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Found 38 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to load a LUT adjustment layer on Ipad pro. But I am not seeing the .cube files (files are blur) when I try to load them. I know that .cube is recognized format for affinity photo. Is anyone facing this issue?
  2. Help section says it can read .cube LUTs. I can choose a .look or a .3dl but the .cube are grayed out. Any solution to this? Thanks
  3. Hello Team Well i have couples of suggestions for what i call "The Persona Improvements". Well it is nothing as serious as the title is but more like me looking into things with different sight. 1- The Tone Mapping persona is lacking of a Global Reset button or function that allows the user to reset anything done there without leaving the Persona, i ask this because the Tone Mapping Persona have default behavior of applying the latest used Preset and apply it to a newly loaded picture, so having a Reset Global button will help us have a picture that is not directly changed and for which we can start at fresh either it be for manual adjustment or preset application. - Please Fix/Implement- 2- The Tone Mapping Persona to me should be far more than what it is actually and it the right place for us to process and handle very helpful and serious stuffs like LUT (and even more) but in a more advanced way than what we can do with the LUT Adjustment layer, there also we should be able to import/export LUT with ease of use. 3- The different categories we see in the persona would be pleasant if you could make it Fold/unFold. actually when i click say Main" or "Exposure" it stays unFolded and the only way to Fold it is to uncheck it thus disabling the related settings, So please make it Foldable/un Foldable but please keep the enable/disable for who may want (it is also necessary) 4- The curve category should offer more settings than the Adjustment of the same name (this should be the case for the develop persona too) i mean you should put everything like the Eye dropper for Highlight-Mid Tone and Shadow allowing us to do more and very accurate color grading and color balance. 5- I suggest changes and works done in the Tone Mapping Persona to reflect on the pixel persona as Adjustment Layers for he who may want that config but also it will make the thing more "Non Destructive style of work" also we should be able after applying our selection using the Tone Map Persona to return there and work from where we left things and not start at fresh again superposing this and that thus making our design or work "too much" ! 6- Possible to speed up the load of One Map persona ? i think if you disable the Auto apply selected tone it will be much faster and leaving us full control of whatwe want to do in there. That was my 6 points for a Better Affinity! Blessings.
  4. Hi I'd like a feature to preview several LUTs against an image quickly or flick through all the LUTs in a folder to see which works best. Going in and out to try different LUTs is too slow. Thanks Andy
  5. Hi sir. I can't import my LUT file (.cube) to my affinity photo for ipad. but when the same LUT i apply to lumafusion it work normally. please help me. in this time ill also upload my lut in .cube file bjorndale night.cube
  6. ChenJing

    LUT problems

    The LUT problem have puzzled me for a long time . This is the original image and image with adjustments. This is the image with the LUT formats: .csp .cube .3dl .look As you can see , nothing can bring the color tone back . The .3dl format can do a similar job , but it's still not the same color tone . Also, the function of infer LUT , i put in the original source and the adjustment source of the image reference , but nothing showed up . I still cannot get the way to use it .
  7. Hello, so in Affinity Photo I had a chain of adjustment layers that I wanted to export to an LUT (specifically in the .cube format) but after I did and put the LUT on another image, it turned it a brown colour and that's not what it should've looked like. But when I export the LUT to a .3dl, it shows up fine on the image. I just really want to have the .cube format so I can use it in other software.
  8. First post in this forum. Coming from Lightroom (and RawTherapee/Gimp on Ubuntu), I'm a bit confused, to say the least. I find it hard if not impossible to find Affinity presets and recipes online. Is that correct? The only thing close to it seems to be LUTs. I did find the fujifilm film simulations luts and got them to work. To be more specific. I'm looking for alternative film simulations such as platinum palladium toning. Help of more experienced Affinity Photo users would be greatly appreciated. I've found this thread here, but was hoping to find a number of 'presets' to do this. (see below)
  9. Hey Folks! LOVE the product! I tried a forum search and didn't see anything, so forgive me if it's been requested already, but can we can get an option to preview LUTs before applying? As is, implementing a LUT (eg. from cloud storage) just gives me a file name to choose and apply. If I don't like it, I have to redo the process (And try to remember the list of obscure filenames that I've previously tried!) I have no idea what 'Portra 160' looks like, nor if it's going to fit with my image. But if I can see it, I'll know if it works or not. Maybe a similar implementation to LUT's as in Capture One? Where you hover over a LUT name and it's visually applied to the image, then you can either scroll to another option and the image updates in real time, or you can click the selection to finalise the application. Obviously, it would require remapping 'clicks' to touches, or multiple touches or whatever, but I leave that up to you wizards! Thanks!
  10. Hello there, here on the forum it was confirmed that LUT export was broken in Affinity Photo 1.6.6 - before I attempt the frustrating exercise to try it out has it been fixed for release 1.6.7? Thank you very much, Jurgen
  11. SavanahNF44

