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Found 15 results

  1. Once I open affinity photo it works for a minute or 2 then it says its not responding...I have turned off hardware acceleration, I have restarted, I did the factory reset thing as well....the past few days it worked fine and now its not responding....my affinity designer and publisher are working fine with no problem...please tell me what I can do...I trying to work but is unable due to this.
  2. I'm trying to creating an infinitely zooming picture that zooms in on the mean mugging baby's eye. I plan to write some code that zoom's in on the baby's eye, and once the zoom get's to a certain point, I will place the original picture overtop of the picture in the eye. To do this I have to make sure the original picture, and the picture in the eye have the same background, so I'm creating a rectangle with the right proportions around the baby, and then trying to scale it down until I can select it and copy the content that would be around the baby inside the eye, but when I scale down that low, the proportions can't scale down accurately enough because they must scale at even numbers for pixels (no decimals), when I scale back up, the rectangle doesn't fit properly. The video attached shows what I'm trying to do. ------------------------------------------------------------------ When I try to increase the size of the image past 45000 pixels, my computer freezes up. Is there anything I can adjust to fix this? These are the details of my computer Affinity Photo v. 1.9.3 Mac Mini 2018 Mac OS Big Sur v. 11.4 Processor: 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i3 Memory: 20 GB 2667 MHz DDR4 mean-muggin-baby.mp4
  3. Hi. My entire Affinity Suite (Photo, Designer, Publisher) stopped working: Every time I try to create a new document, open one or try to import/open a picture, ... , it does nothing. And if you try to do anything else while importing/opening, it shows "not responding" and then crashes. And even if you don't do anything, after a few minutes it shows "not responding" and then crashes. Tried reinstalling, deactivating Hardware-Acceleration, etc. Maybe someone can help me with my problem. Thanks in advance! My Setup: Win 10 Pro (20H2) i7-4790k RTX 3060 ti 16 gb ddr3 ram (bought Designer and Publisher at the Microsoft Store and Photo on the Affinity Website)
  4. I'm using the last version of all three Affinity apps from the Mac App store and often I'm running them in the background with windows closed. I have noticed that they are sometimes not responding and I have to force close them and start them again which takes some time on my MacBook Air 2017. Upon some investigation, I have discovered that that happens only if I have restarted my laptop between launching any of Affinity apps and only if restart occurred with any of the apps were running in the background when initiating restart. In the last test, I have waited to see what will happen if I don't force close them and they have eventually started up. The current situation is that I click on Affinity app icon and after a few seconds splash screen appears and that after another second app window appears. I think it would be better to inform users that apps will respond eventually it is designed behavior of course. Let's say that the splash screen starts immediately after interacting with the icon and starts displaying the loading bar. In that way, users will be informed that things are running as planned. If the app can't launch immediately that is.
  5. I have just installed Affinity Photo and Designer. Affinity program opens quickly and smoothly, however the program goes into "Not Responding" or crashes when trying to open anything a photo or designer item (or the provided samples). I have tried a reinstall, also going to the AppData and renaming the original folder (roaming/affinity/photo/1.0) no luck. Version Photo Window Pro 64 version 20H2 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8665U CPU @ 1.90GHz 2.11 GHz 16 Geg RAM Lenovo X1 Yoga Thinkpad with Pen I am a new user and plan to move to this product and would like to take advantage of the trial before pulling the trigger. The Affinity Design product appears to run fine but I have only used it a few times. Can someone offer support?
  6. Hey there, I've just downloaded the new version of Affinity Publisher. So it would be version 1.7.1. I did not have access to beta prior. This is my first experience with the software. Since I opened it up, I've been having crash issues. Can barely get through adding images to one page and the spinning/not responding starts. Sometimes if I wait a while it works it's way out of it and sometimes not. I've been working for over an hour and have only gotten through page 3 of my document. I've been searching for solutions. Here's what I've tried so far. 1. Downloaded High-Logic and uninstalled a few hundred fonts that I wasn't using. 2. Checked the appdata folder for crash reports. Those folders are all empty 3. Held down the CTRL key when I started up Publisher and checked all boxes/ set it all back to defaults. The issue persists. As I've been typing this message, Publisher finally came out of it's spin, but I'm not going to get very far at this pace. Also, for some possibly further useful information, I had this problem sporadically with Designer and since that latest update, all those issues seem to have disappeared. I'm not sure if this is something going on with my PC or ? But I did see a forum thread somewhere that suggested this is not normal for Publisher and it should not be running this way. Any ideas or treasure trails you all can send me down to try and get this handled would be most appreciated. I was so excited to use this program and cut my time in half or more, but so far it's taking me more than twice as long to get anything done. Help?
