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Found 30 results

  1. Opening .nef files on my iMac brings up a pink/white/black bar on the base of a landscape image and at the side for a portrait image; see attached image. Trying to develop the image does not remove the bar which has, in effect, overwritten the base of the image. Viewing the .nef image as icons or in coverflow in Finder shows an uncorrupted image without a bar, but using the column display shows a black bar instead of the pink/white/black. Nikon's View NX2 shows uncorrupted images. Capture NX-D shows pink/white/black corrupted images but only after uncorrupted images are first shown; the pink/white/black bar is added afterwards. So, uncorrupted images are available on the hard disk, and these can be viewed in Finder and View NX2, but AP fails to use them. To complicate things further, only .nef files from dates in December have this problem, but not .nef files prior to December (I only have 3 days of shots to go on). Is this an update issue? Any ideas as to what might be causing this problem, and how to make AP use the uncorrupted images that are resident on the drive? Thanks for any help you can provide. I am running AP 1.5 and iOS Sierra 10.12.2
  2. Could you please confirm that the colour rendering of the NEF files from a D7200 and D7100 camera is correct when opened in Affinity Photo. I have made some RAW file avaialble in a DROP BOX for your inspection and confirmation. (Leigh has been very helpful and has all the detail.)
  3. Hello, I'm HalbLeiter. Today, I experienced strange problem in the EXIF of the image I've taken. I'm using Nikon Df and SIGMA Art 24-35mm f/2.0, and the images were taken with the RAW(.NEF) format. When I opened these images with the Affinity Photo, the lens data were shown (ex. focal length, aperture) but the lens maker and model were not shown. I also made questions to the lens maker(SIGMA) and camera maker(NIKON). Answer from SIGMA: This problem is related with the camera maker. Maybe the camera maker have no information about the newly released lens on the look-up table. However, we don't have permission to tweak the firmware on the camera. Please ask to the camera maker. Answer from NIKON: In original, we(NIKON) are not supporting 3rd party accessories such as lenses, batteries and speedlights. In other case, when the camera body cannot recognizes the lens, the lens maker is updating their firmware to make recognizable. Please ask to the camera maker. How do you think about this? _DSC7569.zip
  4. Hi, I tried to develop NEF-Files coming from a Nikon D610. The camera Profile is not shown (see screenshot 2) and AP does not convert the camera profile into the output profile. The result is much to red in comparison to the image developed by Nikon View NX (see screenshot 1). Can you help?
  5. I still occasionally use my old D1X for certain shots. Affinity imports RAW files from all other cameras I own just fine, except Nikon D1X NEF fils converted to DNG via Adobe Lightroom. Maybe it has to do with the odd rectangular pixel format which requires some interpolation to render a 10 Megapixel image? Greetings from Alaska, Michael
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