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  1. I am a little surprised (perhaps by comparison with every other graphic program I have ever used) that the Save as function only seems to allow saving the image as an Affinity file (*.afphoto). To save an image (even if loaded as a JPEG file) as a JPEG file, for example, one must use the Export dialog. This of course makes a certain amount of sense, given that this process, for any given destination filetype, involves a certain specialized array of settings. And, in contrast, there is no need for any settings when saving as an Affinity file. Its just "unexpected." I also wonder whether the filetype extension "afphoto" is a good idea. Of course is its nicely self-explanatory. But often users have the columns in various file display windows set so that filetype extensions longer than, perhaps, four characters are truncated. But perhaps this is just the playing out of the "long filename" paradigm. Best regards, Doug
  2. Hello together, first of all, thank you very much for your magnificent software, I'm working with the Beta for Windows now some days and it's very fun to do so. Nontheless I have a question regarding the Marquee pixel selection tools (e.g. elliptical marquee and rectangular marquee tool) and their modifier keys. I have consulted the help and found there are only two modifier keys, one which constrains the proportions (Shift) and on modifier key the removes ares from the current selection (Alt) and the possibility to drag with both left and right mouse button down) to add to a selection. I would ask if it is possible to add some more (from my personal experience) very useful modifier keys which would make it way easier to select circular shapes. A modifier key to draw the marquees from the center point rather than from the egde where the click at the begin occurred, for example holding the (Strg) key or another suitable one down Another modifier key I find very useful is, e.g. holding the (spacebar) key down to move the selection on the fly while it is still being drawn holding the mouse key down These are just some things I find really useful that make with selection these tools much easier to work with, I'm quite accustomed to such key modifiers as they are available in Photoshop CC. Thank you again and a wonderful week ahead. Kindest regards from Germany, Robert Christian Strasser
  3. Hello, is it possible to let user change the global colors of the GUI in Affinity Photo and Designer (I'm under Windows)? Black (and very dark) colors are not always the best choice, and I personally hate those colors even when it has been introduced in Photoshop. I really would like to have to possibility to have a Dark and a Light GUI themes (using OS native theme for example). My eyes are getting too tired when using black colors. Regards
  4. I use Photoshop for illustration and sometimes Spine for animating my illustrations. I like to move over to Affinity. Spine is supporting different software with a script for exporting transparent PNGs from each layer. The script exports Photoshop layers as individual, cropped PNGs. It writes a JSON file that can be imported into Spine where the images will be displayed in the same positions and draw order using the name of the layers. If there was a script for Affinity I could finally move over from PS. I really like Affinity a lot better... ​So - is it possible making scripts for Affinity? ​(As I understand there is no such thing as exporting single layers from Affinity?)
  5. Hi, Affinity designer as the ability to preview it's file in windows explorer. Is it possible to add image preview to supported RAW files? Or is there any other way to show a grid of pictures? I made a lot of RAW images. How can I view them easily? Kind regards, Andreas
  6. Hi, would it be possible to make the "tick" mark by the layer turn off all layers except clicked when alt-clicked? I usually have a base layer and a number of correction layers, If I want to disable all layers (ie. to do some work on it, or to add another pixel layer (ie. to work with healing brush)), I need to click all my layers (yes, grouping is a work-around, but sometimes I have sets of groups and and don't like to stack groups within groups etc.) while alt-click could work here too.
  7. I am missing the chance to key in numerical values when changing the size of a selection or object (it is just shown as a small box when dragging the size with the mouse). In addition there should be a button to fix aspect ratio and probably different selections as to use %, pixels for values.
  8. Using the app's icon as the icon for every document is very confusing. Since it is so easy to implement, please have proper CFBundleTypeIconFiles.
  9. Hi, I often work on a number of phots at once (i.e. from same photo shoot) and I'd like to periodiclaly call "save" on all open files (for safety if somthing goes wrong), but for now I can only go to each file and save it separately.
  10. Hello There I have some suggestions/requests from Serif, maybe with these you might have a chance to change the game: A version for Linux, don't underestimate that realm and the amount of popularity you will gain from the Linux community, even if it's relatively small (for now) Maybe a full usable free of charge for individuals (for the three popular operating systems Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu/LinuxMint) and a paid support (enterprise maybe)? You can follow WPS Office and FoxitPDF examples An Affinity Desktop Publisher that is an alternative to Adobe InDesign and Quark What do you guys think? Looking forward to hear your thoughts
  11. Add more context sensitive menus with right click: - combine layers - fill selection - perspective distortion of a selection - etc.
