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Found 174 results

  1. Hello, I just downloaded Affinity today and it came with a free Macro-pak which I also downloaded. When I follow the instructions to import the files it says no files found although I can see the files when I search my files through windows, I am pointing to the correct folder but it just does not seem to be able to see them, can someone help me?
  2. I have been using Filter > Distort > Equations to modify text onto a sine curve. First I rasterize the text, then apply Filter > Distort > Equations with the following formulae: x=x y= y+(h*a/2)*(b*sin(360*x/w/c)+(1-b)*cos(360*x/w/c)) This filter works as intended as a one-off, and whilst recording the macro, but If I then export the macro, and try to apply the macro later nothing happens. The history panel shows that it has been applied, but the image is unchanged. This happens whether I load the macro as a single macro, or if I add it to a library and load it from there. Text onto sine-cosine curve.afmacro Anyone any ideas? John
  3. Affinity looks good and pretty intuitive to use. What I am missing is a batch processor. My primary photo targets are birds; things that move pretty fast at times. So I usually shoot photos in bursts - same light situation, same settings etc, up to 20 images. To allow me to select the one photo I like, I want to process all of them the same, so applying a macro/batch processing them. The outcome of the batch processing should deliver good results. This is the one feature photoshop has ahead of all other photo processing software - it does good batch processing. I have tested other software (Nikon firmware, Corel, Gimp etc.) and they have all delivered unsatisfactory results.
  4. Bigiron2

    Macro Library ?

    I am running Affinity Photo ver 1.6.6 and cannot add downloaded macros to my library. Also after creating a macro of my own and clicking add to library it shuts the program down, any solutions would be great. Thank you in advance Doug
  5. In Photoshop it is possible, when creating an action, to insert a menu item. This takes the production of macros or actions to a whole new level and allows you to create all kinds of things that are currently unavailable in Affinity. Do you think it would be possible to add this functionality? Thanks
  6. As the forum is now quite messy with no clear suggestion sub forum I post here. Apologies if this has already been discussed but I can not seem to find anything about it. It would be nice to enhance the parameter section in macro to allow for custom or constrained ranges as sometimes exagerated values make no sense. This could be done for example with: "default_value default_unit,[min,max]" or some other syntax which seems consistent across the app. I am not sure if this is better implemented when saving the parameter under a custom name or in the actual parameter setting. Example for Gaussian blur: 0.8px,[0.2,2].
  7. Is it possible to rename spare channels in a macro? Thanks!
  8. I am experiencing a very bizarre problem playing macros with my Wacom pen. When I click on a macro in the library with my pen it turns blue but the macro does not play. It does very occasionally but on most occasions it requires several attempts (usually three or four) before it responds. If I click in the library with my mouse it plays first time always. I have tried the following: Verified my Wacom driver is up to date and re-installed it for good measure. Tried every variation I can think of in tap speed, pressure and duration. Tried adjusting tip pressure in the Wacom driver. To check if I had a pen tip problem I have tried mapping the left click to the eraser button and the side buttons. No difference. I have tried mapping left click to the tablet touch surface and finger tapping. No change. My tablet and pen work perfectly in every other aspect of AP and AD and in all my other 'pen sensitive' graphic apps as well as in the El Capitan OS. The problem is unique to the Library in AP. Has anyone else experienced anything resembling this? Does anyone have any bright troubleshooting ideas? This is totally bizarre and frustrating. :( Mac Pro 2 x Quad Core. OSX 10.11.6. Intuos Touch Pro 5 Large.
  9. holgerbiebrach

