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Found 5 results

  1. Affinity Designer Latest release version 2.1.0. ALSO occurred in 2.0.0 Always occurs (New doc:) Sorry, I only have the original PDF (attached), and not Windows InDesign 17. See attached original and exported documents. Created by: Windows InDesign 17 + PDF Library 16.0.3 Hello! And thank you for the neat apps! (FIRST ISSUE) Affinity appears to "lose" color information at import for certain drawing elements of the attached PDF. Also (SECOND ISSUE, same doc, minor concern) Affinity misaligns an element of a Group at import, when the group contains a Mask and a Rectangle, resulting in previously unseen hair-lines along the top and left of the group. Please find attached an (1) ORIGINAL PDF, an (2) AFFINITY EXPORT which shows an issue, and a (3) SCREENSHOT for additional information. Details: The Original PDF correctly includes several differently-colored, masked, layered drawings on a single page. [Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green] The Affinity-2.1.0 export (issue also at import) incorrectly loses colors of the elements of these drawings. [White, White, White, White, White] Based upon the Layers of the imported document: certain Curve, Curves, and Ellipse elements are missing colors at import. Affinity 2.0.0 also shows this issue. For the SECOND issue, I am able to workaround the unexpected hair-line drawn by the Group of Mask + Rectangle at import by moving the Mask by -1, -1 points The Screenshot confusingly shows correct colored Original drawings in the "File > Open > Recent" preview thumbnail. I speculate Affinity's "previewer" PDF library differs from its "importer" PDF library (my terms). Please let me know if I am misusing the app. Best regards, Nick Benefits Lights - affinity-2.1.0 - stripped.pdf Benefits Lights - original - stripped.pdf
  2. In most places in Publisher the amount of opacity is shown as a percentage except for one. When changing the opacity of a fill in a text frame there's a slider but no place (as far as I can see) to view the actual percentage of the opacity. I find this very frustrating and makes for inconsistent values when adjusting the opacity of fills in text frames. If this is a missing feature, please add it in the next upgrade!!!
  3. Had a brief look at affinity photo and whilst concluding this was good value for money software I was a bit disappointed by the absence of some basic Photoshop features,these are basic interface features which don't require fancy algorithms so I'm not sure why software which is trying to emulate Photoshop in so many other ways would leave them out, just my 2 cents worth. crop doesn't remove pixels outside document bounds layer visibility on wrong side of palette, most other progs use the Photoshop left side,this became surprisingly annoying , the eye icon would be nice too missing features: no copy/cut to new layer no default colour shortcut d no ctrl alt z to move back through history no hide selection - ctrl h no right click to bring up brush properties window
  4. I am really impressed with Photo on iPad Pro, BUT, my workflow is strongly based on placing and replacing images. I can't find the context bar button – a to-come feature? Or am I missing it? Can't find any other users with this problem, so I suspect it's some place that I haven't located it.... Otherwise, it's going to get me buying an iPad Pro....
  5. Hi guys! First I must say that I am surprised how good Affinity Photo runs on an iPad Air 2. Good work! Second I must say that I am surprised that one cannot import images from the photos app when creating a new panorama or stack or Focus merge or HDR merge. My only choices are iCloud Drive, Documents by Readdle and Dropbox. Is that an oversight on your part or was that made on purpose or did I miss something? Thanks!
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