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Found 6 results

  1. Is there a way to measure lines and curves on a document. I work in garment design and need to measure curves e.g. armhole length how can I do this. Thanks
  2. Sorry for the poor graphic, the measurement lines do not stay active long enough to get a screen capture. I had to take a photo with my phone. I am creating a music book, and I am trying to center my selections on the page. Except as you can see the distance measurements appear to be off the the page margin of the proceeding page (or following page) in a spread and not the center of the spread or page. The other side is based off of the page end. Does anybody know how to change this behavior? Is this a bug? A search of the forum did not produce any results for me. Robby IMG_0123.heic
  3. Few day ago I made project in AD when some part are from start rotated on some not typical degree. I have to rotate new object which I want simply rotate on the same angle, but I don't know value of degree. I have some troubles with that. I use navigator and manualy match degree. It was resolve my case, but is any easier way to do that? Fx. I want place text in "7" with the same degree as one of edge (red line) as I do on attached file. * Typically snapping resolve my issues, bu when something is on not typical degree it's starting more complicated. So then I have another question here. For speedy measuring dimensions I draw rectangles and use navigator. If I want changing size to exactly some fraction on navigator I divide rectangle dimension to get 1/3, 1/4 of my new target size and make new object with snapping to rectangle. Is maybe any simpler way here doing this too?
  4. I'd like to suggest you to create a simple method to connect the C point perpendicular to the AB segment. If you need some inspiration Coreldraw has a pretty decent way to do that - direct and intuitive. BTW, measuring tools would be great too.
  5. Hello everyone, This post is primarily aimed at Serif employees/Affinity Designer developers. I have found a great deal of use recently in Photoshop's Measure tools, in which a pixel distance, drawn between 2 points with a straight line, can have a custom measurement conversion attached to it. For example, you have a picture of someone standing in a doorway, and you want to know the height of the person, the door width, window height from the floor etc, and all you know is the height of the door in it's entirety as exterior and interior doors have a series of standard sizes. The measuring tool would allow you to draw a line from the bottom of said door to the top, and specify that that distance in pixels, equates to 1.8 meters (meters simply being a string used for display, doesn't matter what you want to convert to). This information (284 pixels = 1.8 meters (or arbitrary unit) for example) is then used to measure other areas you specify with the ruler tool, so you can measure the width of the door, which turns out to be 126 pixels or 0.8 meters. This kind of tool would allow any orthographic or perspective shot to be measured out in it's entirety, and maybe even recorded if you had a window to log these measurements, which is an incredibly useful and valuable tool. I would take a look at doing it myself but as far as I can see, you don't (yet?) support plugins or third-party tools. Is something like this feasible or likely to be released sometime down the road? For now I am still having to rely on Photoshop, which giving Adobe's recent move to subscription-only models, is really a drag, and I hate using it, but with this tool missing from pretty much every alternative to PS and AI, I am stuck paying for it for now
  6. In photoshop we have the 'info' pane, which tells you the X Y coordinates of your cursor position. We don't have this in affinity, and we also have a less accurate (more sparsely labeled) ruler to make matters worse. Additionally, there is no ruler tool to measure things. This makes it extremely difficult to make precise changes especially for corporate and web design work. It's starting to seem like Affinity is better suited for freeform graphics rather than precision. Please add these features.
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