designer having to do an all-nighter... again). !! Consistency: Currently we have two features called Styles in Publisher that behave in very different ways? Why? What justifies that? Maintain this consistency across all the Affinity suite too please. I've not checked Styles in all the apps, but the ideal is that all Styles, where ever they appear in whichever app they're in, behave the same and perform the same function - across desktop and iPad too. Thank you. ----------------- Really good start to these apps btw, really shaping up well - am a total fan - lovin them on the iPad especially. Appreciate they are in early versions, so still much to do. More things on my wishlist as they occur. Hope this helps.
  2. Hey everybody, As an hobby I write and publish material for TTRPGs, working mostly on my own. I usually prepare my publications using the Adobe suit, or sometimes Latex — which I use a lot, but mostly for other stuff — but some time ago I decided to give Affinity a chance, and bought Photo, Designer and Publisher. The suit would be perfect for my workflow: I do digital paintings and vector graphics and I like to be able to use them easily in my text editor of choice. What I have seen since of the softwares is really great. I especially love the consistency and integration between the three softwares. I would like to move my workflow from the Adobe suit to the Affinity one. However, there are some features that I use a lot in InDesign that aren't implemented in Publisher and that I wasn't able to replace with consistent and comfortable features of Publisher. I think that as a whole the three softwares still cannot replace my workflow — jet — even if they are amazing. I would like to suggest here some of the features that I would like to see implemented, that I believe would be a great improvement — at least for how I work. Copywriting persona: The ability to work on text passages in isolation is of the utmost importance in my opinion. If I am working on a complex layout I need to be able to work on the text alone, and only on it. It would also be useful to be able to control the single passages of text, like if they were layers; import and export them, work on the single sections and move them around. This, imho, would improve significantly the ease of use of the software. Link text and md files: As an addition to the previous point. I often write my texts outside the program I use to layout, and I would love to be able to import the text as a resource, keep working on it, and have the changes done in Publisher also in the original file. I work a lot using markdown, which I usually then have to convert to paragraph styles semi-manually, and support for it would be a great feature. "Nested Styles" and GREP styles: Here I am using the Adobe names for it, but I use this feature all the time. I use them to create dynamic paragraph styles — that, I will admit , are more relevant in my field of publishing. I especially use them to give specific character styles to some parts of text, either using specific separators/end characters, or searching for specific bits/tags. It is very handy to be able to control and change them and apply them to all the text automatically. "Object Styles": I think this is another feature I miss a lot in Publisher. The ability to assign settings to an object, be it a text frame, picture, table etc. and update them for all assigned objects. I use it a lot for pictures wrapped with text, because I am not going to know right away how much space in between I want. I may change my mind while working and having to go back to every single picture is a nightmare. Sure, Styles in Affinity sort-of do the trick, but they are not linked to the objects and it is not possible to modify them directly. I think it would be great to be able to do so. Having a collection of all setting related to an object. It would also be great to be able to treat them as text styles, and have base styles, and styles based on that. This are my thoughts right now on the suite. I still think I am going to try and work more with Affinity, because there are many many things to love. I have worked a bit with Designer, and found it very good. I like Photo for digital painting but I wouldn't mind paying extra for a dedicated "Affinity Painter" if it were to push out better features than PS for digital drawing. I decided to buy the softwares even if I may not use them as my main tools because I saw potential in them, and wanted to support this developing company. I can't wait to see were the next updates will lead them.
  3. A search in this part of the forum didn't turn up the following requests regarding Styles, but beg pardon if they've already been discussed and I've just missed them. The newbie experience: Select an object, select the make-a-style-from-it item from the object's context menu—but then it appears that nothing has happened. I thought I'd encountered a bug and tried it a second and third time. Still nothing. Then it occurred to me I'd better check Studio > Styles to see what might have changed there. Of course there were three new styles. User error, yes, but the "nothing happened" experience is perplexing and could be improved. I would like to suggest: Immediately after saving a style, the user sees a small dialog in which the new style can be named. Then there's the question of its category—if there are already user-defined categories. If there are, their names would appear in a drop-down menu in the dialog where the style's name can be entered. If the user simply clicks the dialog's CLOSE button, the style is saved using the default name selected by Publisher, and the style appears within the default category. Frosting-On-Cake: a CANCEL button...clicking that one would cancel the save-new-style operation entirely. Additionally: the ability to cut and paste (or copy and paste) styles between categories within the Styles panel. Of course, if there is a name conflict, error message: sorry, can't do it. But, Frosting-On-Cake: if a name conflict occurs, the user has the option to rename the style being moved or copied, or just cancel the operation.
  4. Reusing styled text frames My proposal: Let paste any text to existing structure of frames with styled text and retain its properties (fonts, size, colour etc. - simply styles). Divider for next style would be 'End of Paragraph'. My reason: In newspaper type of work you deal with multiple articles utilizing identical structure. Everyone of them has same style of title, subtitle, perex and then paragraphs of text. Drawing text frames and styling texts for these again and again on every page and in every new issue is painful. Best way to implement: Drag 'n' drop text file (word, rtf, plain text file, etc.) to existing styled TextFrame/TextFrames. It'd be fastest way probably. How it's done in Indesign: With use of 'Object Styles' you can format whole article with one click. Of course, function 'Span columns' is integral with this task in Indesign, so you're good with just one text frame for article. My proposal is not fully equivalent but would be great help for time being.
  5. Ok maybe I'm missing something here but I know I was able to rename object styles in previous betas and now I can't seem to do it?? I't been a while since I played with Affinity so maybe I've forgotten?
  6. Check out a few new layer styles I came up with today! Enjoy! Plastic Rainbow.afstyles.zip
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