    Selection Refinement Macro = Crash

    If I run a Macro with selection refinement affinity Photo crashes. Attached my Macro. maskemachen.afmacro
  10. After downloading the uplift epic skies zip file and unzipping to destination, I get an Overlays and Macro folder containing 50 JPEGs of skies, and one nondescript file with an afmacros extension, but with no Affinity logo on it (see attachment). When trying to drag this afmacros file onto an image, nothing happens.
  11. I’ve recorded a macro that would resize 600 ppi images to 300 ppi, and another that would paste a line of text (I would like to use a variable like “current date” but that’s not possible, so I just use the year and add the rest manually later). These I would stack (plus some others like add a curve adjustment layer) and run on a folder of some hundred images. For now (that is, in Affinity Photo 1.6.6) this seems to work only under the most ideal circumstances, that is, if all the images have the exact same dimension and orientation. Let’s say to record the macro, I resized the first image from 4000 × 6000 pixels at 600 ppi to 2000 × 3000 pixels at 300 ppi while keeping the physical dimensions at ~ 169 × 254 mm. Now in the batch process, images with 2000 × 2400, 2400 × 2000 (please note the crucial difference: landscape instead of portrait), 4000 × 1000 or whatever size and proportion will be resized to 1000 × 1200 pixels at 300 ppi … All I want to do is reduce the resolution but keep the physical dimensions and orientation of each image. In the same vein, the text I paste is distorted if the target image has different proportions than the source.
  12. Pavlov

    macros do not run

    I created and imported some macros but they don't after clicking
  13. Just wanted to report an issue ..but found a work around. Event Crash on Batch Conversion Again!..also working on brush Nozzles I managed to crash AP..Caused by the application of a Macro (Clarity+white Paper removal) to Batch Conversion. Process. Add image [Edit for Bitmap Nozzle creation] a. Black and white Adjustment b. Clarity Adjustment c. Contrast Adjustment d. Colour Filter to remove white paper (make transparent) d. Create xxx slices and export Some time ago I set a macro for Clarity and remove white paper. This was applied to the exported files to create transparent .PNG from .JPEG/200x200 images/new folder This worked fine in AP1.5.3 but in new version applying the Macro in Batch conversion caused AP to lock up without processing images (Had to extricate through Task Manager where CPU was 100%/memory 61 %). Couldn't close AP as Software seemed to believe the Batch Process was still active... Fixed Delete Macro (originally saved to Library) Recreate the Macro in AP works..
  14. Thank you for the 1.6 update. However, I am disappointed that basic drag and drop functionality is not available in the panorama, hdr merge, focus merge, stacking and other file selection dialogs. I usually have a finder window open and I can see the files I want to include in a stack or batch, but then I have to use the add files button and navigate (again) to that folder and select the files. Would love to just drag them from Finder onto the selection dialog list control. This should be a pretty basic code change. After all, drag and drop is coding 101 stuff and shouldn't cause knock on effects or regressions.
  15. Hi all, New to AP. Relatively new to serious photography as well, but it has always been a hobby. First of all...big thanks to the Serif team for providing such a professionally crafted app at such an amazing price. Eagerly awaiting what's in store for the future. Anyway, just thought I'll say an introductory Hi with some recent shots RAW developed with AP. Cheers P.S. All criticism, advice and suggestions much welcome and appreciated.
  16. G'day from Australia. A few weeks back I purchased Designer and Photo. I have been working hard at learning Designer. What a great program. I have now created 56 Designer files, which are A3 landscape files. CHALLENGE I need to add a watermark/copyright image over all the images and save the images as PNG files. I have not yet used Photo, so I wonder if some of the experts could tell me if what I want to do is possible, either in batch mode or as a macro. If it is possible to do this, then could some kind soul show me what to do in extremely simply directions. I have now reached the big 70, I am slowing down a bit :D , so please be patient. Thank you for you help. Of course if this is not possible I will do it manually, but I need this done ASAP. Best wishes and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Hooroo for now. Paul.
  17. jaowlfjord

