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Found 50 results

  1. Hello Affinity Support, Do you have an update on the jpeg embed metadata problem or a upcoming fix, as I really need metadata in my jpegs as a use D.A.M and losing metadata is really a BIG problem and lots of afp/afd users have commented on this bug. Are there other export formats I can use that will not suffer the problem. Regards Chris
  2. I know this has been repeatedly discussed in these forums but I have yet to find where there is an indication that the ability to edit and read metadata within the Affinity applications is coming in the near future -- I apologize if I've overlooked anything that addresses this but I'm a bit pressed for time on the matter. I work for an organization that tightly locks down what applications are allowed on our systems. We have approval for 16 Photo and 8 Designer licenses on our R&D network but I'm trying to get them approved for use with our much larger NMCI network so they are more widely available (i.e. I want to be able to use them at work instead of Illustrator and Photoshop). When discussing this with the person who administers software over in our graphic design group, I got this as part of their response: " It's been tough getting anyone to really try it though. ... Serif would have to add the metadata input and read capabilities before we could use it though. We're relying heavily on metadata searches to find files on the xsan." From what I've seen and heard over the years this capability is pretty much an expectation that is taken for granted among many graphics professionals so the response really didn't surprise me. I've forwarded them links to some of the related metadata topics in this forum that suggest workarounds but I hope that this capability is coming soon.
  3. I'm new to Affinity Photo and cannot find this answer in Help. I have used Photoshop for years. How can I add metadata information like copyrights. location, title, subject, etc.in Affinity Photo? You can do this in Photoshop selecting by File/File Info. You can even set up a macro to add set info to a photo with a single click.
  4. In v., when I import new photos from iOS Photos, they would always get resized and also lose all the metadata. Normal iPhone photos are 4032x3024. They’d always get resized to 3072x2304 and I don’t see how I’d be able to control this behavior. Furthermore, all the metadata is lost. Please see the screenshots. This doesn’t happen when I used the app about a few weeks ago, which I couldn’t pinpoint the version number. (It was around the time that Affinity Photo was on sale). I’m running iOS 11.2.1 on my iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen.
  5. Experimenting with the use of Affinity Photo 1.6.6 for developing raw files, I discovered the camera/lens metadata seems to be missing from the saved .afphoto files. Is this the intended behavior? When I export a JPG, the exif data is present. I'm reading this in my DAM, Photo Supreme, which seems to be one of the few mac applications capable of creating a thumbnail image from the native .afphoto file. Thanks in advance for your answer Bob
  6. Using the trial version of Affinity Photo I recognized that AP 1.6 is modifying the embedded metadata on export of a jpeg image. Mainly the MakerNotes have been deleted. This worries me because perhaps I can not show anymore sweep panoramas on my Sony TV. I assume that the slide show function of the TV evaluates certain MakerNotes of an image. However I could not verify that because my trial period was too short and has expired meanwhile :-( Who of you AP experts have experience with sweep panoramas and can (or cannot) confirm that AP does not affect this function at all? TIA
  7. I noticed that embedded metadata of an exported jpg image are modified by the Affinity Photo trial version (Windows). Obviously MakerNotes are stripped. That worries me in particular with my sweep panorama pictures of my Sony digicam. I assume that Sony MakerNotes must be evaluated to display a sweep panorama correctly. Unfortunately my trial version expired and I could not check this :-(. My question: is this sweep panorama function affected by AP ? Any experience with AP 1.6. exports of Sony sweep panoramas? TIA
  8. Hi, I notice that ASPHOTO files cannot have IPTC info attached to them. This is an incredibly big problem for me and seems like a weird omission. Will that be corrected soon? Thanks! Phil
  9. Hello, I have very annoying issue for me to be honest it is biggest problem with affinity. When I do stack or HDR and I will export files to EXR (I use SNS-HDR for compression) Affinity always delete all metadata. Can I preserve metadata from first files? it is commonly used system in all apps that I used till today.
