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  1. Hi, I am really interested with Affinity Designer. If I want to write, publish, and sell a tutorial e-book for Affinity Designer, could you please elaborate about any issue regarding legal, copyright, and/or royalties regarding this? Regards, Catur
  2. Howdy! As the title suggests, is it possible to have the textual manual that is available from within the app as a standalone file (PDF, HTML, EPUB, etc.)? It isn't very comfortable to switch back and forth between the manual and the app Thanks!
  3. Hi could someone direct me to an instruction book,manual, or ipad designer for dummies cheers Dave Wallace
  4. Hi there, first of all I want to express my gratitude for the countless video tutorials you provide. However, I miss some structured how-to manual, such as the Workbook for Designer. Can anybody recommend an Affinity Photo workbook? many thanks
  5. Greetings, Excuse my ignorance, but is there a way to search for keywords in the online manual here instead of having to go thru everything to find something? https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/index.html
  6. REDCAT1963


    Are there plans to publish a book for PC users?
  7. In the transform the edges are are not working when clicking the anchors. The numbers are not right. I try to click on a graphic and the select the right side and the X number shows up but when I click the second graphic and select the left side, the X numbers doesn't change correctly. I'm trying to align the numbers perfectly on the X line, the Y line seems to be okay
  8. Hello fellow forumers, Is there a user guide or manual for Affinity at the moment? Whilst I understand that: It's important you explore on your own, that way any bugs have a slightly higher chance of being found, and; This is in Beta, and may not be fully complete/functions can change/the project could be scrapped (although I hope not); I would absolutely love some kind of link to a reference guide. I mostly work in a convenience store, and like reading up on things during my breaks to then come home to actually try them. I am most able to maximise my time in this way. I have looked & looked but couldn't find anything of the sort. Is there such a thing at this point in time? Or will this become a feature before the program gets its launch? I remain, iPrune
  9. Im looking for a manual for Affinity Photo but can't seem to locate one. Is there one and if so where can I download?
  10. Downloadable manual pdf to study this program also on my iPad ? The online help is useful but i am not always on my mac!
  11. Hello! I love this product but I am very new to photo editing and even with this forum and the smattering of mostly very short "How To" videos online, there is very little documentation to get up to speed on how to effectively use this wonderful software. I am sure this has been asked a bunch of times but I can't seem to find the thread. Is there going to be a comprehensive manual or guide on how to use this software and get the most out of it at some point? It took me several hours to teach myself how to find and use the elliptical tool to edit eyes and other small bits in a photograph and the learning curve is pretty steep for those new to the adventure of photo editing. Even a third party manual would be a welcome addition. Thanks to anyone who can offer a clue on this. The software has been out for a while now and I think its time for a proper instruction book. Tom
  12. I am a pro running a one-man department working 50 hour weeks with a staggering backlog of work. I don't have time to play with the app trying to guess what things do and how they work. If I have to spend fifteen minutes poking around just to find an eyedropper tool (or equivalent) that is fifteen minutes I can't get back. I've owned Designer from the get-go. Many times I've fired it up, messed around with it and stumbled on all sorts of intuitive ways to do things I don't want to do (and in a totally over-the-top fashion), but in the end, I quit and go back to Photoshop so that I can get work done. The long and the short - six video tutorials and a busy forum is a less than ideal way to get up and running. Now that the app has won its award and customers are buying, perhaps you could take the time to provide formal documentation. Speaking from 20 years of experience in marketing departments, the one thing you don't want to do is make a ton of sales, have customers say it looks cool but they can figure it out, and then they tell everyone that the app is confusing and hard to figure out. It will blow up in your face. Speaking from 15 years of experience as a paid software reviewer, the same goes: It looks great. It is very powerful. It is extremely affordable. It takes a ton of messing around it can be mastered. Consumers and prosumers will enjoy spending the time to figure it out. Professionals will need to volunteer quite a few unpaid hours before switching. In terms of the app itself, I would award five stars but in terms of being able to get up to speed in any reasonable amount of time, take away two stars.
  13. I do know that there is another thread about the manuals and covering the html.index link into Calibre, but does anyone have any idea on how to adjust the settings for a perfect pdf fit? Ive tried adjusting the setting for 2 days now and still comes out looking distorted and what not. This is what I'm trying to achieve....... and this is mine...... Thanks in advance!
  14. Following the instructions of a video tutorial, the QUICK MASK selection failed. I would like to know the conditions under which quick mask will perform as illustrated. Under conditions I understand: image format, any other parameters that are essential for the operation to function.
  15. @matt, @andy, your reply in https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/560-selection-marqu%C3%A9-tools-constrain-aspect-ratio-and-slow-speed/&p=2336 does irritate me. I don't see any tool called "select" besides a various marque tools in pixel mode – whereas a beta mail mentioned "Select tool ... constrain aspect ratio" and matt asked/replied "I assume" concerning my initial question. Just in case Affinity has more than the the rich bunch of Marque Tools of pixel mode ("persona"? you might want to consider to define/name them accordingly in the later manual & online help. (compare 2 screenshots attached: "marque", "selection") (i'll check in next beta: marque: constrain aspect ratio – and let you know here)
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