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Found 5 results

  1. I have Affinity photo latest v of 1.8 and DxO labs / nik collection 3.0 What are the proper steps / How do i create a smart object using Nik filter in Photoshop Elements so i can re-edit the Nik Fillter in Affinity Photo? I assume the smart object has to be created in a photoshop like app. What I've done so far - Opened a raw file in Elements 2019 - Applied a Nik filter (say Analog - Camera 4) - Saved the file as a PSD file - Dragged (not open) the psd file to the affinity photo software - blank page - I selected the layer, then Affinity filter - Nik - Analog - The Nik app opens for further editing but the the settings are not the same as the Camera 4 (or any filter preset) but is close. I can re-apply stuff and/or perform further edits - But it is not the same as double clicking the nik filter layer and re-edit the exact same preset settings w/in the Nik filter tool the 1st time around; Doing a Nik filter in Affinity photo and re-selecting for edit does similar behavior - The goal is to re-edit the exact same nik filter settings again (e.g., i want to make some subtle changes based on the print) - Since Affinity Photo 1.8 supports smart objects and since all of the Nik webinars show doubling clicking the Photoshop Nik filter as a smart object to make changes to the existing applied Nik filter, there has to be a way to do similar (re-edit the same Nik Filter settings) in Affinity Photo .. whether i have to use a photoshop tool ish (elements) or something else to get this to work
  2. The nik collection 2.5 filters work fine; However, how does one go back from affinity photo into the existing filters that you just used to do some further editing to the filters you just applied/edited with? I double click on the filter layer (that contains the nik filter applied) and nothing happens. If i select the layer and then Filters - Nik it basically starts blank and doesn't recognize/show all of the nik filters applied previously in that layer.
  3. Hi, I recently added NIK collection 2.5 to my Affinity Photo. I have used the filters for some time now, but only on tiff files. On a DxO webinar today I saw the presenter using the plugins rightaway after developing a raw file in Affinity, but this seems not to work for me, as all the plugins are greyed out (except the HDR Efex Pro one). What am I missing here? Is the behaviour different on a Mac (as the presenter was using) and Windows (which I use)? Or is it a Affinity configuration issue? Thanks, Pietro
  4. Simple question, but very difficult to find a thread devoted to this topic, given the various versions of the Nik plugins in use and the various versions of Affinity Photo in use. Does the current version of the Nik plugins available from DxO (Nik Collection 2) work on the current production version of Affinity Photo or on the current beta.?
  5. There is now a petition for the preservation of Nik Plugin software under the title "Google must keep NIK collection for photography alive" at https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/google-must-keep-nik-collection-for-photography-alive.html I know many Affinity Photo users are also keen Nik users, so they may be interested in signing. However it does not seem to have attracted much attention. When I signed, there were only a few hundred signatories. Moderators: please feel free to move this posting or delete it if it is deemed inappropriate. .
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