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Found 7 results

  1. Is there way to flow the table over more pages? like when i add one more row on page one and the last row, that would otherwise be out of the page, flows to page 2 ?
  2. Super newbie here! I've ordered the book (Designer), but in the meantime, trying to figure things out and didn't come up with anything in the Help files. I'm designing sewing patterns to be printed and cut out/pieced together. Could someone point me in the direction of a tut or instructions on how to create a multi-page file please? I'll be exporting as a PDF and will need several pages for the entire pattern. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I searched on the forum and internet before posting but I didn't found anything so... I'm trying to create a brochure on Publisher but I'm making the cover drafts in Designer. I've imported the Designer file on Publisher as image but it shows me only the first page. I cannot shift the content from its container to reveal other pages. Double clicking on the image the Designer file is opened inside a Publisher window but I don't know if there's a way to control the page view from it. Any suggestion? -EDITED 5 minutes after- Sorry for bothered this forum. I've found the menu to manage the multiple pages of a linked Designer file (see the attachment). I already love Publisher. You guys rock! P.s. Let me know if I must delete the post if useless...
  4. As a FreeHand jockey whose 32-bit MacBook Pro finally went to its reward, AD is exactly what I've been looking for. So far, the beta performs beautifully. Very few problems. Amazingly stable for a beta… Huge kudos to AD developers for this wonderful program! When it's released, I'll be the first in line. The FreeHand tools (or facsimiles) I'm hoping for include: Add points & simplify points Envelope warping (or some kind of object-distortion tool) 3D rotation (perspective tool) Fisheye lens Roughen effect Expand Stroke, Stroke to path & Inset path Text flow around objects, along paths & flow between text boxes Multiple pages, with a scratch area for layout design work A lot to expect, I know. But when Affinity Designer can do these things, then it really is adios, Illustrator... I've heard that AD developers may be working on opening Freehand files. If so, then I DO believe in Santa Claus! Also, IMHO, pro-level CYMK prepress isn't a big priority since the vast majority of users (even Illustrator users) don't do 4-color publishing. Thanks again for filling a big hole in the Mac vector sphere...
  5. I use InDesign to create multi paged presentations (Director Treatments). They are comprised of photos and big bodies of text. I would love to replace InDesign with Affinity if possible. I noticed that the new Beta version allows Multiple pages. For all of you layout guys/gals that are using AD, what do you think, is it time to switch? Some of the features I use a lot: • Master Pages for design elements that repeat on every page (logos & page numbers) • And a ton of linked photos, that I'm constantly moving around or re-linking after I update or tweak. • Text formating • Docuements are usually 15 pages long • Hyper Links in my text • Export to PDF (with active hyperlinks)
  6. Before exploring some of the more imaginative parts of Affinity for Windows, I thought I'd play experiment with an existing WORD file and base my research on results from other software (such as InDesign and CorelDraw). So far I can't find how to: import a WORD file for editing flow text to another frame wrap text around an image create additional pages IF: it's all there in a tutorial I apologise - and could I have a link please? ELSE: can anybody help? In the (extensive) search process so far, I have to say that the app has some awesome features - and should really benefit from the Beta testing :rolleyes:
  7. Hi, so far I've only found help topics for one single page per document. Is there a way to design documents with more than one page per document or folded sheets?
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