  7. Hello, I purchased affinity photo, really like it, but since some weeks every time I try to open it the program is not responding.. sometimes after a long time of waiting I get it to work, but then suddenly when I for example export an image its not responding again and I can not do anything. I reinstalled it several times but it did not solve the problem. I am using a Macbook Pro 2019 13', 1,4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 Please help me I would love to use it again. regards, markus
  8. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I'm working on a picture/drawing in Affinity Photo - size of file 1.37GB and Image is 600dpi on MacBook pro OS Mojave (wacom messed up too much with catalina so I reverted back and am too scared to upgrade again). I've scanned my images (sketches) and have layered each element and I'm having several functional issues. I'm finding that suddenly some layers are flickering, or disappearing - I can make it appear by copying and pasting the layer but then sometimes those then disappear. Some layers inexplicably cannot be edited such as using the erase tool. I can move its position but not erase pencil lines not draw onto it. When I'm using the pen to erase some sections, big pixel chunks start flickering - particularly if I'm working zoomed in. I have added new layers that do not function - eg, I tried to have a filled layer but nothing happened (no colour fill). I copied this layer, opened it in a new file and still, nothing there. Though in the new file, I can create a new layer and fill perfectly fine and then copy that over back to my original piece. TIA
  9. When I start Affinity Publisher on my T430 laptop with Windows 10 I get a flash at the top of the screen which lasts about a second saying Affinity Publisher is not responding. This also happens on Affinity Designer but Affinity Photo has not done this. This is only temporary and the program carries on working properly afterwards. I just think it is a bit strange and wonder if anyone else has this symptom. I do see that fontdriver host is activated and takes a while to finish its processing in the background and wonder if this is something to do with it. I have 892 installed fonts. 16 GB ram. Core i5 Duo third gen processor. I'm running from ssd. Process Lasso is running in the background to help prevent system lockups. Publisher Version Interestingly after loading and closing Publisher a few times this behaviour reduces. So I'm wondering if it is something to do with Windows 10 memory management issues.
  10. Hello, I have upgraded my Affinity to 1.8 and on MacOs Catalina. I am using an external non-retina screen. The Bug is that mouse clicks are not responding on the panel immediately in the Develop Panel. When I click on of the menu items located on the right side (e.g. LUTs, White Balance, Constrast, etc.) I need to click few times/tries to open a tab so that it can be expanded. Is it a known issue and is it on the list to be fixed? It is really frustrating to work on the Develop Panel. Thanks, Ege
  11. After upgrading my Macbook and transferring all my files to the new computer via a Time Machine backup. Both Affinity Designer and Photo both come up with a “not responding” message. The splash screen appears then both programs just hang. No other programs including Adobe Photoshop or illustrator are behaving the same. They all open as expected. I have tried a few ideas suggested online like clearing the mac cache and finding preference files but nothing has worked. I am using a new 16” Macbook Pro running Catalina if this helps. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello, Just wanted to report the following bug: Sometimes when I try to copy something the progam hangs and stay in Not Responding state. The last time it happened was copying while selecting two objects from the layers panel. While this last time it eventually got unstuck, it took around a minute or two to do so. This problem is not EVERY time I try to copy/paste something but sometimes, frequent enough to be annoying and sometimes I just have to force quit it (thankfully haven't lost my progress, it always seems to be able to recover which is good). I took screenshots to illustrate the problem, you can see the tools being stretched (I use them non-docked) while this is happening.
  13. I think maybe someone should look at my very large document. I have noticed, since the final version of AFPUB (and not before), that there is a huge delay in opening the document and getting it ready to actually edit. First there is just the loading percentage - that takes about 2-3 minutes or so. Then, if I try to open the Resource Manager right after the document is loaded, there is a 45 second delay while that populates with items. Then comes the silent delay. That goes through some 4-5 minutes or so of who knows? I can try to "do" something like show the text flow. That shows up about 2 minutes later, then I click a text box and nothing - it doesn't get selected. Waiting another 3-4 minutes, finally that text box gets highlighted. Similar delays happen when trying to select other objects to edit. All the while, I'm watching the "Force Quit" list and the Activity Monitor list and AFPUB goes into and out of "Not Responding" status about 2 times during the l-o-n-g wait and also showing %CPU upwards of 450 and back down to nominal 20-60%. It's AFPUB 1.7.1, OS X 10.13.6. computer memory 48GB, AFPUB using 23.74GB or so, plenty of local disk space 570GB available out of 1TB. This problem is repeatable, just have to close the document and open it again to see the delays. Eventually, some 5 or so minutes later - AFPUB finally gives me control. But the "not responding" status is worrisome and may indicate something that's not quite right. Let me know if I should upload the file - I think you may find some interesting "stuff" going on in the background. Thanks!
  14. AF keeps freezing during any operation and flags up 'AF not responding' even when its the only program open, any advice ? i'm using the same PC i've always used AF on but its gradually becoming more frequent 4-5 times with 30mins use. When it was first installed, all was fine. No new programs installed on my pc only he usual windows upgrades !
  15. For some reason none of the tools are working. I cannot select any of them. Instead of selecting a specific tool it draws a blue rectangle on the page as if selecting. Can anyone help? Thank you.
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