    LUT makes app crash

    I have tried to use luts by going to adjustments and importing the lut from my files but every time I try to click on the lut, the app instantly crashes. I have seen other posts for this problem and it says it has been fixed but my app still crashes. Please help!
  12. IPad 2017 running latest version 1.6.7 ( Load LUTs from Luma Fusion IPad app content on any picture causes crash, works ok with lut created in Affinity Video of crash, not that there’s much to see, attached 726CFB35-BFB1-40B2-AD0A-2B3E918AF5E8.MOV
  13. Hello. We have our own network stored library of LUTs and would like to simply point Affinity Photo to that folder for accessing LUTs. Is this possible?
  14. Hello, i would like to know how to import a LUT picture from my computer on Affinity. Thank you very much Regards Rooney Thibault
  15. Hey there community and Affinity devs, some time ago I asked the developers via Facebook if there's an option to keep the adjustment presets like gradient maps, imported and saved LUT files, levels, curves – pretty much everything in the "Adjustment"-palette/tab that you may have generated and saved there over time. Back then (August 2015) you would need to save them separately, because you'd loose them with the next update – at least that's what happened to me twice – after that I was more cautious about those files. Anyway, I got a pretty helpful response: I was told there's a file called adjustments.propcol in the directory /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto/Data/Library/Application Support/user/ and it would contain all of my adjustments – and it's true! You can save that file and put it back there after each update to preserve your custom presets. Tough I guess it's been solved since a few updated ago because I haven't done it after a couple of times. Last year I purchased the Win-version of Affinity Photo as well and just now I'm starting to wonder: How to transfer adjustment presets from one system (Mac) to another (Win) and is this possible in the first place? So if anyone knows the answer or a workaround that doesn't involve loading everything manually I'd be pretty thankful. Greetings Dennis
  16. Hi Affinity team, I'm the lead engineer on LumaFusion, and a number of our users are exporting LUTs from Affinity Photo (fabulous app BTW) for use in LumaFusion. We've found that the .cube LUT files have red and blue components reversed (.3dl LUTs seem to be ok and are a good workaround, but we recommend .cube to our users since the spec is more complete and reliable). Thanks.
  17. Hello there, I only became aware of the current issues relative to LUT export through this forum so thank you for keeping the info here. - As Final Cut Pro X's next update will feature direct LUT import it will become increasingly interesting to create LUTs in Affinity and then export the adjustment(s) into FCPX, currently we have to use a paid plugin "Color Finale". - I am very much looking forward that the Affinity developers will make it work "as expected". Best regards and succes Jurgen
  18. Hi there, I want to process only one pic and than apply this adjustments to all others. Do I work with LUT in this case? I found the export function and tried to export my settings (all applied to the main layer) and when I use LUT in the adjustment and load this created LUT there is no change! thanks in advance
  19. Hi, I was just surfing youtube yesterday and I came across a video by Sean Tucker: At 7:50, Sean uses hue saturation and lumance sliders to edit inividual colours in his image. I was wondering if you can do this in affinity photo. I am interested in buying it soon so any answer will help me in making my decision. Thanks, Jayvin.
  20. MartinB78

