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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, Affinity photo 2 is for some reason is not handeling the RAW "lossless comp" files properly. It seems that the lens correction is inverted and it makes blackbars around the image. When I use a compressed RAW image it is working properly. I tried resetting settings affinity photo 2 (no changes) Opend in ACDSee working properly Opend in Sony Imaging Edge working properly Opend in Windows photo working properly Test raw images added and jpegs all directly from the camera Specs: Camera: Sony A6700 All lenses when RAW compression setting is in "lossless comp" PC: Windows 11 32 gb ram Nvidea geforce RTX 4090 Affinity photo DSC02821 compressed.ARW DSC02822 lossless comp.ARW
  2. If a preset with lossless compression is selected, so the lossless compression checkbox is unchecked. However, the function is activated because after checking the lossless compression checkbox, the resulting file size will not change, nor will the name of the preset. If the lossless compression checkbox is unchecked, the resulting file size will increase and the name of the preset will change. So it is probably only a problem with displaying the status of the checkbox.
  3. I would love to see an option when saving JPG, PNG and GIF files to losslessly compress them and remove unnecessary junk in order to achieve minimal file size :) ... Something like ImageOptim does (with tools like PNGCrush, MozJPEG, Zopfli, AdvPNG, Jpegoptim, Gifsicle, SVGO and PNGOUT). And bonus: Images that are used as Resources in Affinity Photo and Designer can be losslessly minified as well (in affinity photo there was saving 10MB from 51MB = 20% on my test run)
  4. Hi Affinity Am concerned you do not understand the full power of Smart Objects, I notice (reading your facebook replies) that you believe they are merely about lossless layer resizing Smart-objects offer hundreds of creative and practical uses as well. I mention some of the reasons below, but note these are just my uses, power-users might have even better uses Photoshop lets you choose between "New smart-object" and "New smart-object via copy. (don't worry if you don't understand the difference yet, this list should still make sense) When you duplicate a smart-object multiple times, you can (if you want) change just one single smart-object and all the smart-objects in your document change. These many objects can still be manipulated in your master document, but you can return to your smart object and add or change stuff that effects every instance Example - I add a country fence in front of a scene - built with 60 pieces of wood, but the client decides it should be new timber with rounded tops instead. I go and change my one smart-object piece of timber, boom, the whole fence is immediately changed This can create very beautiful effects very quickly, but it is also very practical. When we design a new app icon/branding, we make just one icon and then we have a prebuilt template (which 1000s of people download and use too) we can automatically see what the icon looks like on iPhone, iPad, in the app store, in a promotion, etc etc Also we use smart-objects to build a final design, where many many components have been created separately. So you might have a number models whom you have airbrushed from a shoot separately, each with lots of different layers, effects etc, everything still exists in this original document, and you can either edit your final version or dig deeper to each individual file This also helps keep your master project tidy with certain things nested awayRemember creatives don't just use Photoshop for image editing!!! High end users will only come to you if you maintain an open mind. If you have any doubt about the smart-objects prevalence: in Google there are 1,290,000 results for the three word search photoshop smart object. This article is good http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-smart-objects-in-photoshop--cms-20268 Please please reconsider including some sort of smart-objects. Very very very excited about your software. Desperately want to ditch as many Adobe products as possible
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