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  1. So, here we go again. This was originally created over a year, thanks to Supervolting on here for bringing it back to my attention. I have reworked the tutorial and it's less than 5 now and simplified. It's a really cool way to show of your videos or pictures and a great way to see how you can work with other apps in your workflow by starting in Affinity... Enjoy... (and click subscribe) ;) Creating a Mask Overlay Tutorial Allan
  2. When I copy adjustments from one document to another, there are times where the documents are different sizes. If the dimensions are larger, the mask retains the dimensions for the first document which is fine. However, I'm unable to fill in the remaining space where the mask doesn't stretch out to. It's possible to simply resize the mask by dragging the control points to make it the size of the larger document. This only works if I realise the difference in dimensions before i start working on the masking. It's really annoying when I've brushed in the mask only to discover it's the wrong size. To fully make sense of what I mean, do this: 1) Open an image that's 1200x1800 and another that's 1600x2400. 2) Create a curve with a mask on the smaller image and manually brush in a random area that should be affected by the curve 3) Copy the curve with the adjusted mask to the image that's 1600x2400 4) You'll see a hard border on the RHS and bottom of the image as that's where the mask ends. 5) Use the rectangular marquee to select the RHS and bottom of the mask and fill it in with black OR try to fill the entire mask with black. It doesn't go all the way to the edge of the larger image Thanks.
  3. I need help locating a tutorial. I watched a tutorial years ago by someone that I think once worked for Film4. The tutorial demonstrated making a vector mask in Affinity Designer, importing it into Apple Motion for some masked animation (videos in the background of text), then did scoring in Final Cut Pro. I can't find the tutorial, but it was supposed to demonstrate something like the Google Play Your Heart Out advertisements: https://youtu.be/lQIFVT80fbo?list=PLGc5GJ9a7RPXDjs8u1S5Vur_43ef4bwEj It might not have been Film4, but I remember the tutorial used scenes from Monster,Inc. and I think Spiderman. It was simple, yet clean and professional. The scoring went to I think Hudson Mohawks, Chimes; which Apple used for its Stickers commercial. The reason I'm bringing it up here is because I'm pretty sure I clicked on a link in this forum (again, years ago) when I discovered it, and I'm hoping someone also remembers it and can help me out. Here's to hoping...
  4. Hi, I am new to Affinity photo and want to know if in version 1.4.1 a soft mask exists? What I need is that a mask has a certain transparency at it's border. How can I give a mask lets say a 10 pixel border with transparency changes from 0% to 100%? Something like this: https://rockymountaintraining.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Photoshop_ss_006.jpg So I want to use the circular mask tool and set a smooth border of e.g. 10 pixels. How can I do that with Affinity photo? Thanks!
  5. I wonder if any of you more experienced users could shed light on how I can achieve an inverted text effect using Affinity. Basically I want the same effect as the attached file. Thanks in advance, Benj
  6. When i make a selection, refine the mask and than make a new layer with mask; than try retouch the mask with the brush I get what looks like corrupted data. Is this a bug or what. I have tired installing and reinstalling photo. I am using the trial, I was going to buy this program it looks great but not if this is right. I have attached a screen shot, can anyone help me out.
  7. Sometimes I wonder if channels created for highlights and midtones can be combined to affect an adjustment in AP? Or any combination. I noticed that there is a function in the channels section in the pull done menu to add to but haven't been able to use it. Would a quick tutorial be available for this if it is possible.
  8. can i remove and save the name in this photo to use as pattern later
  9. I should mask a fine structure and it is only possible to select this lines properly by help of the pen. The problem: 1. As soon as I draw a second spoke, and click the Selection button, the 1st selection will be deleted. 2. If I do all my pen drawings and group them, the Selection button can not be used on the group. Is there a hidden function I didn't discover yet? I tried already Shift, Alt and Cmd + Selection button, unfortunately no one has an "Add" effect... With this background, it's impossible to use the existing selection tools for usable results. (Is it?) I really would appreciate any help. Cheers, Roland
  10. In AD, how do you convert a selection - marching ants - to mask a photo to become a pen tool path, so later I can have a better control?
  11. Hi, So I have these two photos and I want to replace the tree in the long exposure shot with the tree that doesn't have the motion blur in it from the wind. I can't seem to figure out how to make a really good selection of the tree in either picture. It would take forever to do it with the quick selection brush and refine it. I'm sure there is a way to make this an easier process. Does any one have suggestions? Cheers, Jason
  12. I´ve recreated an effect I saw on TV (DMAX). The Text is the background and everything around the text is blurred. I did that non destructively which is awesome. The only problem is that I can´t expand the compound to edit the text once I´ve used it to clip the gaussian blur. Could you resolve this? Thanks in advance! (maybe I´ve mixed up "clipping" and "masking" once more)
  13. Thanks for such a great product. I am having problem with the channel masking. Using any background image I am unable to bring options on the channels menu. Thus I am currently unable to create any channel masks. Watched the tutorial(s), but unlike what I have seen on the video channels stand untouched. I am usind a mac. I am missing something simple, but haven't figured out what it is yet.