    Macros + Tone Mapping

    G'day, I'm designing up macros for batch processing 32bit .hdr files, and have encountered a bug. My macro involves opening the 'Tone Mapping Persona', selecting a filter, and applying the changes (before continuing on with a heap of other steps before and after). However, though the Marco works repetitively while Affinity Photo is running in that instance, once the program is closed, and re-opened, the macro only applies what seems to be the 'default' exposure boaster instead of the desired filter. I have tested this thoroughly, to the point where the macro is just open 'Tone Mapping Persona', selecting a filter (a B&W one), and applying the changes. And still it works only until the program is closed and reopened. This process flow is vital to my workflow. Are you aware of this issue? Is there any work arounds? Please let me know if there is an intended fix, would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  18. I was recently trying to create a batch process to run macros, but did not get that far as I found that the macro did not record the actions within the external Topaz plugin. This is the first time I have tried macros and is therefore a disappointment, given Topaz documentation re PS CC actions support, I was anticipating Photo woudl be the same. That aside, my problem is now that whenever I try and record and save a macro to the library, the 'save to library' button causes an immediate crash. Process: Affinity Photo [572] Path: /Applications/Affinity Photo.app/Contents/MacOS/Affinity Photo Identifier: com.seriflabs.affinityphoto Version: 1.5.2 (1.5.3) App Item ID: 824183456 App External ID: 821350282 Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: Affinity Photo [572] User ID: 501 Date/Time: 2017-10-14 17:02:17.264 +0100 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.11.6 (15G1611) Report Version: 11 Anonymous UUID: CB773126-10A5-34CC-0355-9DE89B16D986 Time Awake Since Boot: 1600 seconds System Integrity Protection: enabled Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000010 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY VM Regions Near 0x10: --> __TEXT 000000010edff000-000000010ee94000 [ 596K] r-x/rwx SM=COW /Applications/Affinity Photo.app/Contents/MacOS/Affinity Photo Application Specific Information: Performing @selector(addToLibrary:) from sender NSButton 0x7fd8dba8a900 Furthermore the free macros, which were previously installed as sets, have disappeared. In trying to re-instate them by either double clicking, importing, or dragging in (they are macro sets), the error message appears: Unexpected Macros Format. I have tried uninstalling and clearing down every possible reference I can find to Affinity Photo, and then reinstalling, but the problem remains. I have also just updated to the latest Mac El Capitan version, and repeated that exercise. The problem remains. What is noticeable is that following re-install, when launched the Photo application shows the Studio library window, which it does not remove be default. Therefore I suspect some component is remaining across my attempts to cleardown. Which also means the install process (dragging to recycle bin) is untidy. Can someone please advise? Thanks in anticipation. [Mac Mini (Late 2014), 2.6 Ghz Intel Core I5, 8GB, Ex Capitan 10.11.6]
  19. When I apply the Initial Fix Macro in the Batch Job command window, leaving the 'Save as AFPhoto' box ticked, and the Sources are either an afphoto or raw formatted file, the EXIF data is stripped from the saved afphoto formatted file. If I apply the Initial Fix Macro from within the editor and then use the Batch Job command with just the 'Save as AFPhoto' box ticked and no macros applied the EXIF data is retained
  20. For this to work well for me, I need it to be able to run a script that quickly addresses some common multi step processes I have. Otherwise it is too time consuming and fidgety
  21. Hi, Is there a way to define horizontal strips (with full height) in an image and assemble the strips into a new composite as show in the attached image? I want to make it in as few steps as possible. I am trying to build a macro for that but an (inevitable, as it seems to me) function: right-click on a layer –> Mask to Below is not available during Macro recording. So I am quite stuck at this point. Thanks for any help. Jiri
  22. I downloaded and installed Affinity Photo last night on my laptop running Windows 10 with no problem. I had also downloaded the free macro pack (zipped). In attempting to follow the instructions to import the macros, the computer isn't recognizing the zip folder (and therefore the contents of the 3 zipped files). The "Open" library window appears, and I am able to select my Affinity file, but no content appears: "No items match your search." The file extension is listed as AFMACROS files. File Explorer verifies that my Affinity file has content, including the zipped folder. Not sure what I am doing wrong--or if this is simply a Windows issue? I have closed Affinity Photo and restarted it holding down the CTRL key for a reset, and that accomplished nothing. Suggestions welcome!
  23. Hey everyone! This is a very small feature request, but it would improve the workflow by quite a bit. Personally, I have some categories I don't use regularly. So I just collapse those. However, each time after starting Photo, all the categories will be open again with too many macros to scroll through. Could you save the state for each category when they are opened or closed? Best wishes, Shu
  24. Hello, Just built a macro following the online tutorial. For some reason it doesn't work. I saved this simple macro: 1. Levels are adjusted 2. Unsharp mask Saved it into a library. I open a picture and just click the develop button to move to Photo Persona. I see the macro in the library----> click and nothing happens. I tried clicking the other macros and they don't work either. UPDATE 1: I exported the macro. I can import it and then use it on one picture. It doesn't work from the library. UPDATE 2: Works when I use the mouse...Not the wacom pen !
  25. Hi everyone, it was a question of my team, when using Macros, can i aply them to individual Shortcuts ? It would be very handy.. and in Photoshop its allready possible . thanks