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  1. I have always liked the clean lines and the form of America´s first jet fighter, the Lockheed P80 Shooting Star. This has been done by switching between Designer and Photo and I am getting the shading the way I want to, but I really need to keep the layers under control, after the first 200 I lost track.
  2. Hello everyone! :-) I've created a free digital 2020 planner for everyone to use in the next year. Some of the design features I included are: - overview of the year, each quarter, and each month, with places to write down the most important tasks and dates, - "Gantt overview" to see which times of the year are more or less busy (it's not really Gantt chart, just a timeline view to see the whole year at a glance with multiple long-running projects), - "Habits" to track progress of up to 10 habits, each row is the habit, each column is the day, you have 6 boxes there for water intake tracking, mindfulness practice, sport, etc. - a complete 54-week week spread planner with extra rows at the bottom for weather, mood, food, and gratefulness tracking :-) (left column is for tasks for the week to have a nice overview) It works best with a stylus/Apple Pencil on a tablet, or in a PDF annotation tool on desktop. Let me know what you think and I really hope you will find it useful in the coming year! :-) cubitoo-2020-planner.pdf
  3. ...or so it seems! One aircraft that I have always loved is Little Nellie from "You only live twice" I saw her doing her stuff at an airshow way back in the day.
  4. Hi all! To keep myself busy, I’ve made 15 puzzles for Easter. They’re all in Dutch, so I think most of you on this forum can’t enjoy them... but they were all made with affinity products! done with designer, others with photo! a sub goal of making the puzzles was improving my visual design, so any feedback is welcome! 🙏 https://matth-ijs.nl/paaspuzzel/
  5. I love the artwork of Roger Dean, so now that I am on furlough leave for the duration here on our plague planet, this is my take on the Dragons of Roger Dean. Juno Reactor on the tunes and a sleepless night. Hope you like.
  6. Hey all I've been working on a comic for the last few months and now that I'm posting episodes on Webtoon I figured I'd share it with the community here. The panel in the post is from what'll be episode 11 or 12. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. I do all the inking and most of the flatting in Procreate on my iPad Pro (just upgraded from the 9.7 inch Pro to the new 12.9!) then I bring it into Affinity Photo and do all the colour work. Sometimes I'll make a few vector objects in Designer. I've been doing all the lettering in Publisher. You can check out the webtoon link at https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/thicc-skinned/list?title_no=404235 and I'd love if you'd subscribe
  7. All my Marquee Tools will only show as CROSSHAIR CURSORS. This is a real pain for the FREEHAND LASSO tool (the only one I really need to change). In PREFERENCE/USER INTERFACE/allways show brush crosshairs is UNCHECKED. I have even checked this option and then unchecked it but to no avail, still show as crosshairs. I have even deleted and re-installed the programme. again to now avail. Can anyone help please. Regards HarryTheSpida
  8. Hey folks! I'd like to take a moment and share my latest work with you. I was asked to design the logo for a security and guard dog service. With this project I wanted to put the Affinity Suit to the test – and to no surprise it succeeded. 🏆 The vector-based logo was created in Affinity Designer, as the tools are closest to the program alternatives I am familiar with - but which have become obsolete by now. The letterhead and business card were designed in Affinity Publisher. A visualized use case that is more comprehensible for the customer was created with the help of a mock-up in Affinity Photo. Just in time embedded documents (aka Smart Objects) are finally supported, thanks for this fine addition, Affinity! ❤️ Finally I combined all the information in a little brand book with Affinity Publisher and thanks to the new possibility to collect resources (another feature that was highly anticipated) I was able to compile all my work into a nice and clean job folder. For me the current coverage of the suite is already very impressive. Of course, one or two features could be further developed or added - but for this project (with one exception for the concept drawing) I never had to use a product outside the Affinity Suite range, which I think is quite remarkable. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this one! 😀 Oh right, sorry – I forgot to mention that almost the whole document is published in German, but I guess you get the concept. 😅 Greetings MrDoodlezz
