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Found 24 results

  1. I installed the Nik Collection version 1.2.11 as a plugin with Affinity Photo The plugin is in the correct location, I believe. When I go to Filters-Plugins-Nik Collection-any of the options, let's say viveza 2, Viveza 2 loads within Affinity Photo and photo being adjusted comes. However, the Viveza 2 screen is so small one can't use it. Does anyone have an idea why? Thanks, Dave
  2. I have Affinity Photo 1.8 / Windows 10 / Nik Collection 1.2.11 (Google free version). When I open a RAW file / Develop / Ctrl+J (duplicate & Unlock layer) to edit, only one plugin apears (HDR Efex Pro in attached image) If I open a JPG ou TIFF files all plugins are available (enabled). I already did the Nik reinstallation. it is OK for JPG ou TIFF (attached image) This did not happen in the previous version of the Affinity Photo Regards, Edson
  3. Hi all, I'm wondering, how to use the HDR Efex Pro 2 Plugin from the DxO NIK Collection 2.5 in Affinity Photo 1.8 correctly. When opening 3 images in Affinity, only the "active" image is transferred to the HDR Efex Pro 2 Plugin, but with only 1 photo, you can't generate any HDR content. So do I have to use the stand-alone-program of HDR Efex Pro 2? Or how would be the correct way, so Affinity transfers all 3 (or 5 / 7) images into HDR Efex Pro 2 in order to then generate a HDR image, which is then transferred back into Affinity Photo? Maybe someone here has a hint for me...
  4. Nik Collection just prompted me to install an upgrade to version I am on Affinity Photo 1.7.3 and I want to avoid another disaster like what we experienced about a year ago with Nik just bombing on Affinity Photo. That was only changed when the finger pointing and shoulder shrugging caused a user community sh*t storm. However, I don't have time for the same thing this time around. Can anybody tell me if this is compatible BEFORE I install the upgrade, please? If it is not compatible, when can we expect it to be? Thanks. PS. I am on Mac OS Catalina.
  5. Hi, this is an old problem still present : - image developed in Affinity Photo beta 243 and passed to Persona Photo, - Color Efex call by the filter menu, - the image appears desaturated in the Color Efex window without filter actived.
  6. Hello My problem is that the NIK filters install fine, I see them in my filters list but they just refuse to open within AP. I have checked to be sure I have selected a layer and bring the filters 'into play'...but no joy. All the NIX filters load fine independently by the way, but of course it would be much better work-flow wise if I could do it within AP. I have Version of AP on a Windows 10 PC.
  7. Nik Collection worked fine until Affinity Photo 1.7 update. I get a message that says updating fonts and it keeps on running even when nik collection is closed and I cannot do anything in affinity photo. Also have to force quit Affinity Photo. Please help. Thank you. I am on a 2017 iMac running High Sierra version 10.13.6. Older running DXO collection but I have heard it does the same thing on latest version of DXO.
  8. Simple question, but very difficult to find a thread devoted to this topic, given the various versions of the Nik plugins in use and the various versions of Affinity Photo in use. Does the current version of the Nik plugins available from DxO (Nik Collection 2) work on the current production version of Affinity Photo or on the current beta.?
  9. I have just downloaded the trial version of Affinity Photo and I installed Nik Collection. But I can't see it under the ' Plug ins'. As I'm very new to the software I would be very happy to get some help about what is wrong.
  10. Hi, just a simple question. How can I install the Nik Collection on my iPad? I have not found some hits. best regards Gerd
  11. I love the new version. Only one disappointment thus far. Nik no longer works. I contacted DxO support and they suggested a work around, which I implemented. It worked, but when loaded, my canvas comes up inverted (see attached screenshot). The left and right sidebar menus are right side up...but the canvas is not. See their response below. "Hello,Thank you in your interest in Nik Collection 2018!While the combination of Nik Collection 2018 and Affinity Photo is not officially supported, please go to the following link for instructions on a workaround:https://www.dam-photo.com/install-nik
  12. In the previous version of Affinity Photo (1.6) I did install all seven elements of the Nik collection I find in version 1.7.0 on Windows that only 2 are now available although the other 5 are listed they are 'greyed out'
  13. Updated to AF 1.7 . The first time I opened my Nik plug-in to Color Efex 4, Affinity Photo hung . An alert apepared " Updating Fonts..." with the spinning sprocket gear . After many minutes AF was still hung. I had to go deep into Activity Monitor to Force Quit Affinity Photo 1.7. I'm calling this a serious bug, because I use my Nik plug-in filters a LOT... ------- Mac OS 11.6 El Capitan
  14. Hey all: I installed Google's free Nik Collection...it automatically installed in Photoshop Elements. Unfortunately, despite directing the installer to Affinity, nothing was installed. Any idea how to install Nik in Affinity? Many thanks in advance...
