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Found 21 results

  1. Summary There's an issue where new layers are created within the masterpage layer, though you are not able to edit this layer when the masterpage content is not detatched. Steps to reproduce Create a masterpage with nested layers and a couple of objects. Apply this masterpage to a random page. Detatch the masterpage content. Move one of the objects before commiting them by clicking "finish". Select an item of the masterpage layer, such as the picture frame. When I create a new layer using the shortcut and/ or button with the masterpage item still selected, the new layer is created within the masterpage layer. 2022-09-17 10-09-48.mp4 Observation Notice how the new layers are created within the masterpage layer. However, you cannot edit or use the layers, because you would need to detach the masterpage content. Expected result The layer should be created outside (above) the masterpage layer, because you cannot use it otherwise. And if you want to use the layer, it takes additional steps to detach them so they can be used. Info This is on Windows 19044, Publisher version
  2. Currently, it is difficult to track which Masterpage are assigned to the current page or to another Masterpage. I propose to have short 2 - 4 character code names associated to a Masterpage. This short name should be independent from the larger page name. So I can have a Masterpage "Chapter Page" and a coded name "Cp" or "Cp-01". In turn, this short name could be displayed on the thumbnail of pages to which it is assigned. That would make it much easier to manage larger projects.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm new to Afiinity Publisher and I'm trying to edit a pdf. I've uploaded a PDF that has an old logo that is existent in over 200+ pages. Instead of deleting each old logo in each layer piece by piece I thought I would add a white square over the old logo and then apply the new logo over it. However, each time I apply this to all the other pages with the Master Page, the new layer does not cover up the old image underneath. How can it so that I can apply a layer and make sure it's at the TOP of all the other layers. Thank you!
  4. Hi! I have a pages with 2 columns. These columns are created in Master pages. Now I need to pick the single page (A4) from my document and drop they in another (32x45 cm) document that have registrations marks. In this 32x45 page I need to drop my A4 single page to make a correct imposition to double-sided printing. Now, If I pick my A4 page, I grab only pictures... no text, because it's flow in a masterpages columns. How to move my A4 page to 32x45 page to create an imposition print-ready documents? Thanks
  5. I'm still working on making different layouts for (nearly) the same content. I have two master pages with objects (text and pictures) named the same in both master pages. But the 1st master page has one text object without a corresponding text object in the 2nd master page. I expected that this object will be ignored when assigning the 2nd master page. Instead one of the other text objects is chosen by AFPUB to contain the text from this object. The attached file presents a sample. It has two pages: 1st page with the 1st master page, 2nd page how it should look with the 2nd master page applied. Steps to reproduce what I previously described: Go to 1st page, duplicate and then apply the master page "Katalogseite" to the copy. The text from the 1st page's object "Infotext" will be placed into the logo. I am using Affinity Publisher on Windows. Begleittext.afpub
  6. Hello to all, When you select a row of pages, for example from page 7 to page 32, and on this selection you want to apply for a master page only to the even pages or the odd pages, you cannot. This master page is applied to all the even or odd pages of the document. I worked on a book of 210 pages in 15 chapters where the page headings took each time the title of the current chapter. Instead of 15 manipulations (1 per chapter), I had to perform 220 manipulations (1 per page). Hence the suggestion. Have a nice day, and protect yourself well.
  7. Dears, I found the following IMHO bug in Affinity Publisher, when I am placing normal/regular layer between layers from master page but located in regular page. This layer is later not editable and not deletable at all. Entering into this bug, one have to delete complete page and make it from scratch. I am attaching you komplete minimal project representing this problem, as well as screenshots - AFF-PUB- Please have a look at layer called Image2 and try to move it, change it or delete it. Detailed steps to reproduce the problem: 1. Create master page with two layers: a) lower layer with image 1, b) text box in upper layer 2. Use this master page on any page - screenshot Step-1 3. Optionally fil the text in text bon on the regular page 4. Drag next image to the page, so the image covers the text - screenshot Step-2 5. Move the second image 2 layer to be located between the image 1 and text box layer to move the image 2 behind the text - screenshot: Step-3 I such a case I am expecting I can do everything with the layer image 2. But I cannot do anything even delete this layer. Please have a look on this matter. Thanks in advance and regards, Seweryn. P.S. Generally your product is fantastic. AFF-PUB-
  8. I tried to use the same content for different layouts. This is pretty well documented in one of the Video Tutorials, but now I still have one problem: When switching my page to the 2nd Master page, one picture gets lost (means, the corresponding frame is empty). Maybe someone here could have a look at the document and can tell me, what I am doing wrong. Your help would be much appreciated. What I am doing is: - Duplicate the one page in the document - assign the Master page "Katalogseite"(by drag and drop of the Masterpage to the newly created page - confirm the change of the page size - confirm the move of an object without corresponding text outside the master page (that's perfectly ok, it is a text frame which will get deleted afterwards) - and now the content of a picture frame (Bild 1) is missing and I have no idea why and how I can correct it. I'm pretty sure it is only a stupid error on my side, but I've not been able to find it. I'm using the Release version 1.8.5, but the problem also occurs with the latest beta version. Thanks in advance for any helpful hint Begleittext_Template.afpub
  9. Hello, I am new to Publisher and I didn't find any answer to this question: how can I define a footer that is shared by many master pages? The goal here is to be able to edit the content of my footer (for instance put specific name or change a version number) without needing to do that on all my master pages. It would be like having a footer master page that apply to all or part of other master pages. Hope this graphic helps to understand my goal. Thank you for your help! Antoine