  9. Hello, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator and I work with the Serif apps. I worked with Photoshop and Indesign for many years, but I discovered Affinity Designer in 2015 and Affinity Photo just a little later. I have created many book cover designs, most and the best with Affinity Photo. Now I have bought Affinity Publisher and I am absolutely thrilled. I now open all work with affinity publisher and switch very quickly to photo or designer. It's so practical, I love it! I am happy every time I switch in Affinity Publisher to Photo or Designer, I don’t want to do without it anymore. Thank you, Serif, you really did something great. Yet again;-) Here is a working example: E-book and print cover for a thriller series from Cologne. https://www.bodobe.de/berberblut-buchcovergestaltung/
  10. Today I completed this artwork. Drawn in Affinity Designer, then color shifted in Affinity Photo, then my "chop" was added in Photoshop. It made it to the Homepage of Artstation, if you scroll down in print section. Human Bacon Hunters in bathed in blue light of the mind machine. Human Bacon Hunters - walking in the blue light of the mind machine, prior to mission launch. These two lifeforms: Totem and Grill, by me Doz, are productions of a type three civilization sent to start a culling section by section on planet Earth. It is harvest time, thin the herd time, and make space time for another zoo animal. I love science fiction, I am working sincerely and diligently to grow and expand my skills as well as imagination. I have fun, love digital art, and have a vivid imagination. See the print shop above, this is posted at half size of maximum 36 x 36 inches, available in smaller increments, and at half res, print res is 300 dpi. Still getting all the drawing down first and mastering tools, then someday a book, perhaps. Black and white, shading and highlights, gray development still in the works can be seen here. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/KameBB
  11. With the artistic ability of a flea, and an elderly and very shaky camera hand, but also as a very-retired publisher and author, I have had the most glorious time since early 2017 with first: Photo, and then -- starting with the Betas -- Publisher; and last with Designer. With Studio Link it seemed the fun thing to do to learn all three at once. Maybe "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" and I am most certainly a very elderly specimen, but I have still learned so much and have had a glorious time in the process. It could not have happened without the wonderful people at Affinity who have not only created these beautiful Applications, but who have also been consistently patient, extraordinarily courteous, and so quickly responsive to the questions I (and many others) have posted in these forums. So thank you, @acapstick, @AdamW, @Andy Somerfield, @Ben, @Callum, @Chris B, Dan with the duck, @Dave Harris, @DWright, @Gabe, @James Ritson, @Jon P, @Lee D, @MattP, @MEB, @Patrick Connor, @Pauls, and @stokerg. If I can learn -- anybody can!! There are also so many Forum members who have taught me so much, either by responding to my howls for help, or by helping others. So here is a feeble attempt to create a valentine for you all, using my trusty inpainting brush tool to rid the water of various and sundry floating stuff, one of Multi4G's 80 LUT's (Shade King's Ink at 100% opacity with a blend mode of Pin Light) to alter the swans' originally too-bright orange beaks and to mute the water color, a Live Filter> Unsharp Mask with a radius of 2 px, a factor of 0.5 and a blend mode of Normal to draw out the swans' neck feathers, and most of all, v_kyr's extremely generous envelope.afphoto file, which was so kindly shared with us in the Resources Forum. I know that my image won't fit inside the envelope, by the way. It was fun flipping back and forth between the three apps! Perhaps this is progress, after my original Designer donation over a year ago and about 5 minutes after I purchased that app!. Anyway, thank you everybody, and Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow to you all!
