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  1. It would be great to be able to select the order of FX on shapes. Oftentimes I want to blur the shape of a vector object, but not necessarily the noise setting in its color. Perhaps adding Checkbox to the Blur FX panel to bypass blurring the Noise attribute? Thanks for your consideration and all you do
  2. Hi' all ! I'm trying to align photos in order to procced to a noise reduction. However, if I use the classic stacking method (File -> Open stack) the alignement is made on the foreground (or maybe the part of the image is the easiest to align ?) and I don't want to ! My photos are milky way photos. In order to reduce noise in the sky I would like to align multiple photo of the milky way on the stars and not on the foreground (moutains, people, ...). Is it possible to have a feature like this ? Align layers once we have applied a mask ? Thank you for your answer :)
  3. I can't find any way to change either the noise or opacity setting of a global colour. The "Edit Global Colour" pop-up doesn't have these options and changing the noise/opacity just sets it for the currently-selected layer. I've tried double-clicking in various places and different menus but can't figure out what to do. Am I overlooking something obvious, or is this a trick that has been missed?
  4. I have been experimenting with using the perlin noise filter in Photo and it is very nice to have a perlin noise filter right within photo. However if it could be done as a live filter with a few improvements would be awesome. Add the ability to stretch the noise Add the ability to angle the noise Here is an example of an effect I did using the perlin filter, it was a bit complex and I would love to be able to go back in and just adjust the noise without having to completely re do the whole thing
  5. Please bring back the dedicated noise slider. I searched for hours finding the noise slider until I noticed it appears when you click the opacity slider. Why does Affinity not just show two sliders? Two sliders would be so much more user friendly and easier to find and use.
  6. Hi there, my name is Dominik Kandravý. Minimalist and self-taught illustrator from Czech Republic. I mostly create minimal illustrations using simple shapes and geometry. However in this case (poster for my friend) I tried to do something more complex - Well, this is Darth Vader! PS: You can check few of my illustrations on https://dribbble.com/kndrv
  7. I'm trying to figure out the best way you can generate a fabric using Affinity Photo. I know you can use the noise filters to generate random static, but how would I combine this with a set pattern you would get in a fabric like cotton? I'm trying to design a retro sports kit, but I don't want a perfectly flat white background for it to sit against. I've been using Google Images to try and get a decent cotton texture, but I would rather create one from scratch.
  8. As much as I like the perlin-noise filter and its settings, the fact that the noise does not tile at 1:1 width and height is a little bit of a downer. I use the noise very often for gaming shaders. As far as I know perlin noise can be made to repeat. I can imagine that I am not the only one who would appreciate this option. Otherwise: great software!
  9. Captain Noise character I originally came up with for Nottinghams NLC charity festival
  10. Hi, is it possible to add noise (destructively or non-destructively) to a layer mask? (this can be helpful to reduce banding when using smooth gradients inside a layer mask, in an 8 bit document). I did try it by selecting the mask and adding a Noise Live Filter Layer (and also adding Filters-Noise-Add Noise) but it didn't seem to work. Thanks!
  11. I was trying to follow a Photoshop tutorial on creating clouds and found that, in Affinity, Perlin Noise should do this for me. I created an empty file 800 by 800 px, RGB/8bit and set the foreground/background to black/white. I then duplicated it to create an editable layer. I then selected Filter>Noise>Perlin noise. No matter what I did to the parameters there was no effect on my image. It remained white. I did click on Apply! I have also tried to do the same with a 50% grey image, to no avail. What should I be doing?
  12. I am new to Affinity Photo and would like to know the best way to reduce moire' patterns in scanned images of printed materials (I.E. greeting cards). I have searched for some tutorials using Affinity and have some idea regarding an approach but am hoping for some suggestions.
  13. Hi, great program, great work, and I hope you can continue making it even better! I cannot seem to add noise to a pixel layer with a fill My Steps: Create document (I chose Web, custom, 4000x4000 pixels (but same with default web doc size)) Create pixel layer Choose fill tool Pick colour Click opacity/noise toggle Increase noise not possible Slider slides but resets back to zero. Other times it has moved and stayed in place but still does not change noise level. This is on both the top context menu or on the right fill menu tab. This works in the mac version of the released AF ver. 1.5.2, and but NOT in the Windows beta, OR released version for Windows I can however, create a rectangle and add noise to the fill colour in this rectangle in Windows versions, just like Mac I hope the Windows version can operate like the mac version :) Further to this it seems that if I switch (Alt+tab) in and out of the program, then a certain level of noise appears. You might be able to see this slight noise on the doc in the animated attached gif, as it is there slightly, but once in the program, I cannot control it.
  14. Hey. I have a shape in a document with a specific fill color (bright blue) with noise. In another document, I have a different document i have a shape that I would like to give the same fill color and also add noise. I filled the shape with the exact same color. Everything looks identical. However, as soon as I add noise, the color shifts towards green. Even if I drag the noise slider to zero again, the color shift stays. Any ideas? I am using Affinity Designer 1.4.1
  15. Hello, fellow Affinity lovers! Recently I was working on a rather curious project. The main idea was to have an 'ordered disorder'. Everything, except for the first picture (had a photo to work with), was created from scratch. Nothing but Affinity Designer and Photo was used. — LINK TO THE BEHANCE PROJECT — Let me know what you think!