    HaldCLUT LUTs for Affinity

    For RawTherapee there is a nice collection of Hald Color Look-Up Tables, that i was missing in Affinity. So i started to programming and 400 Lines of c++ later, i had a nice converter... Over 300 LUTs of (old) analog films (BW / Colour) and colour effects. Look at the attached ZIP-File. (80 MB compressed, uncompressed 365 MB) The HaldCLUT LUT-Files are not created by me (one exception). License (CC BY-SA 4.0) is included. Have fun with it... ps. I am thinking about to relase the converter(Win/C++) (MIT-license) too. If you interessed, write me a message/post. HaldCLUT_for_Affinity.zip
  21. damt1974

    3d LUT trouble

    Hi, just new with affinity photo for mac. I buyed it to play with LUTs and FCPX. I did tutorials on internet, but it's impossible for me to have a result. Tried exporting .tiff picture from FCPX then graded it on AP, did printscreen, tried .jpg and .png, but always the same problem. See pictures. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? when the lut is applied on FCPX (I tried two different app to apply the LUT (mLUT and PixelStudio) the result is the same. the weiderst thing is that when I apply the created LUT on the original picture in affinity photo the problem is the same! any idea??? many thanks for the help and sorry for my english... Damien
  22. frankc

    LUT export issues

    I was hoping to use Affinity Photo to create cube LUTs for use in the Unity game engine but the exported LUTs are not consistent with the adjustments that have been applied. Note that I'm aware of the RB channel swapping bug and I'm manually correcting that as outlined in this forum post. At first I thought this may have been an issue with the 32bit workflow required by Unity but some simple tests on 8bit screenshots show incorrect results as well. Some one-off adjustments like Levels or HSL work fine, but others like Shadows & Highlights are not properly exported. Multiple stacked adjustments just tend to go coo coo bananas I've attached an (extreme) example with the original adjustments in a group and the resulting LUT imported back into Photo in a new LUT adjustment layer. Toggle between the originals and the LUT layer to see what I mean. I've also seen NAN values in some exported cube files and I can try to repo that as well if needed. I'm running Affinity Photo 1.5.2 on macOS 10.12.6. Any help will be appreciated! LUT Test.afphoto
  23. LUT Export/Import is broken. Probably RED and BLUE channels are toggled.
  24. Hello All! I'm new to Affinity photo and I was wondering if LUTs that other photographers make in Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom are compatible in Affinity. If the LUTs are ".cube" they should work right? Also, do presets from Lightroom transfer over to Affinity very well? Thanks
  25. 1. would love to use my arrow keys to toggle quickly through all the luts in my folder. instead of having to click on the lut box i would love to just use my keyboard just as i can in 3dlutcreator. 2. would love to see a lut manager or gallery where i can see rows of thumbnails of the image with different luts already applied. this guy already made one and i think it rocks but would love to see it in affinity photo https://www.colorgradingcentral.com/lut-gallery/ 3.would also love to see false color like this guy has made a plugin for resolve and premiere https://timeinpixels.com/false-color-plugin/ this plugin is amazing and i would love to see it built into affinity photo! 4. would love to be able to import LR presets and quickly go through all the lightroom presets using Affinity pro. 5.would love to be able to use my PS actions with affinity photo! 6. would love to import .mov files and h264 and h265 video files into a timeline with affinity pro just like i can in PS 7. would like to make auto color some kind of lut layer. so what this means is when you click on auto color it creates a lut for that exact auto color profile and that way when you export to LUTs you can also include that auto color layer in the lut creation. of course you could use a hald file but its faster to just click on export to lut and have it work automatically. 8. when i click on the paint brush to paint something it would be nice to see the exact color right beside the other paremeters (width, opacity, flow, hardness, etc. in PS the color is right besides the params and that allows me to work quickly. 9.would like to see support for this plugin: http://software.tiffen.com/products/dfx-products/ofx-pro-plug-in 10. since NIK is free and google will stop using it is there a way you guys can work out a deal with them to continue to support it in your program natively? i think google NIK is awesome!