  10. As shown in the video, I am very confused as to why the text isn't wrapping properly when I 'edit detached' the height of an object that is created on the master page. Screen_Recording_2020-08-15_at_4_34.07_PM.mov
  11. After working for some time it turns out that I cannot apply any kind of adjustment to a picture that's contained in a picture frame. The following video should say it all. Screen Recording 2020-08-14 at 16.58.42.mov
  12. Dear all. I need to place approx 1750 images (photographs), 1 per page and control them all via a master page. Is this possible without having to individually place and resize every single one? I will be needing to do this fairly frequently so am hoping Publisher can do this, rather than using InDesign. Then I can edit text, contents, cover pages etc as required, but it means I can output a book as a PDF or for print pretty efficiently. Thanks in advance for you advice. Ian
  13. I am assembling a cookbook in Publisher and want to sort recipes alphabetically. I am using a master page template that has two pages of the exact same setup except the page number is in the left or right. In the video, I am trying to move one recipe (Page 6- Flour Tortillas) between two other recipes (to end up after Page 4- Focaccia). When I drag the one page to the new location, it entirely deletes the tortilla recipe and puts in a blank of the master page at page 5, and the pizza dough recipe only has the ingredients move to the new page and the rest is nowhere to be found in the document. Would there be some sort of issue with the master pages? Any help is appreciated! CookBook.mov
  14. I would like to be able to make subtle changes to a text box size and placement on an active page that uses a Master page to locate the text box initially. I just need to nudge the box a bit in one case and make a slight size change in another case. I can't find a way to control the text box while on the active document page. I can do this in InDesign and would love to know how to do it in Affinity Publisher
  15. Hi, I created a project with two pages, settings as odd pages. Then after a while I needed to create a third one, duplicate the page and the new page is overlaping with the second one. I had a look on the master page and I saw Master page A and B where stick like a Single page. So I opened the document settings, untick the oddPages and the bug about the Master pages fixed, but when I try to duplicate the page again, still the same problem. Thanks!
  16. Hi folks! Fantastic new updates that the team surprised us with! Preflight in Publisher, the Resource Collect feature and Embedded Documents – aka Smart Objects and thus the possibility to finally make use most stationary mock-ups – in Photo are my overall favourites! Buuut … I've got a question or rather a pretty annoying bug since day one I've been using Publisher (which literally is the case since the release): When I right-click on a layer in the Layers panel, the contextual drop-down menu appears in the upper left corner of my screen instead of directly at the Layers Panel and I have to move the mouse pointer there from the bottom right – somewhat inconvenient when working with master pages and want to make separate changes on different pages. Strangely enough, if I don't or just barely move my mouse and right-click a second time, the menu opens right under the mouse pointer. Has anyone else had this experience? Any idea what could cause this? 🤔 Q: Does this occur only when right clicking the Layers or whenever you use the right click? A: Just the layers panel. Q: If you reposition the main window does this effect the right click position? A: No change in behaviour. I already considered the right-aligned taskbar as the reason for the perhaps different coordinates for the context menu or whatever, but it makes no difference. Here's a short demonstration: Right-Click_Layers_Panel.mp4 Cheers and have a great Sunday MrDoodlezz
  17. AP crashes after changing colourformat from rgb to cymk/8 and colourprofile sRGB to ISO coated v2 (ECI) some 2-5 seconds after changing and confirm changes with ok before being able to save. Urgently needed support, as attached file (144 pages, 475 MB) is to be printed next week. Windows10 Home AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad-Core, 3.50 GHz 16 GB RAM 2019-12-12_Druckvorlage_V3.afpub
  18. Hey all. I am creating a new document. In it, I want to set different background colors for different pages. In InDesign, I used to draw a rectangle and change its color and move it all the way to the back to set background color for a page. In Publisher, I noticed that for a page number defined in master, its properties like color could be changed for an individual page. So I assumed same would apply if I added a rectangle to the master page and made it spread to all corners of the page. But I can't change the background color for this rectangle from a new page. In the attached image, I have set the background color to green, and page number color to orange. Now in the pages panel, I can change the page number color to magenta. How do I go about setting a background color for pages? Thanks!
  19. Hello, I'm currently facing troubleshooting on master pages. I've created a document with masterpages, then copied this document and started editing using the master pages. After a while and few pages edited, I wanted to modify the master page and delete an image box. The problem is that I can delete the image box on the master page, but it doesn't delete itself on the pages where the master page is applied. To add a bit of fun :(, when I add a new image box on the master page, it adds itself to the pages, and then when I delete this image box on the master page, it deletes itself on the pages. Can someone help me with that ? Thanks
  20. 1. Komplex Content of a Master page 2. Import for multi-page pdf 3. Merging the komplex master page with the multi-page pdf. At the moment, it is possible to place the first page of a multi-page pdf in a document with a komplex master page. But if you open a multi-page pdf, the master page is empty. To apply a complex master, saved as a separate file is not possible. There could be different solutions to the problem. Indesign has a plugin for that. Not ideal, but it works. Maybe there could be a solution for this problem as well?
  21. You can create multiple master pages for one page. I have not found a way to delete a single master page. It seems only possible to delete all master pages at once. It would be helpful if individual master page could be removed.
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