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  1. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VJYr95 Had some fun painting one of my favourite Spider-Man villains, Venom. Had a blast working with more painterly brushes for the skin.
  2. Just testing to see how many filters, adjustments, blend modes, etc I could use before crashing the latest Photo and Designer Betas. Couldn't!
  3. This my first artwork totally using Affinity Designer and Photo. I've converted from Adobe as I'm now retired and just producing pictures for my own pleasure (mainly motor racing). This is the late Carlos Pace's Martini Brabham BT45 at the German GP in 1976. Based on a photo by the brilliant Rainer Schlegelmilch.
  4. Hello, these are some title pages from web site shopping mall product presentations created in APublisher. Thanks. https://www.behance.net/gallery/170509823/Graphic-Design-Product-pages https://www.behance.net/gallery/170510013/Pen-Case-Graphic-Design-development
  5. Hello, just here the pleasure of sharing graphic covers of 33LP vinyl covers of some of my favorite musicians in the form of high resolution wallpapers (5120 x 2800 px) saved in .PNG... I hope you will like it... 😉
  6. So my good buddy calls me says I need a CD/album cover in like a few days. Apparently, as we artists are the last to learn there's been all sorts of contemplations that the designer is only privy to after significant procrastination. Then come to find out that a late night decision the release is to be under their newly independent label. This has no effect on my process. I've done many graphics for the band, and even played in a side band or two with em. So yes, of course I'm in. The title track is a Burt Bacharach cover, so the idea was to make the 'album' cover appear as a dusted out 70's LP, replete with the 'I've been sitting in Mom's basement' look. Here's the final. This is the first time I've used Affinity Suite exclusively for a project like this. Just wanted to share. The suite works well, glad to do a full project with it. Thanks.
  7. Here are some experiments, of varying quality, that I was playing around with at the weekend. Apart from some (modified) background images everything was done in Designer and Photo. They’re not what I would call ‘production ready’ but they’re okay as long as you don’t go looking for problems. (Any resemblance to real movies or organisations is purely accidental.)
  8. Playing with Blender 3D to create this mockup for a fictional brand of potato chips. Textures done with Affinity Photo and Designer Here's also a Turntable animation. https://www.instagram.com/p/CniJqVVhImy/
  9. Here's my third attempt at a single frame story. I'm thoroughly enjoying the ability to use both vector and bitmap techniques together. This allows me to not have to plan too far ahead and go with which technique works best. Not having to worry about workflow issues makes images like this possible for me. I don't really know what I'm creating until it's finished.
  10. I think I’ve probably ‘faffed about’ with this for long enough so it’s time to ‘release it into the wild’ and “go out and do something less boring instead” (as the song, which some members of a certain age might remember, goes). All done – except for certain stock images – in Affinity Designer and Photo. It’s just an experimental thing, not a real product. (You may need to click on the image and zoom in to see more detail.)
  11. Hi Everyone, I wanted to share my work with you! My work is often about climate & society. Please check out my Instagram Page Thanks, Felix
  12. Hi. The droid in the image below was inspired by the old lamp in the image below it. Funny how something totally random can inspire you, don't you think. I myself think there's this old school video game feeling in the picture, but having grown with and loved late 80's and early 90's video games, some with a bit less polished graphics (one of my favourites being Spaceship Warlock), i'm personally happy with the results. Yours Lassi Peltomaa
  13. So this is an image manipulation using various effects to create my impression of a creature(?!) mentioned in Finnish national epic Kalevala. Her name is Kissa Kipinätär, which loosely translates into Cat Miss Sparkle (I don't know what she's called in the English version of the poem). So here it is!
  14. These images are available to view on my website:- https://www.johnchandlerart.com/ there are more artworks and animations to view there, I'm working on various more to do with animations that I also created working with affinity software. I'm happy with the results of these. Just click on the link. Please do check out these artworks and comment also. Always happy for some constructive feedback from some constructive critiques.
