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Found 9 results

  1. Is it possible to use a colour palette to posterize image, please? Can APhoto map all colours from an image to a palette, and/or to closest colour, in this way? tia xx
  2. I have been attempting to create a city map and there are two specific looks I want to accomplish... 1. I want to be able to create junctions that look like this: (just the green circled bit) Specifically, note how these two road types have different colours and different outer strokes. I was able to achieve the look I wanted by duplicating my lines and putting the black strokes at the bottom with the coloured inner strokes on the top. While this works nicely, it will become a pain to manage large maps and any edits I make will also need to be manually copied and moved again. I don't know if there's an easy fix. I tried applying a new stroke to an entire group or layer expecting that it would create a new stroke around the outside of all of the strokes within, but instead it overwrote all of the individual stroke settings. I feel like this should have worked as I expected, and while it wouldn't be a clean solution for my needs, it is definitely something that could have helped. Another option I suppose is to have different classes of strokes editable in the appearance panel. For example, the topmost stroke could be considered the 'inner' stroke, and the bottommost the 'outer'. Then there would be some way to telling AD that a particular group should share the inner or outer stroke properties. I doubt this is very intuitive however. 2. I want my labels to knock out the black outlines, like so... I'm not sure if that's the right terminology, but you can see in the example how the black outlines on the roads and buildings are removed, but the fill colours remain. This would be accomplished by using either a stroke or a clipping shape. Maybe something like this is already possible? I know that the map above was probably created using specialist mapping software, but it would be a huge convenience in AD too. My thinking was that there could be a special 'erase' fill type that accepted parameters, so you could specify that those objects erased only content on specific layers, or in my case, the 'outline' stroke types. tl;dr: I'd like to create these specific effects with AD. I have some thoughts on how they could be implemented as features, but I'm very interested in people's ideas for how I could go about accomplishing them now. Thanks!
  3. I'm currently trying out the free trial of Affinity Photo and decided to spend the evening streaming - I thought it would make a neat timelapse! The one major thing that I couldn't figure out was text on a path. Really enjoying how easy it is to transition from 14 years of Photoshop. I am excited to see what else I can do with this!
  4. A commissioned map, drawn in AP, with design elements from AD added.
  5. Link to Tutorial: http://hmturnbull.com/writing/fantasy/map-making/introduction/ Description: On my website I'm writing a series of tutorials on how to create a fantasy map using Affinity Designer. I've seen a lot of tutorials for fantasy cartography, but they all seem to focus on either hand-drawn maps or maps made in raster software. Using my method, one can create a fantasy map that will scale infinitely and is easier to edit throughout the process. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a versatile map that you can use for stories or role-playing games.
  6. When creating a Gradient for a Gradient Map, in order to save it the only option seems to be to click the 'Add Preset' button, which adds it as an adjustment preset. The problem is that there doesn't appear to be any way to import/export these presets. I've instead tried saving gradients as Swatches (as Swatches can be imported/exported), but these don't work properly for Gradient Maps. Is there a way to import/export Gradients for Gradient Maps that I'm overlooking?
  7. Any changes because of (UK-)MAP and British pound changes, the (hard) Brexit, …? Perhaps new prices, the MAP exit and foreign branches?
  8. I'm trying to sketch a tube / metro line map like similar to the attached one - can anyone point me to a tutorial or give me a helping hand otherwise? I'm a bloody laymen coming from a Xpress / Illustrator stone age just think similar to the London Tube map
  9. Just trying out AD... Have been drawing maps for twenty years in FreeHand. As now on OSX 10, no FreeHand :( . Can't get on with Illustrator and hate the idea of paying Adobe every month so thought I would have a play. So attached my first quick draft. Really like AD, very quick to pick up. Somethings that did not jump out at me, a quick look on YouTube and job done. So far, only a couple of items missing that are essential to allow me to migrate fully: Text on a path. Essential for road names going around a curve especially if inside the text is inside the path. Dotted lines - wanted the footpaths to be dotted but no joy. Otherwise looking good and reading the forums, these items are on the roadmap - thanks AD Couple of things notice that are an issue but not deal breakers (unless I missed it): Only single page documents allowed. Fonts, quite a few of my fonts such as Zapf Dingbats, WebDings and FontAwesome not rendering - just getting square text boxes. Anyway - looking good Serif Suitably impressed
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