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Found 29 results

  1. Please, you could add a hint/tooltip to the "+" button to see what it causes (that will add current/entered settings to My Presets). Of course it would be good for all other items as well. Thank you Edit:
  2. 1) New Document dialog: A4 template thumbnail is highlighted, document name "A4" (OK), document size correct (OK). Enter new value to Page width - document name to "Custom" (OK), but A4 template still highlighted!, why? (KO). Enter new value to Page height - document name still "Custom" (OK), A4 template still highlighted (KO). My custom Document width and height is now A3, why don't highlighted A3 template thumbnail? - please. This is detected correctly in the Spread setup, why not also in New Document. Please - deselect the wrong template thumbnail, and highlight the correct/matching template thumbnail. 2) New Document dialog: A4 template thumbnail is highlighted. Look at other category, for example Photo, and back to Print category - why A4 template thumbnail isn't highligted?
  3. The center column in the New Documents panel is often BLANK until one clicks inside the column, then the Presets or the saved Templates are properly displayed.
  4. After doing the new update, I can't seem to open a new document with out the program freezing and crashing. Whether hitting 'new doc' on the opening screen or through File/New Doc it just stops working and I can't click on anything else. No error code or anything either. I have to force it to close. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks
  5. Publisher displays incorrect preset name in File > Spread Setup. To replicate: First test Create a preset using the settings shown in screen shot "MagCloud-preset.jpg." In my tests I'm using these settings for a preset I've named "MagCloud 8 x 8 CMYK". Link to screen shot "MagCloud-preset.jpg" (forum won't allow me to embed screen shots in posts): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sUCBBb30Bh-qaQPKOD0dkqT9U5YjKcXP With "MagCloud 8 x 8 CMYK" selected, now alter its color space and color profile. Change only those settings, to "RGB/8" and "sRGB," respectively. The name changes at the upper right of the New Document dialog to "Custom." Click the "+" button to create a preset by that name. Change the name of new preset "Custom" to "MagCloud 8 x 8 RGB". Create a document based on "MagCloud 8 x 8 RGB". Unexpected result occurs — repeatable: In the new document, File > Spread Setup shows the preset as "MagCloud 8 x 8 CMYK" even though preset "MagCloud 8 x 8 RGB" was used to create that document. Second test Close new document and run File > New. Select the "MagCloud 8 x 8 RGB" preset. Change the page size to 8.01 x 8.01. The name in the upper right of the dialog now changes to "Custom". Leave the name that way and click "Create." Expected result occurs — repeatable: In the new document, File > Spread Setup shows the preset as "Custom". Third test Close the new document and run File > New. Select the new "Custom" preset and change the page size back to 8 inches x 8 inches, exactly. The name in the upper right of the dialog remains "Custom". Leave the name that way and click "Create". Unexpected result occurs — repeatable: In the new document, File > Spread Setup now again shows the preset as "MagCloud 8 x 8 CMYK" — not "Custom". Fourth test Close new document and run File > New. Select "MagCloud 8 x 8 RGB" preset. Ensure the page size is still 8" x 8". Change the margin settings from 0.125 inch to 0.126 inch. Preset name in the dialog changes to "Custom". Create a new document based on "Custom". Expected result occurs: In File > Spread Setup the preset name is shown as "Custom". Fifth test Close the new document and run File > New. Select preset "Custom" and change its margin settings back to 0.125 inch. (Page size should still be 8" x 8".) Leave the name "Custom" as-is and click "Create." Unexpected result here — repeatable: In the new document, File > Spread Setup now again shows the preset as "MagCloud 8 x 8 CMYK" (not "Custom").
  6. Hey! I am really happy with the new 1.8 versions! Thank you so much, guys! Till now I have only found this odd thing (in all three apps the same). I guess the color format should update accordingly to the preset (print with CMYK and the rest with RGB) - at least at the start up until I change it manually: Just wanted to tell you - nothing bad I think. All the best Chris
  7. Affinity Store version: For Mac users - A) FInder > Go > Library > Application Support > Affinity (Photo/Designer/Publisher) > user > doc_spread_presets.propcol Mac App Store version: For Mac users - A) Finder > Go > Library > Containers > com.seriflabs.affinity(Photo/Designer/Publisher) > Data > Library > Application Support > user > Affinity Store version: For Windows user - A) > %appdata% > Affinity > (Photo/Designer/Publisher) > 1.0 > user > Microsoft Store version: For Window user - A) > %appdata% > Affinity > (Photo/Designer/Publisher) > 1.0 (Store) > user > For more information (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/98906-faq-what-exactly-do-the-clear-user-data-options-clear/)
