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  1. Lichens and mosses give each other a rendezvous, 99 Jpeg Shots and Affinity Photo
  2. Sympetrum flaveolum commonly known as a yellow winged darter. I started this ages ago and stopped a few times as I got bored with it due to it being so fiddly. I adjusted it a bit to get rid of some ugly flare. Too much effort for what it is but oh well. The outlines looks like a black mess so I've just shown a section.
  3. Composing with Affinity Photo 1.9.1
  4. Bright bird on a branch. Upsplash photo reference. Still trying to develop technique. The branch with buds and flower are rough and sort of impressionistic with the most detail reserved for the bird to draw attention and focus.
  5. Finally, all the albino brain chiggers are gone (we had about 14" - 18" of that white junk fall here in southeast Arkansas last week) and it's safe to go outside again. The only positive about the whole mess was I got to stand in the doorway and watch the birds and squirrels consuming what we put out for them. Since I won't venture out far in that stuff, the "goodies" were near my front door. Got some interesting images processed in Affinity Photo.
  6. I am a fan of this program. I mostly use Fokus Stacking and HDR functions. Here's an exemple, others are in my Gallery in Insta @macrophoto_studio1
  7. Trying out some extension tubes for my Canon camera about a week ago when this fella showed up. Now, male carpenter bees are not able to sting, even though they will make aggressive passes at you. Think it came out okay for an overcast day.
  8. Recent start to a new idea, all Affinity Designer, still and videos. Part one - Part two - Part three- Please enjoy my artistic madness!
  9. Here is an illustration by me. It is a Bone-Eating Bearded Vulture. I videoed the beginning - and I videoed the ending -
  10. Original image (resized for forum): A bit of color grading, lighting, dodging and burning. Resized for forum.
  11. Spent a couple of weeks in the hospital recently. Among other problems, I was afraid I was losing my eyesight due to severe complications resulting in internal bleeding. The doctors sent me home with a blood count of 6.1 and some medications that made my problems worse. Thank goodness for the Home Healthcare Nurse who took the time to study my discharge papers and find the "stop this medication" notices kind of hidden there. In 2 days I lost almost 20 pounds of fluid and the top of my feet stopped hurting when I walked. Enough depressing stuff! This image uses two photographs. One i
  12. Finally got around to spending some time with Affinity Photo. I love it ! just wanted to share a couple of pics with you :)
  13. Hello, my first handheld macro with my new camera. Pink Waterdrop
  14. However, I do love the shape of their blooms as they unwind but before they fully open. The first image was taken in overcast conditions, while the second one was taken in the morning with the sun behind the blooms. Wish I had remembered to return the ISO to 200 or maybe 100 before the second shot. Sure would have looked better and possibly had better contrast and color. The second image is also a "focus merge" of two images. Does anyone know if Affinity Photo considers the order of the images included in the merge? I tried it twice with those images, but when I picked the near bloom
  15. New to Affinity Photo and wanted to explore the capabilities and caliber of Affinity Photo in comparison to that of Photoshop. I really enjoyed processing these images in Affinity Photo, and impressed with its speed and abilities. Image one is a stack of 27 images and the second one is from ~80 images. Images were acquired with a Sony A6000 camera with a 55-210mm lens by using a Raynox macro adapter. Thank you for visiting. Have a nice day!
  16. Playing with the development persona and the RAW pictures taken directly with the app on the iPad, I came with this. I still have to explore how to apply a different development to a given area of the picture, but other than that, I'm pretty happy with the result. Anyways, if someone has tips to improve, they'll be quite welcomed.
  17. Focus stacking, photoshop 2020 left...affinity photo right (and it was faster)
  18. It turns into a macro lens. Nikon D5300, AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR, Raw format, 67 mm lens reversal ring for £10.99. Not bad. A normal macro lens could cost more than £300.
  19. I use the live defringing filter all the time. However, I have found it takes a long time to flatten it. Is this a bug or is there a way to resolve this?
  20. I love spring time! (Except for the snakes, spiders, etc that "come alive" all over) Lots of great subjects for closeup and macro photography. Got a few shots of a bee gathering pollen from a thistle.The images probably need more work, but just got a new camera that won't require (I hope) as much sharpening to get a decent image.
  21. Hi, Please help, I am trying to turn a colour photo into a b & w pencil sketch, but I am struggling to get detail on the finished image. I want to apply this to nature photos, and right now I am trying it out on a kingfisher photo. I honesty do not have enough knowledge about Affinity to know where I am going wrong. If you can help, then many thanks, my fingers are crossed. Debbie Kingfisher_female,_no_bg.docx
  22. Created these two last week as part of a current project I'm working on. It's done fully on Affinity Designer with a mixed workflow of vectors and bitmaps.
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