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Found 14 results

  1. Hey there, very similar to another much older thread, I have a problem with filter/adjustment windows opening on a different display, a pen display to be precise, instead of the expected main screen. Most of the time, especially when precision is needed, the pen display is turned off but remains connected to the computer. Resetting Studio, as suggested in the mentioned thread, only works if done via Master Reset (holding a specific key while launching the application), and even then only the first time a filter/adjustment is clicked. After the first time it behaves as above. It's incredibly frustrating because, you have to switch focus to another screen and turn it on (because it doesn't matter whether it's on or off!) while you're working on the main one every single time and leave it running just to move the properties window over to the main screen. Some information about hardware: OS: Windows 10 Home, Version 21H2 Pen Tablet Modell: HUION Kamvas 13 GT-133 Pen Tablet Driver: Driver_15.7.4.183 The expected main screen is connected via DVI, the pen display is connected via HDMI + USB for input. Something I noticed: The expected main screen is shown as »2«, the pen display as »1« in the system's monitor settings – but I can't reassign these numbers, and I'm not sure they actually reflect the primary and secondary monitors. I assume that the taskbar would actually act as an indicator of what the primary and secondary monitors are, and since it's on my regular monitor, I assume it was the primary monitor. If anyone could help me solve this problem it would be greatly appreciated as it is slowly but steadily draining my creative juices. 🪫 Cheers! Edit: This affects the whole suite, not just Photo!
  2. Recently Lightroom introduced the support for tue HDR monitors. This feature has been quite well explained in the video below Now the queston is: what about AP? Is this mode already supported in some way? If not, will it be supported in next releases?
  3. Unfortunately the following bug was not fixed in version 1.7 ( https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/38289-dual-monitor-with-different-scaling-tool-cursor-image-huge/ The same problem still exists with Affinity Photo 1.7 under Windows 10 1903 with Surface Book 2 (200%) and external monitor (100%). I'm really disappointed that this bug still hasn't been fixed after over 2 years. Please solve the problem, so Affinity Photo is not usable with dual monitors.
  4. Hi there, I have an issues when using using dual monitors: If I open a picture on my laptop, everything is fine - I see a "normal" coloured picture. But if I move the window to an attached 2nd monitor, the picture gets reddish. This effect is even more visible when using a black and white picture: It gets realy red.. See attached pictures. One can see the effect when moving the window very slowly from one monitor to the other - when Affinity "is split" (meaning I see one half on the laptop screen, one half on the external screen) the picture is first shown as normal and then suddenly when moving the window further on the part of the picture on the external monitor switches to this reddish look. If I open the picture in another tool and watching it on the external monitor, everything is fine. So it seems as if Affinity applies a special colouring to the photo maybe in regard to the monitor type I use? Setup: Dell Latitude E7240 Laptop, Samsung SyncMaster 2443 Monitor, Win 10, latest Affinity Version Any ideas? Regards, Oliver
  5. HI All, I have already seen the thread - But it does not seem to help me. I am using version of Affinity and Windows 10 (Surface Book First Version). And the second copy is how it looks in default Windows Photos Raw viewer. Please help me what is wrong with this as, I used a batch processing on my RAW photos and they seem to look completely different if I try to do it one photo at a time. Thanks
  6. Hi! I'm new to Affinity. I'm trying the mac version with a iPad version as well. It's a great workflow to use it on-the-go, and finished my work when I back home. But I tried to replicate a great feature I had in PS. A dual monitor view. In PS I could replicate the window I'm woking on, and edit one on my cintiq (zooming, rotating without effect on the other) and watch the result in fit mode, on second monitor. I'm missing something, or it's not possible (I hope yet) this feature? Thanks
  7. Hi! I'm new to Affinity. I'm trying the mac version with a iPad version as well. It's a great workflow to use it on-the-go, and finished my work when I back home. But I tried to replicate a great feature I had in PS. A dual monitor view. In PS I could replicate the window I'm woking on, and edit one on my cintiq (zooming, rotating without effect on the other) and watch the result in fit mode, on second monitor. I'm missing something, or it's not possible (I hope yet) this feature? Thanks
  8. I work in Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer with two monitors each. On the second are always my panels. When I start Affinity and I have not yet turned on the second monitor, the panels on the main monitor appear in the same order as they were on the second monitor. Now I haveto push the Panels manually again to the second monitor. Is there a way that Affinity basically puts the panels on the second monitor, even if it is not yet switched on?
  9. Hi all :-) I've got a question I hope is not to far off. My screen is calibrated to a white point of 5500. The result of that is that when my photos are shown on others screens they tend to be to cold or blue/greenish. Is there a way to fix this quickly in Affinity? Adjusting several photos at once? If I do have to adjust each photo adjusting the white balance (which is what I have to do?), does the scale compare to the difference between D-55 and D-65? I hope I have expressed myself somewhat clearly... Cheers Peter C-)
  10. 1. Had the app open on a secondary display. 2. Suspended the laptop 3. Started it without secondary display 4. There's no way to recover the Tools palette (I can dock it though)
  11. I opened the example project called "The Hunt". I have a two monitor system so I dragged the application from my laptop monitor to the larger second monitor. The Studio area at the right of the screen disappeared along with the minimize, maximize and close buttons in the upper right of the window. I opened the VIEW pull-down menu and selected STUDIO and ASSETS from the fly-out menu. At the top of the ASSETS menu area I opened the menu pull-down and picked "Show As List". I then opened the ASSETS menu pull-down and unselected "Show As List". The ASSETS do not view correctly as before leaving large gaps between categories in the ASSETS list below. The only way to restore it was to restart the program. I also noticed a memory display issue in the ASSETS area while playing with the showing and no showing of ASSETS with a black area remaining where the ASSETS had been. I couldn't get this to repeat later, but I thought it worth mentioning. I did not clear up until I restarted the program. As an additional note, the FILE pull-down menu "Open Recent" shows empty if I hadn't saved the project to a new name or actually worked on something. I thought perhaps it should show things I had recently opened as well as things I had created or worked on. A further note, I would like to see "UNDO" and "REDO" icons added to the upper menu area immediately visible because a work in progress needs this to judge current changes as you work and it is not convenient to open the Edit Pull-Down each time to sort through your changes.
  12. Hi, I run into performance issues with AP ... but i hear so many are very happy with AP concerning performance. I read more in the forum, and the only time I saw comparable performance comments as i experience, was when people used large displays. As my hardware is powerful enough and other programs do not suffer from bad performance. So i thought i ask for feedback from you, my question would be: What monitor and resolution do you have, and how is your performance? My two answers would be: Dell 32 inch 4k; bad performance Macbook Retina; ok performance I would be thankful for your input. All the best Sascha
  13. Hi- It would be really helpful if the waveform could respond in real time when certain tools are employed (exposure, temperature, tint, blackpoint, brightness, contrast, saturation—anything to do with overall color, contrast and exposure). In the video world I'm used to seeing real time feedback, and this is very helpful when quickly adjusting contrast, or manually white balancing the image using the parade waveform. I love that someone has put these tools in a stills app. I bought Affinity for that reason alone. Thanks.
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