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Found 6 results

  1. Force Pixel Alignment does not work when using the modifier key(Option/Alt) to ignore snapping. (such as with Move/Node tool) I want Force Pixel Alignment to work like when the Snapping(U magnet icon) is disabled.
  2. 1. On the desktop version of the app in order to draw a straight line with the brush tool you can click to start the point, then shift click and it will connect those two points. Thus drawing a straight line between those two points. I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out how to do this on the iPad???? This is a MAJOR part of my editing workflow. I just want to draw a straight line but there are no modifier keys on iPad... (BTW I hate the pen tool. PLEASE don't tell me I have to use it to draw a straight line with it and then apply a stroke.) 2. Is there a side by side list of where the tools on the desktop version have been moved to in the iPad version? i.e. The quick mask is now located under the "blah blah" on the iPad app... ?? If there is a pdf manual that would be AMAZING because I am SO lost. I can't get any work done because I can't figure out where a lot of my desktop tools have been moved. Not having hot keys/modifier keys is killing me. 3. Suggestion for the app - Put a little square somewhere in the bottom corner that acts like a modifier key (shift, control etc..) on the iPad version. Procreate has a little square you can put your finger over and it acts as a modifier key so you can sample colors with your apple pencil. It's worked seamlessly with my workflow and I love it.
  3. I just completed changing the circumference of some 300 ellipses (indicating city names in a map project) by cut/paste method, tedious task even with a new measurement for Transform in memory and using the "w" and "h" constraint. As I said elsewhere, creating a Transform Each option in AD is much anticipated. However, a few extra helps with the modifier and cursor keys also would be very useful. Here are a few suggestions, easier said than done, I realize. 1. Without Transform Each I am never sure (while clicking each object + cut/paste) if I missed some ellipses in the process. Could a modifier key be used together with the cursor (up or down) allowing the user to use the cursor to go up and down through my 300 ellipses? This way I could simply use the cursor key and keep my eye on the Transform box. 2. Would there be a way to hold down another modifier key (or combo thereof) to bring up the same new measurement as one previously used. Again, one could click through objects and not have to type or paste in the same number over and over again. There could be a warning message saying that this is going to happen, unless on chose to turn it off. 3. AD's has wonderful choice of using the mouse wheel to zoom or to pan. However, in some cases I use it to zoom for a few minutes and then would like to use it to pan, but must go back to preferences. If a modifier key were used to shuffle between panning and zooming (the default being the choice in preferences), then one could toggle on the fly. BTW, I keep my left hand on the keyboard and thus work very quickly (s = Move Tool, d = Node Tool, c = Pen Tool, etc.). This way my right hand is on the mouse but many of my choices are right there with my left hand. The modifier tools are quite handy in the same location, and this is part of my reason to request the above. Keep us the great work at AD for all of us. It's much appreciated!
  4. Corner tool currently doesn't snap to absolute values (as in 10px instead of 10.3px etc). Holding a modifier key while using the tool to force it to do so would be wonderful. As of now, after using the corner tool I often have to manually type in a desired value for my rounded corners to get rid of decimals. Unless I missed something, in which case I apologize for a duplicate post (though I couldn't find anything similar in the forum). P.S. I have a whole list of improvement ideas for both Designer and Photo that I've collected since testing the Windows beta versions. But since you prefer to keep one idea per thread, is it still okay for me to start ~15 threads at once or would it be considered spam? ;) Thanks.
  5. For many of the functions, e.g., renaming a channel, deleting a saved gradient map, you have to right click. Any chance you might add a modifier key + click to access these options? The standard is ctrl+click for a right click. Perhaps you've reserved this for some other more specific function. But maybe a shift-ctrl+click. I never used right click, preferring instead to press a modifier key. So I had to remap my trackpad to register a two-finger click as the right click, but it remains totally counter intuitive to me. So I always forget. And then it feels strange. Clearly not a big deal, but a ctrl+click would make me happy.
  6. Hey there, this is more of a very very tiny feature request. If you change the brush softness (and size) via the ⌃+⌘-keys and mouse drag I noticed if the cursor is near the bottom of the screen you're literally bound by the hardwares edge – the adjustment stops there and you have to repeat the step if you want the brush to be softer. Maybe virtually expand the range of the cursor so one can click and drag further, or something? I don’t know. :) I’m not sure how else to describe it, but I hope you get what I’m talking about. Cheers Dennis
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