  16. Has someone tried if the Panorama persona can handle multiple exposures and gain any benefit from that? (It can handle multiple exposures but I´m not sure yet if the dynamic range benefits from that) Of course one can create two panoramas and then stack them and modify them but I´d find it super cool if these three steps (Stitching, aligning and HDR merging) could be done automatically. I also thought about the option to get noise reduction with this technique (like we get through stacking) This finally leads to an HDR night panorama "without" noise. But therefore I´d have to do multiple panoramas with multiple exposures and multiple ones of each to stack them (noise reduction) and then HDR merge them again. So I really think this could be done more efficiently in the panorama persona itself in one automated step. - I´m really looking forward to your HDR implementation!
  17. As far as I can tell, one cannot directly add noise when creating a global colour. There's a workaround, but it's a bit cumbersome: - Create an object and create/apply a noisy colour - In the swatches panel create a global colour, this will take you to a new colour creation wheel; create any colour you want - Select your noisy colour from 'recent' and drag it to your 'painter palette with a dot' icon - Delete the first global colour (if you don't have a use for it So the feature request is simply to have a noise slider in the global colour panel Thanks!
  18. Hi, I need a precise gradient in 32-bit mode, to go from left to right. (I use it as a texture in a game - the values control some math functions over time.) The "Noise" value is set to 0 (or so I guess, because there is no numerical input). Yet still there is a visible dither. I use version Win 7 64-bit, NVidia GTX 760, newest drivers. Oskar gradient.afphoto
  19. I may have posted this before, excuse me if I have, but this would be great to see in an upcoming beta. It would be awesome to have either/or app- and document-wide settings for Noise. It's tedious to remember to change the Noise setting in new colors, and in some of the studio fly-out Color panels (off the Context tool bar) the values are not displayed numerically or with a text input field, so one has to eyeball it or go to the Color studio panel - which is often hidden on my laptop screen to maximize real estate... (#1stworldproblems) It would be great to have a Noise setting somewhere in the General section of the Preferences (Tools or General?) Additionally it would be great to have a setting available in the New Document panel, for setting the Color Noise value in a new document, overriding the Default value set in the Preferences panel. It would also be great to be able to change ALL of the Noise values of color swatches via the Color studio panel or the Document Setup panel. Additionally, it might be interesting to consider whether the amount of noise applied is modulated by the app based on output resolution. Meaning in smaller or lower res files, one might desire less or more noise, since it may be exaggerated or minimized by the change in size. Not sure how this would be implemented, but I know visually it would be a beneficial thing to control based on output requirements.... Thanks for all the amazing work you do and for your consideration. :)
  20. Hello, I have been experiencing a problem with Affinity Photo adding an extreme amount of noise to a photo after developing a RAW image. I am using Affinity photo ver. 1.4.3 and a Mac with Sierra OS, camera is a Sony a6000 shooting RAW. It does not matter what the zoom level is on the photo in affinity, its just there, and I cant get rid of it even with the noise filter maxed out to extreme. Has anyone had this problem? Thanks Ryan
  21. I would like to have some control over how much noise I apply to an object. Currently I move the slider (which should be in the normal color panel as well, not just in the toolbar) as far as I want. But I don't know that value. If I have an other object and want to apply the same amount of noise, I have to move the noise slider to the point I think it was on the other object. Adding an actual number next to the slider would make it easier. I could enter a number (amount of noise), and I could copy that number and apply that exact same amount of noise to another object.
  22. The attached image shows the effect of applying the noise filter to two documents. In both cases the document was a single layer of 50% grey to which I have added noise. The only difference being that document no 1 was 600 x 400px and document no 2 was 6000 x 4000px. The attached image is a screen shot of the lower right corner. Each screenshot represents exactly the same area of the screen with viewed at 100%. In the smaller document the applied noise is (as one would hope and expect) the same as it's preview. However, in the large document the applied noise is completely different to it's preview. It seems to me there are two possible explanations. 1) Noise is generated with a pre-set absolute resolution irrespective of document size and resolution. If this is correct it is going to appear finer as document sizes get larger. Which may be what is happening here. If however this is the case then surely that should be reflected in the preview which it is not. 2) Noise is generated exactly as per preview but is not getting properly applied. Unless there is some other rational explanation here that I am completely missing, it would seem to me that, either way above, AP is not behaving as one would expect.
  23. I just saw Kubo and I can't get over how amazing it was so I decided to create some fan art. This seemed like as good a time as any to try out the Noise option in AD to give a textural, paper-like feel. I absolutely love how noise is seamlessly integrated into this program. I've avoided texturing things like this in past programs because it was too cumbersome, time consuming, and CPU intensive. None of that frustration here. What a wonderful feature. Great job Affinity!
  24. I love being able to specify noise / grain in Affinity's colors. I think it would be even more flexible if: 1. Rename Noise to Grain. Noise is an antiseptically cold-sounding term; Grain speaks to the art, craft and texture of photography and design. 2. Allow Users to specify both App-wide (App Prefs) and Document-Wide (New Doc / Document Settings) setting for Grain. This would tremendously easy the tedium of assigning noise to colors manually and maintain consistency, something that is not possible now as there is no numerical input for noise. Obviously there would be some exceptions with PMS / Spot colors etc 3. Allow users to apply noise as an Effect AT THE TOP of the Effects stack. As things are implemented now, applying a Gaussian Blur effect to an object blurs its color's Noise. I understand why that behavior makes sense, but from an artistic / creative point of view, one may want to blur only an objects' Shape and/or Colors while maintaining the document's Grain settings. Thanks for your consideration. The 1.5 betas are amazing, keep up the great work! Please unleash iOS betas ASAP :D Oh, and Affinity Publisher :D lolol ;)
  25. Anyone aware of a way to apply noise fill to a multiple selection of objects? I've been doing a workaround with a layer over the top and multiply, but it's not exactly what I'm after. If not, can I request it as a feature? :)
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