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Found 4 results

  1. Affinity Photo v2.0.4 on macOS v13.3.1 – can't open Nikon .nef RAW files made with a Z9. Please advise. File appended. DSC_6063.NEF
  2. I'm beginning a new project, and am rusty. I've created a master page for an image on the left and text on the right. But, dragging an image into the image frame, and switching to Photo persona, I cannot add an outline to frame the image. If I click fx in the main panel on the right every fx option is greyed out. How can I fix this? All my images are PNG. Would this affect the process? Thanks. Using 1.10.6 and Ventura 13.2.1 Screen Recording 2023-02-28 at 11.29.41.mov
  3. Here's the error report. It's happened 4 times today when selecting a layer in the Layers Panel. Thought it might help the Affinity developers to see Apple's crash report. 181801-erratic-crash-when-selecting-a-layer.txt
  4. Hello. I tried to search for an answer to no avail. My issue has been happening at least since v2.0 (it's been happening long enough that I don't recall, and I keep hoping that the minor updates would fix it --alas, it still is happening and it's driving me bananas). MacOS13.1, M1 Photo 2.0.4 This happens to a number of tools, but definitely with the selection brush. Now, sometimes the indicator will match the brush's size, but only after selecting the brush, then selecting some portion of the image (with incorrect indicator), then changing the size of the indicator, etc. Actually, it seems pretty erratic. I'm pretty sure that the brush indicator used to match the size of the brush. Now it's not. Lastly, when the brush is selected, but I am not actually selecting anything yet, the brush indicator is the system arrow cursor rather than the brush size indicator (dotted circle outline), so it's difficult to see where to start selecting. This is very evident in the below video. Any assistance would be helpful. Would it be a setting? Is it a bug? Thank you. Pictures worth a million words: A - this is the expected functionality. The round brush indicator is the size of the brush. B - I changed the brush size to a larger diameter, but the indicator is the same size as before, but it's much smaller than the actual brush size, which makes it difficult to accurately select the edges. Yellow indicates the width of the brush tool indicator. Green indicates the actual width of the brush as selected via the context-aware tool bar. C - Now I decreased the brush size, and the indicator is the same size, but the brush selection is much smaller. Again, yellow indicates the width of the indicator, and green indicates the actual width of the brush. And if the photos don't help, here's a 20sec video. Yes, this screenshot video is me working in Publisher 2.0.4 with the Photo selected. It also happens when working directly in Photo 2. 2023-02-02_07-25-50.mp4
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