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Found 2 results

  1. ● Full version: https://fircyk.gumroad.com/l/gridder Free version: (just put 0 in the price box) https://fircyk.gumroad.com/l/gridderfree ● Speed up your process and elevate your visual communication skills with ease using grids created specifically for graphic designers. Benefits in using grids: Consistency: A grid system ensures that design elements are consistently spaced and aligned, creating a cohesive and organized design. Hierarchy: A grid system can help create a clear hierarchy of information, making it easier for viewers to navigate and understand the content. Efficiency: A grid system can speed up the design process, as it provides a framework for organizing and placing design elements. What is included: + 30 Grid Examples Most frequently used grid systems in web design, printmaking or creation of individual designs such as illustrations or logos. Grid Types: Dot Dot x2 Dot x0.5 Square Square x2 Square x0.5 Perspective Side Perspective Center Perspective Fold Canonical Golden Simplified Canonical Golden Standard Canonical Golden Detailed Modular 4x4 Modular 6x6 Modular 8x6 Modular 10x10 0-Gap Modular 6x6 -Gap Modular 12x6 0-Gap Modular 8x4 with Bar Modular 4x8 with Bar Modular 12x6 with Bar 12 Columns 16 Columns 21 Columns 2 Point Diamond Stream Mirror Focal Influx Golden Ratio Double Golden Rule of Thirds File Formats: Affinity Designer Open File SVG Exported Single Files Proportions: Artboard Area: 1920x1080 Workspace: 1440x810 (16:9 ratio) Easly scalable to any size. + DIGITAL 1920x1080 Adjusted while maintaining proportions. Modular 8x6 with 30px Gap 12 Column with 30px Gap + PRINT A4 FORMAT Adjusted while maintaining proportions. Landscape – 8x4 Grid Portrait – 8x4 Grid Free version: https://fircyk.gumroad.com/l/gridderfree Full version: https://fircyk.gumroad.com/l/gridder – Happy Designing! – More free resources: https://fircyk.gumroad.com/l/dimensions https://fircyk.gumroad.com/l/fontslistfree https://fircyk.gumroad.com/l/logodesigntoolkitfree https://fircyk.gumroad.com/l/typescalefree
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new here and new to any Affinity software. I've got AD, thanks to the recent sales (windows) and I decided a couple of minutes ago to give it a try. I start by importing the brushes in "the-box-set.zip" then I moved to "daub-essentials". Here, instead of importing the brushes one by one like I did before, I imported the all at once. The problem is that it added only one category called "DAUB-inkers". I do not know if in that category it added all the brushes or not because there was also one brush set in the "daub-essentials" folder called "daub-inkers" so I tried next to add "daub_pastello" only. This time AD said that "daub-pastello 2" was successfully added. I removed the category called "daub-inkers" and imported "daub-pastello" again but this time the message was that "daub-pastello 3" was successfully imported. I would like to know if there is a way to "clean" or "sort" the imported brushes so this time it will add "daub-pastello" and not "daub-pastello 4" or 5 and same goes for the rest of the daub brushes. Thanks for your time.
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