  14. Hi there, being a newbie to affinity photo I tried to follow the Affinity Photo-cutting out video with an own photo. Everything went fine, masking was in fact very easy and I succeeded in copying the masked area of the photo. But as I pasted it into another photo, there was no way to resize or turn it in any way, may it a photo or a new Document. It was always pasted without any anchors, where I could turn, resize, move up or down the object. Really annoying compared to what could be seen in the movie, Can anyone give a hint - I viewed the video over and over, looking if I could find any clicked option - nothing to see. Btw. searching the forum I didn't find anything about cutting except for AD. It could be helpful if the questions resp. answers could have a tag AP or AD Greetings from Berlin docesen
  15. Hi, if I apply a shape mask to an image I can move the mask around above the image but how can I move the image to change the visible part (and leave the mask where it is)? Thank you.
  16. Hi- I am new to affinity and loving it so far, I just have a super basic question. So I have a psd file which is a mockup of an iphone. I am trying to put my own image into the mockup, but I do not know how to drag the corners of my image to make it fit perfectly. Is there anyway to do this? Thanks!
  17. Hi, I'm enjoying Affinity Designer so far but have ran into a problem using a greyscale image as a mask. I have a white rectangle, and the image to mask with. When I drag the image over the rectangle so it shows the vertical bar and drop it I still see 100% white. It should be partially transparent at this point. In Photoshop this would be as simple as copying the image, creating a blank mask, then pasting it in. Here's a screencast showing the problem: http://quick.as/56A8h5gq9 Is this a bug, or is there a different way to do this? Thanks!
  18. Example: I have a vector layer and a triangle on a separate vector layer (visual). I want to use this triangle as a mask so that it OCCLUDES the contents of the first layer. In Pixelmator you could do this by adding a white mask (default) and painting a black triangle on it. I know I could create a vector rectangle that covers the whole canvas and subtract the triangle from it, then use that as the mask (visual), but is there a simpler way? Especially because when I use a compound as a mask, I cannot edit it without removing it as a mask, changing it and adding it as a mask again.
  19. I've downloaded the trial version of Affinity Designer (French version) and I am trying to use the selection tool. After selecting the area, I click on the Refine Edge button and apply the modifications. Then, I use the drop-down menu in order to apply the changes to a new layer mask. And then... nothing happens. See attached video. selection_tool.mov
  20. I thought I had a grasp on the differences, turns out I was completely wrong. I can't get any of them to behave in anyways that make any sense to me. Can someone articulate a 10,000 foot up view of these things, their benefits and their purposes, and their differences and talents?
  21. Seems to me that if you added the ability to control a mask's transforms without impacting it's content's transform, you'd have the same functionality as the Crop Tool is to the Draw Persona, with one huge advantage: There'd no longer be the conflicting conventions of Masking being represented as happening above a Layer (and the layer coming through the mask) vs Cropping (as it is now) being presented as something happening "beneath" the layer, when it's actually operating much like a mask in that it's sitting above and preventing content outside of itself from being seen. So how to do this with Masking? It looks like the [alt/option] key is going unused when editing the transforms of a Mask (Size, Scale, Rotation) ... except for position, in which case it is being used, for duplicate functionality. Almost a perfect solution, but not quite. Perhaps... I have the solution! Right now, [command + drag] is also doing duplication of an object. Leave that, and give up the [alt + drag] to mask editing independent of content and the problem is 100% solved.
  22. Take a person out of a picture and putting it in another picture is probably one of the hardest things to do in an image editing application. The fact that I can do this inside a vector application excites me! You use to have to go back and forth from Photoshop to illustrator to do this while combining your vector and pixel workflows is just amazing. I am really digging this hybrid approach to design and image creation! There just not enough hours in the day! Thank You Affinity for putting the fun back into the game! I can't waitto see what the future of this application has in store for us!
  23. Please let us know if the affinity software is better to use than photoshop& or coral . We need to trace our creation's outlines & fill in them different fabrics,textures.
  24. I came across a masking bug today. When applying a mask to a layer, group, vector or pixel object, then lower the opacity of the layer/group/object, the mask seems to apply a colour burn effect as well as decreases the opacity further on the layer/object. I've attached a video and the Affinity file for reference. Masking Bug.movMasking Bug.afdesign
  25. Hi, Seems there is a bug in the masking feature when applying a shape to a layer. I have a circle and a square. To crop the square to follow the circle shape, I duplicated the circle shape and applied it to the whole group. The rectangle is not cropped correctly for whatever reason. It's like cropping but as if the mask circle was using a line but it's not. Attached file. BUG MASKING.afdesign
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