  8. Hi, this input would be good. I don't know if anyone already thought about that but, could be good. Cheers.
  9. Hi, I installed Publisher on my Lenovo Thinkpad W520 and it starts ok. However, as soon as I click ok to open a new document, it crashs. The latest update is installed. No idea whats wrong. Initially I had installed the beta version and hoped it would work when I purchase the official version. Thanks for your help
  10. I downloaded the Affinity Photo 1.7 (the exact version number is two days ago, and I began using the program, and today I ran into a relative big problem. When I try to create a new empty document (when I click on the OK button), the program is just crashing (it doesn't freeze nor stops responding, the program just simply closes itself, just like when I click on the close button of the window). With the opening of an image I have no problem. I don't know what causes the problem, and I don't know what should or what could I do to solve this. Thank you for your help
  11. Hey again! It's just a minor thing but it still seems like a bug: I open the New Document dialog. Define some custom page dimensions. The next time I open the software it shows me one of the preset names in the drop down menu but the dimensions are still the ones from last time (see screenshot). Only if I change one of the dimensions it say "custom" again under Page Preset. It is the same for all three softwares (Designer, Photo, Publisher). Using the Win versions in English and also in German. All the best, Chris
  12. In both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer 171 on Mac OS X Lion creating a new document results in the striped art-board as shown in the pics below (the top - Affinity Photo, the bottom - Affinity Designer). In 1.6.x versions of both apps there're no such artifacts. Update. Apparently I was wrong for the worst: I keep old versions too so it happens when (1) I Iaunch either of AP and AD 1.7.1 (2) after opening newer versions when I launch the old AP for the first time those stripes are even in the old version. The next time I launch the older versions (both apps) it's OK however I see these glitches in the newer ones every time I create a new doc. It's too confusing even to get these issues described and reeks of polishing. As of now, slow down adding newer features, focus on ironing out bugs and performance. I hope serif staff is reading these threads. Update 2. I rebooted into Mavericks partition where I also have these 2 apps installed but 1.6. not 1.7. I can confirm that what I thought to be occasional hiccups in Lion have turned out to be a regular pattern both in 1.7 and 1.6 but only in Lion. In Mavericks creating new documents is smooth and I guess it's true for High Sierra although I haven't tested it yet since I work rarely in it. To developers of both apps: since the minimal supported OS X is declared to be 10.7, please optimize them for it as well. I understand that in might not to be fun to work with implementing features and improvements for such «awfully outdated», «antiquated» operating system but for those that for various reasons still run this «antiquated» OS and since you touted AD/AP to work across OS of different state of freshness we would be grateful to you if our UX lived up to these empowering promises. Thank you.
  13. Every time I create a new document, the size of the window is very small and not using the available screen-space. Why is that and how can I permanently change this to a "reasonable" size? MacOS 10.14.5 I'm working in separated mode I have two displays attached (both are way bigger, 27" and 21,5") if I resize the window and save this document, this particular document opens again in the right size. But not every other "new" document. Edit: No, it doesnt...
  14. Hopefully some one can help. I am trying to get a much better all round understanding of 'Colour Profile & Colour Format'. When I open a new RAW Image, I see, along with all the other sliders and adjustments at the bottom is a icon for Profiles ~ When I check this box, it shows ~ Output Profile - sRGB 1EC61966-21 and, if I open up the box, there are a hole host of other profiles with names and numbers (including one, which I have calibrated for my iMac using an i1Studio calibrator). I have seen or read that a much better profile to use is one with a Larger Gamut such as ~ ProPhoto RGB or ROMM RGB. So, at this point am I better to leave it with the sRGB 1EC61966-21 or should I switch the profile to either my latest i1Studio calibrated version? ~ or ~ use as suggested, either the ProPhoto RGB or ROMM RGB.? If I then switch to any of these New / Different profiles, whilst I'm in the Develop Persona, do I have to switch-back-later-on to the sRGB 1EC61966-21 before I print? And, if that's the case… How do I go about this? Normally when I've finished editing an image I go File ⇢New⇢ a 'New Document' dialogue box appears and because I am unsure what to enter in the Colour Format or Colour Profile boxes shy away and just check that the size of paper is correct and click okay. (My bad I know) My prints to date are always slightly disappointing and so perhaps a better understanding of 'Colour Profiles & Colour Formats'. Will help get me to where I should already be. Hopefully someone out there can guide me through this latest post processing maze.
  15. I use Affinity Photos, not Photoshop, to create textures for 3D software. This is because drawing response is fast though it is very simple and highly functional. There are some inconveniences in texture creation. It is used for texture creation in the first document creation. There is no template or format available. It is very useful to have the following features. ● Type: Texture ● Page Preset: 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, and User Settings ● Document Units: Pixels ● Dimensions: (1024x1024), (2048x2048), (4096x4096) (8192x8192) ● DPI: 72 Or, I want the function to save the preset customly in "New Document" function.
  16. Hi It seems odd to me that when I set up a custom new photo document, my beta version automatically makes the border symmetrical. eg it will not allow me to make the height .5in and the length 1 in; which I want to do. Presumably there's no need to explain why I want to do it!
  17. When creating a new document, you can setup the page dimensions. After creating the document it is possible to set the dimensions of the spread, I think it would be useful to have the option to set the dimensions on spread size while creating a new document. I noticed this because my book print lab only gives spread dimensions.
