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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Affinity Team, would it be possible to integrate the following functions? These are very helpful for me and important in the design. 1. footnotes and endnotes 2. Seperation preview (to control the colourfulness) 3. Generator for QR (in PagePlus possible) and bar codes 4. Convert selected texts to table and back 5. Open and export Indesign files 6. Placing graphics and images with special colors (also called true colors) These are currently being converted easily, which does not happen. Have a lot of images and graphics from other programs, which I want to use, but that does not work yet, especially companies logos) 7. Opening PDF files with spot colors is also important. That does not work either. The colors are also changed, which must happen under no circumstances) 8. Gathering data for sharing would also be very helpful, as I would like to share more of the original data, at the request of the clients I recommended your software to. This was possible in PagePlus and also possible in other laypout programs. 9. A tool for creating charts would not be bad. That was available in PagePlus. 10. Placing Excel files would also be helpful as it often gets files from customers and needs to get them into the products. 11. The personalization feature as described in PagePlus (Mail Merge and Photo Assembly) 12. The creation of workspaces (in PagePlus and programs of competitors possible) 13. The function Replace color would be good. If you have to replace the color in the whole product, because the customer has a different color concept. 14. When deleting used colors, a warning should come and the choices will be "do not delete" or "replace with". 15. Convert existing colors to spot color and convert spot colors into working space would be fine without having to create a new color. 16. When exporting, there is the problem that contours and lines that have a gradient as a fill are converted into graphic objects. This must be fixed, they should remain contour or line. In the programs of the competition it works. 17. Possibility to put objects on "Overprint", "Aussparen" or "nicht print" would be very helpful. This is important because there are situations where certain objects must necessarily be printed on each other by overlays. Do not print the command is important when using objects as positioning aids, but not outputting them. In other layout programs there is this possibility. 18. Opening and exporting Indesign and Quark files
  2. Dear AD Team, I'm a professional merchandise designer (successfully selling t-shirts on Amazon) who recently switched from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer. There must be thousands of merch designers like myself, and I find it astounding that so far no software publisher is offering a product that is catering to this large and fast growing market. Merch designers have specific needs that currently are not really met by any software product other than AI (which is expensive, clumsy, unstable bloatware). As it stands, while I love AD, I still need to resort to Inkscape for several tasks. I feel that there is a huge opportunity for Affinity Designer to fill this gap and to dominate the merch designer market. If you did ad the following features to the existing PC version of AD, you would have a close to perfect product for this market: - Mesh warp/distort tool (maybe with a few presets e.g. to generate text arcs, etc.) - Convert Pixel selection to Vector shape (tracing) - A feature similar to Inkscape's Sculpt mode (holding down ALT key while dragging several nodes affects nodes closer to cursor more) - Mark favourite fonts - A library of shapes often used by merch designers such as ornamental text dividers, etc. Thank you, Tom
  3. I had to keep my Draw Plus loaded because of nice features that it has which Affinity does not. Strange that Affinity is basically a Serif Draw Plus upgrade but is missing important items. I load a lot of pictures in Draw and trace so I can save as a dxf or dwg to use in my cnc software for my router table. Since I bought Affinity and its workbook(which is pretty nice), I rarely use it as all the processes I do are in draw + tracing and saving as cad files. Hope this gets added. I have every serif product there is and always keep them updated. I just had to use Draw+ for the most basic stuff. I can open a .bmp file in Affinity but you cant save/export a BMP????? Thats just messed up. I did a search in the help and nothing there.
  4. i recently installed updated an initial affinity-designers install of 1.5.0 to 1.5.1 but as i try to follow the tutorials i noticed somany things are different. When i close the dialog box that pops up when a new adjustment layer is added, i can't figure out where to click to restore it. I canit find the In painting brush tool and several other stuffs. Please what are my not doing right
  5. Hi, implementing the same kind of mesh-fill mode as known from Draw Plus would be a real plus for Affinity. BR -AC-
  6. Before critsism ... i did now few smaller projects with AffinityDesigner - and i am still happy - thanks! I work more on „scientific/technical“ things, rather than painting projects. So, may be, i have a little different point of view. Most of the things i missed in the beginning i almost found. What is left? -shift duplicates please if i produce some dublicates, i don't see, that ther is on ore 2 ...ore12 - if the dublicates would be placed close beneath teh origin, it is easier to handle ... - no 4-key shortcuts, (I almost realized, it is easy to change.) just a suggestion from a usability freak - if possible: a great deal would be to import Corel Draw files. I dont know, where the users com from, but i know a lot of people, who work with CorelDraw. I have thousands of plans, diagrams, mindmaps and so on . If could open them .... from specially interest, because old CD versions (14 and younger) do not work with Win10! So there is a graet chance in winning these users, who are unlikely to pay the Corel fees ... I hope thei helps for proceeding in this great project! Sincerly, Kai Paul
  7. Hi all, I've just been sent this little link: about a group of today's Photoshoppers, who were asked to use PS Version 1.0 and see how the slimline software started off. http://petapixel.com/2015/03/12/watch-as-photoshop-experts-try-their-hand-at-the-original-photoshop-1-0/ This should be a trip down memory lane for some and a history lessons for others. (Win XP/Mac OS 9.22 and Photoshop 6.0 for my first taste.) But more importantly, this a lesson for the APh detractors. There are plenty of things missing right now/on the roadmap. So go easy on the app's limitations: it's STILL useable and that's what matters B). So for a Beta, it's still better (Than PS V1.0) :ph34r:
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