  10. Is it possible to export for the web (without metadata) from Affinity Photo for Mac ? Thanks.
  11. I wonder when we'll see the feature in AP I really wish to open photoshop less frequently
  12. I'm curious. How does Affinity Photo handle Adobe Lightroom edits?
  13. Hi, I am running version 1.6.6 on High Sierra. I am modifying a tiff file containing IPTC data (keywords, location, GPS coordinates); all these information are shaved off when exporting to JPEG even when the "Embed metadata" box is checked. Is there something I am missing to get the expected behavior? The JPEG exported from PS from the same tiff file contains all the metadata.
  14. Installed the app recently and I'm impressed what's possible on the iPad Pro. I have selected to preserve the metadata but when I export a photo all is visible except for ISO value. Any idea as to how I can fix this?
  15. I'm finding the transition from PS/LR to Photo fairly painless and am quite happy overall with the tools & features within the program. There are 2 tools that currently are holding me back from cutting the cord to Adobe: Macros. While you've done a remarkable job packing features into the Macros panel and they are operating surprisingly fast, there are a few improvements I'm hoping are in the not too distant future: A) the ability to record clipping a layer to another layer; B) the ability to move steps around in a macro; C) the ability to delete a step in a macro. Keep up the good work on this important tool! Metadata. The ability to edit metadata is VERY important. While I can do so in another program, the ability to put in things like Title, Description, & keywords from within Photo would simplify my workflow tremendously. I'm hoping to see something of these requests before another year goes by doling out dough to Adobe.
  16. Incorporation copyright information, image title and information, would be extremely useful. Capture One Pro 9 is very good on that
  17. First off thank-you for such a wonderful product :D Any chance to open embedded ruler guide images like the one attached. I think Photoshop can embed them in .jpg, .tiff, .png etc.. almost any flat image format. Thanks
  18. Most modern software such image viewer apps now use the 'Date Taken' field from the metadata as the primary field, particularly when automatically organising user photos. Although they will fall back to the Date File Created, Date File Modified and Date File Accessed fields, those fields have always been an unreliable mess. In Affinity Photo, if an image came from a camera for example, the 'Date Taken' field in the metadata is already populated from the original file. However, if you create a new file in Affinity Photo and save it, Affinity Photo doesn't populate the 'Date Taken' field. Therefore, this request is for Affinity products to populate the 'Date Taken' (and 'Program Name') fields in the metadata when new files are saved for the first time. Image attached.
  19. My apologies if this has already been discussed. Is there a way to retain metadata when round tripping from Lightroom? If not, that would be helpful. Lightroom does have the capability to copy metadata from one image to another so it is possible to recover the metadata. Other than that, the LR round trip works very well. My compliments to the affinity crew - affinity photo is very impressive.
  20. Hi, is there any chance to add support for meta tags (like <title/>) in SVG file in Export options? It would be nice if <title/> equals file name. I think it would be helpful for front-end developers in some scenarios ;-) What do you think?
  21. I simply want to add and change metadata in pdf-export in designer. At the moment the pathToFile is the pdf-title, some designer-data which is ok, the most other metadata-fields are empty. I would like to change the fields, that I don't have to use Adobe Acrobat after each export only to tweak metadata in exactly the same way. This could be done in export.
  22. First of all, love Affinity Photo, great start! One thing I think is missing is the ability to wipe all metadata on export, usually all I need is the ICC profile, the other data is pointless. I know there's an EXIF overview, but you can't edit in that unless I'm mistaken?
  23. Hi, New to Photo. Just downloaded it, actually. Could you tell me how or if editing with Affinity's Photo editor does anything to the metadata with a RAW photo file? My plan is to try your software out with a copy of a Lightroom image, once I check out your tutorials some more. zBefore using my images I need to know if and how the editor tracks image modifications to RAW images and other types of images so I can figure out how to best manage my files. I did not find any information about media management on your tutorials. I assume that is because there is nothing being done in that regard. Thanks. Henry
  24. Hi, I don't see a place to add metadata to an image. This would be an important feature especially to me as a professional photographer, thanks. Also, export to lightroom would also be a good feature to add.
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