  12. It would be great to have certain tools e.g. export/save to memorize settings such as - file type - quality setting for jpg Very often I retouch a jpg and just want the changed file to overwrite the existing with the same quality settings as the original - add overwrite instead of need to use export function
  13. In several of my graphic applications, there is (or can be placed) on the toolbar a button that makes the entire document essentially fill the available screen area. In Affinity Photo beta, I do not find such a button, nor any way to add it. In fact, there does not seem to be any menu commend to do that. If I am missing where this is, I would be glad to learn of that. If not, I feel it would be very desirable to have a button (or keyboard shortcut, or both) that would makes the entire document essentially fill the available screen area. It might also be worthwhile to have a button (or at least a menu item) that displayed the document "pixel-for-pixel", as that is often a needed situation. By the way, I think that the ability to save and then recall "views" is very useful. It does not however conveniently fulfill the capability I discuss above. Best regards, Doug
  14. I will put two related topics here. 1. Both the area of function buttons along the top of the screen and the area of function buttons at the left side of the screen are called "the toolbar". It would avoid confusion if they had different names (perhaps one should be called "the toolbox"). 2. With regard to the left-side "toolbar": It is nice to be able to control whether its repertoire of buttons is presented in a single column or in two (or even more) columns. If I have quite a few buttons in my left-side toolbar, and decide that I should go for a two column arrangement (perhaps because I am running out of vertical space and plan to add more buttons), and make the selection for a two-column arrangement, the buttons are repositioned in a "row-first" way. That is, if "hand" was at the top, with "arrow" just beneath it, now "hand" will be at the top of the leftmost column and "arrow" at the top of the rightmost column. My own preference would be that in this case, the rearrangement would be "column first". In my example, "hand" would be at the top of the leftmost column and "arrow" just beneath it. My rationale for that is this. If I have several buttons of the same category (perhaps the different shapes of selection marquees), and they were vertically consecutive in the original "single column" arrangement, then when I go to a two-column arrangement I still expect them to be vertically consecutive. But others may prefer to think that still all the buttons should run essentially "top down" in their original sequence, just zigging and zagging between the two columns (the current arrangement in AP) My preference may perhaps come from the fact that in several of my graphic apps, I can make multiple toolbars, and I typically make them each vertical and single column, and adjacent, so when I have two columns that is actually two single-column toolbars. And of course all "related" buttons are in a certain toolbar, so they are in the same column. And perhaps most other AP users will not have such a preference. Doug
  15. there is no Turkish Language support for your products. Your rival Adobe photoshop and illustrator had that support.
  16. Hello Affinity, I am a graphic designer from Indonesia. Me and my friend are currently working our way to bring our studio alive and we find these!: Affinity Designer and Photo. For Affinity Designer, I would like to request for 'pen' tool enchantment. I would like to have the 'pen' tool have the 'line trace' to make pen positioning easier. The feature looks like 'bezier' tool in inkscape and 'pen' tool in coreldraw. I always use them in my work. At the moment I am exploring this Designer. I will keep continuing giving feedback for this. I find this program looks promising and may be a 'black horse' in market. i am an inkscape user for almost 4 years but as I said before, this program looks promising, and i love that 'personas'. Creative! PS: Forgive me for bad english.
  17. why doesn't have traditional chinese traditional chinese is a lot of users why have the simple chinese but doesn't have traditional chinese???? traditional chinese have been used from a long long time ago traditional chinese in traditional chinese is "正體中文"or"繁體中文" sorry I have a poor English
  18. Hello, I'd love to see the feature whereby once you have added a bleed, you can visibly see it as a guide bordering the document exactly it's done on Illustrator.
  19. Think this will also apply to Aff Photo. in Layers Tab it would be useful if by default the selected profile was displayed. this is because once you have closed the 'soft proof' popup (having selected a profile) there is no way of seeing what profile is active. So, if I come back and edit a doc which has the soft proof adj layer ... I have to 'remember' the profile set ... which may have been weeks ago. pic attached.
  20. I've gotta say I bought Paolo Limoncelli's DAUB brushes, and they were worth it. Love them to bits, love AP too, though it still feels sluggish with large images on a 16 GB Macbook pro, which isn't that awesome. But nevertheless, pretty cool ! Somehow though I feel as if AD's pixel persona is better at digital painting than AP's. Probably because AP has no eyedropper tool. Also, the alt-click colorpicker doesn't feel great at all... needs some polishing. Anyways, bickering aside, here's what I managed to create. :) It's not really great, but I did learn some stuff doing it, since I didn't skip the initial "construction" phase of drawing lines and marking proportions. I'm trying to learn digital paiting for some time now, and somehow I've got problems because I always end up comparing myself with people who've been at it for years. It's stupid, but It's the only way I know how to scale, and because I think it helps me get better faster. The downside is that I always feel bad about what I do.
  21. A small clip (video) about the development of a book cover design. Of course, all works were made with Affinity Photo / Designer. Best greetings to Nottingham :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLoYqZOZ3bw
  22. Hey guys, I recently started a new personal project, using Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo. It's called "10 x 10 diary". A 10cm X 10cm graphic project by a reading disorder graphic designer. I upload my design diary on my Instagram everyday. Here is some pics! :P https://www.instagram.com/jiefeiyang/
  23. I had a chance to see again this nice old sci-fi movie. This is a concept inspired by. Done in AP and AD
  24. Versión Man of Steel Designer (vector) and Photo (effects). I love this software.
  25. Hey guys. I'm loving Affinity Designer and Photo and switched over as my Adobe subscription ran out around Affinity's release day. I am participating in the betas and am really impressed with the team's work and engagement with users. I am currently working on a watch project in WatchUSeek's F71 (Affordables) forum and this is the result. An homage to the vintage and modern Seamasters and James Bond, we are partnering with Lew and Huey watch co to have this made into a real watch! This has been my first full project rendered completely in Affinity apps and am now not pining for AI, or PS in any way. lol :D
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