  15. Hello Affinity community I would like to share the first chapter of a new comic I've been working on for a Webtoon contest. Most of the "tracing" and coloring was done in Affinity Designer. Photo manipulation was done with Affinity Photo aside for some small tweaks. Hope you like it, some parts might me a mildly NSFW stuff, so better be wary where you watch it. Comic "The Function of Oblivion": https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/the-function-of-oblivion/list?title_no=792838 Most photos were taken from Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/) except for those made with Blender. I also used the Franketoon Assets if you want to check them out: https://frankentoonstudio.com/product/propaganda-affinity-designer/ https://frankentoonstudio.com/product/vector-markers-affinity-designer/
  16. I've just finished what ended up being my most detailed Designer piece and thought it would be worth sharing here. Everything in this scene is vector, including the gas giant, with liberal use of blurs and other layer effects. While I could have completed this work purely in Designer, I opted instead to export various layers into Photos for final processing. Colours were adjusted, some subtle depth of field and grain added and a few other touches. If anyone is interested, I posted my work-in-progress on Twitter.
  17. Hello : ) I draw cartoons as a hobby. A long time ago I worked as a 3D Motion Graphics Animator in the television commercial industry. I was firmly entrenched in Adobe products along with Maya. After I retired I started drawing using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro as I couldn't afford to buy the Adobe suite. A few years ago... 5 maybe?? I discovered Affinity and immediately bought everything I could get my hands on. I love how well Designer, Photo, and Publisher all work together seamlessly. If I could have bounced back and forth between apps as I can now while I was working, my life would have been SO much easier. I'm in the process now of shifting from creating my illustrations in Photo to Designer... with help from Photo when I need it. The goofy image below is mostly Designer with help from a Photo custom brush for the broken shell pieces.
  18. THE TREE MOVES vector/photo art for your viewing pleasure! Took me ages to complete, oh how I suffer for my art. Don't tell me you like it, it only encourages my bad behavior.
  19. BRAVE RITUAL vector/photo art for your viewing pleasure! Took me ages to complete, oh how I suffer for my art. Don't tell me you like it, it only encourages my bad behavior.
  20. I do hundreds of the history portraits, first in AP then imported into AD where I use half a dozen export sizes. I used the paint mixer brush for Rodin, the rest mostly regular brush. I really wish the paint mixer brush worked better. I do have my wacom table mixer brush set for C & L. But the mixer brush is just not as good as painter or photoshop, which I've mostly given up for Affinity Photo. I do have hope that it will get better in future versions
  21. Hi, I’m Nora! I made this topic to share my illustrations with fellow creatives! I’ve been using Affinity Designer & Photo little over a year now, learning new things every day! Year 2020 end, I made a choice to follow my heart and become full time Illustrator / Surface Pattern Designer 🙌🏻, previously I had been working full time job in Tourism Industry. Even though I always did different crafts and projects next to my daily work, I never felt the courage before to let things go and be a full time artist. So here we go, I post some of my works here, these are from the end of 2021. Also if you would like to see my works as a full project, I have them here on my Behance: https://www.behance.net/psnora/projects I hope to hear from you others out there, if anyone had also similar story with me or if not , it would be still fun to hear from you.🎈
  22. My latest digital painting effort. A strange world on the edge of the milky way, featuring mermaids, nonapuses and lollipop spaceships. Nonaptych versions can been visualised at @minimowlism and @MNMWLSM on Instagram. Figured out how to draw rocks and mermaids now 👍 Also discovered a use for Inner Glow - I found that by adding a 0.1px effect (white) to some of the rocks layers helped them blend together better and smoothed some of the edges.
  23. I haven’t been on the forum for a while… These are a couple of recent works. They are from a novel that grew from the ten years I lived and worked on First Nations reserves in the north of Manitoba and Ontario. The floral mandala is from beading in the Swampy Cree culture. The texture in the lettering is a photo of tanned moose hide. The figure is a character from the novel… a shape-shifting shaman called Agak (Raven in Ojibway). The picture without type is an imagined representation of the Wendigo from Cree, Saulteaux, and Ojibway cultures. Hope all here have survived Covid and are faring well…
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