  15. I have successfully installed the NIK Collection of plugins into Affinity Photo. However, when I click on them I get a dialogue box saying "the plugin can only be applied to the active layer. If you would like to apply the plugin to a separate layer, please check to make sure your application supports the NIK Selective Tool and that you are not working in a limited functionality mode such as the Quick Fix mode of Photoshop Elements." (Substitute the name of the plugin with the word "plugin" above.) Can anyone please tell me what I need to do to get NIK Collection to work? Thanks.
  16. Hello forum, I'm running AP 1.6.6 from the App Store on a MPB with Mac OS X 10.13.3. I have the Google Nik Collection installed on my machine and enabled it as a plugin for AP. Other image editors on my machine are Photoshop CS 6 and Graphic Converter 10. This setup worked fine for more than a year until today when I tried to open Settings -> Photoshop Plugins under AP settings panel. AP crashed immediately and does so again and again whenever I try to access the settings panel. So far I have done the following steps to solve the problem: uni
  17. Hi. The Nik Collection was not functioning in my copy of AF Photo 1.6 for Mac. So I uninstalled the Nik Collection thinking I could simply reinstall it. I did this , but AF Photo will only open the welcome page and then it crashes. Please advise. CMM
  18. I've recently been watching some videos about the NIK Collection and trying out some of the things you can do with it. I'd already installed the NIK Collection as a plug-in from Affinity Photo and it works very well from within the program. As I've watched these videos and seen the power of the various tools in the NIK Collection, I'm trying to understand why you wouldn't just use the NIK Collection to improve image quality rather than adjustment layers in AP. These filters seem to do the same thing as some of the adjustments available in AP, but in some cases, do these things more easily or i
  19. Hi there, I'm mainly do 3D work with CINEMA 4D lately and I felt that I already forgotten everything I learned about Affinity Designer, so I decided to actually use the just released new version to make something quick. Ended up recreating some flat visuals I saw on the net and put my "own" spin on it. Nothing special, I'm still happy about it. Also I noticed that my main trouble with Affinity Designer is still getting color values from A to B, btw., something wrong with my understanding of the workflow there, I guess.
  20. Hi! On certain images, when I apply a filter using the 'Nik Collection' from Google, the canvas goes completely black. There's no option to revert to the original image or anything. Cmd+z does nothing. I have to close the window down. In the thumbnail in the layers panel I can still see the image. The images I'm trying to edit were taking on an iPhone 6s, so nothing intense like you'd expect with RAW images etc.
  21. Why the Nik collection keep crashing Affinity?
  22. Here's a blog post I just wrote about using Darktable with Affinity Photo and the Google Nik Collection. http://bit.ly/2iaNDSS Happy Holidays! Stephen:)
  23. For Gimp, there's a cool script available that is called Shellout: http://registry.gimp.org/node/24977 This python script will call an external program, providing the active layer or a new from visible layer to this external program via a temp file. Once the external program is completed, it should save/overwrite the original temp file which gets pulled back into gimp. This is extremely useful to use standalone versions of plugins that don't work correctly via the Photoshop Plugin Import in Affinity Photo, for example, some plugins of the Nik Collection. It would be really useful to h
  24. I installed the NIK collection with what seemed to be no problems. I went to the preferences and did the necessary work to get four of the plugins to work with no problems (Analog Efex/HDR/Color Efex/Silver Efex) but when I use Dfine I get the message below. (Note I also get this message with Sharpener and Viveza). Does anyone know why I am getting these messages? DFine 2 was not able to apply the noise reduction to a separate layer. The noise reduction effect will be applied to the active layer. If you would like to apply Dfine 2 to a separate layer or selectively, please check to make sure
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