  18. I installed new version. Even desinstalled and reinstalled software and everytime I create a new document it crashes. No matter wich kind of document is it. I put my email address and send explanation of the error several times when it crashed at the crash report but not answer was received at all. VERSION and WINDOWS 10 64 BITS OS Is it missing any system libraries? Thank you!
  19. The new beta adds in linked values for the bleed and margin settings and bleed preview which is very nice but we need to have bleed settings on the new doc screen too. I'm still really not sure what master pages are good for here either. Other than very basic use setting design elements and header/footer stuff they seem really awkward. I'd love to hear what the dev's goals are for these.
  20. 1. Create a new document 8.5x11" @300dpi 2. Draw a rectangle filling the artboard 3. Copy the rectangle 4. ctrl+alt+shift+n to create new document from clipboard The new document is created based off an incorrect DPI of 72, meaning everything is upscaled but downsampled. Expected result is new document with same dpi (and therefore, actual size) as the original copied content.
  21. When you click on a macro in your Library palette A. Photo always switches to the View tool (the hand) afterwards. This is really not what I usually want. Almost every time I want to use the Move tool. So every time I use a macro I have to manually press V or click on the Move tool icon. It kind of disrupts the flow. Please make it customizable which tool will be activated after clicking a macro. For example, you could add support for tool switching to the Macro editor (so activating any tool would be registered as a step). Or make the program remember the last active tool before using a macro. Or at the very least change the default automatic switching from View tool to Move tool. Similarly I would prefer the Move tool to be activated after I have created a new document. Now it also defaults to the View tool. I can easily navigate the view with the Move tool but I cannot select and manipulate objects on canvas with the View tool. So the Move tool is much more useful as a default. Thank you.
  22. Hallo and Regards to all the Affinity Community and Forum: Well, I just bought Affinity Designer a few days ago and the installation was ok. I decided to buy it after testing the Demo, because the demo run perfectly. Then uninstalled the demo and installed the real soft, but every time I try to create a new document (doens't matter what size or ppp, etc) it gives an error, reported at the botton. What`s happening if it's the same situation than before, the same hardware and computer? -I'm using windows 10 64 bits Home version 1709, on laptop ASPIRE 3830TG -Nvidia Geforce GT540M CUDA, with driver version 388.43 Error reported as: 7e26f947-6625-4890-81a2-ce04a1206993 I don`t know what means. the program itself allows you to send a report with your email but since now, I have not received any answer yet. Even I contacted Affinity Twitter profile, sending a tweet but no answer received at all. Could someone help me? Thank you in advance. Hola y saludos a la Comunidad Affinity y Foro: Recientemente he comprado la licencia del programa Designer, pero tras desinstalar la demo (que funcionaba perfectamente) e instalar el programa completo, resulta que me da un error al crear documento nuevo. Siempre que creo documento nuevo, por lo que no puedo hacer absolutamente nada. No importa ni el tipo de documento, ni el tamaño ni la resolución, nada que yo sepa. Da el error sin importar esto. Es extraño, pues la demo funcionaba perfectamente. Mi sistema es el que figura arriba descrito y el error lo dejo bajo estas lineas. Agradecería que alguien pudiera ayudarme al respecto, pues esto me preocupa, después de adquirir la licencia no puedo hacer uso. Los mensajes enviados desde el programa, cuando se produce el error no han sido contestados en modo alguno. Igualmente me he puesto en contacto con la cuenta en Twitter que tiene Affinity sin recibir contestación alguna. Gracias de antemano.
  23. I have my app set to use US English as my default. It's a waste of time to have to switch from A4 / mm to US Letter size / inches every time I make a new document. Doesn't it make sense for the New Document panel to check first what my default language is and then give default options based on THAT instead of assuming I want mm & A4 page sizes? Also, can you add a checkbox for margins (and bleeds when that arrives) that copies the values to all sides of the document? thanks for all you do.
  24. You copy something from example from your old document and you wanna edit it as a new document, the workflow should go like this: 1. Copy the images. 2. Press ctrl + n to start new document. 3. Affinity photo detects the copied image size and you just press ok and paste the image there. The image fits perfectly. No white borders, no nothing but the image. Now you need to somehow know which size the copied document is and the paste that to the image size fields. Or you can create one huge document and then try to figure out how to crop the image to the target size. (btw I don't know how do I snap the crop tool to the selected layer size.)
  25. Hello, We are currently evaluating AD to see if it could be a nice tool for our employees who need to do quick annotations on images. At this time we are facing a limitation which look very small but which is very limitative in the image annotation workflow. The use case is the following: many of our users just would like to take a screenshot of something on their screen, to paste the clipboard image in an image editor application, to draw or write on it and to save it on disk in a common image file format. This workflow is efficient only if the user has a low number of operations to do. Unfortunately when we create a new document with AD the New Document dialog window doesn't automatically get the image size from the clipboard, as Photoshop does. Hence our request for this feature. It will help us a lot (I mean it!). Thank you very much
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