  12. An email announcing a new colour palette arrived this afternoon. https://www.pantone.com/color-intelligence/fashion-colour-trend-report/london-autumn-winter-2020-2021 So I thought that a thread here so as to try out the palette could be fun. Alas no .ase palette file as far as I can tell. Yet something interesting has arisen and I am trying to understand what is, or may be happening. I got the idea that the colours Mandarin Red and Celery might look good together. I clicked on the Mandarin Red square and got the following web page. https://www.pantone.com/color-finder/17-1562-TCX Yet the colour there looks noticeably different. There is a note on the page about this, but, at present I do not understand it. Is that the reason for the difference? Yet both versions of Mandarin Red are each on a web page, viewed on the same computer for each of them. Does anyone understand what is going on please? William
  13. This february 10 - 29 some friend begins this site to improve good habits and do art in name of nonviolence. We want to invite you to do some and share it with us and with other people ¿What you can do? ilustrations, general desing, typography, lettering, photo, animation, dance, speach, all thing as you can imaginate Thanx. Follow us in IG: ofi.feember Freember2020
  14. Thought I would share this story, not sure if there is much of a call for this type of content nowadays. This intro story is inspired by my partial play through of RED Dead Redemption 2 on PC. I have used the setting for the story from the game where I then did a photo shoot taking pictures from inside the game world and then enhancing them using Affinity Photo and Designer. I was very pleased with the level of detail shown by the creators of this game world and this prompted me to write a series of RED Dead Stories. Digital Media Only Red Dead Vamporia.pdf
  15. Hello, I have a problem with the affinity suit (hot on all three systems, just had to decide to post) when i open one of the programs the message "maintenance progress" (Wartungsforgang, German original text) appears and it asks me to repair it or to uninstall the application. no matter what i choose the window closes and the message appears every time i start the program... EDIT: Fixed the problem (open as admin)
  16. Here's a question. I think I know the answer, but... I am using Affininty Photo, Publisher and Designer on a PC. I save to the PC and also to the cloud. If I work off line I can save to cloud when on line and it will update. I can open the file on return. Everything works ok. Now, here's the scenario. I have the facility of obtaining an Apple Laptop. I know that I will need to obtain the Apple programmes. If I use the apple variants and save to files the cloud, can I open them on the PC from the cloud, or is each limited to its own operating system use? Regards Ross
  17. Well it's THAT time of year again, and there's no avoiding it... This month, create something related to the holiday season. This could be a photo of a Christmas Tree or a Christmas lights display, a wintry landscape, your dog in a Santa hat etc. If you're looking for an extra challenge, try to work in some unusual angles or experiment with depth of focus. When posting, if you can, please also write a sentence of two on the editing techniques you used or the filters you applied, so that we can learn from each other. Alternatively, create something in Designer or Publisher that expresses 'December'. This could be a holiday greeting card, a gift-wrapped box, Santa's reindeers crossing a starry sky, etc etc. If your style is more 'Christmas Grinch' than 'Santa's Little Helper' (no judgement here), create a photo or piece of art that channels 'Mid-winter', or 'the shortest day'. (Apologies to people in the Southern Hemisphere - maybe you could do the longest day and make us northies jealous of your fine weather!) We had some gorgeous pics last month, and I hope more of you can find the time to join in again. Let's see what you've got!
  18. This is a very old thread and pre-dates the version below: Updated version is located here :Texture Brush Packs [Hatching Version 2] Making available a new set of texture brushes [hatching 02] that I have been working on for a new artwork Texture Brush Pack 04.zip
  19. Cool, I did some typography art in Affinity. I copied texts & arranged them to create a square that surrounds another text. I grouped all the texts, then I used the photo persona to 1st copied the text, then I went to the menu, then selected >File >New from Clipboard. Then I exported it to PNG.
  20. Cool, Merry Christmas, I created this in Affinity Publisher using the photo persona.
  21. Hi Many Christmas cards, maybe almost all of them these days, have the message Merry Christmas Yet what if the intended recipient is known to be recently widowed, or ill, or is looking after someone who is ill, or has just been made redundant and is worried and watching every penny, and so on, and wishing Merry might seem, and indeed be, very inappropriate. For example, a lady who has been widowed after around fifty of marriage and this will be her first ever Christmas alone. Yet the person might really appreciate receiving an appropriate card. So, if you wish to participate please design and, if you also choose to do so, post here a design for a Christmas card that is tasteful and does not use the word Merry, using one or more Affinity products and anything else you choose to use. Please state what you use in the same or later post. You need to choose a message. I know that theoretically a font does not change the meaning of the text set in that font, but I have long held the view that it can do. I am trying to think how one describes such a phenomenon, if indeed it exists. William
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