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Found 35 results

  1. Why is there a lock icon on layers only when the layer is locked? I think it would be better to see an unlocked icon when the layer is not locked. In that way we could lock the layer pushing this icon. Now it's necessary to use the left mouse button in order to choose Lock on the menu. Locked icon could be lighter than the Unlocked icon to emphasize that the layer is locked.
  2. Hi everyone! How can I lock layer's selection so if i click outside of the layer, It wouldn't be deselected? It's useful mostly in moving layers and working with vectors.
  3. I've locked an object in my design but I'm not able to unlock that object. Using the commands in the layer scroll down. What's the use of locking an object if you can't unlock it????
  4. Hi Affinity team, I have often problems about this..., please help me. From my attach file, I cannot drag to select 4 objects on the middle of paper. When I try to drag, the background image is always going to be selected. Please try my attach file, thank you. Cheers. :) Cannot_DragToSelect.afdesign
  5. Hello, I just bought Designer after using the trial and I'm loving it it! I do however have one recurring issue that gets frustrating. When working on a document, I will occasionally get stuck an a selected layer for what appears to be no reason. I am unable to click on any other layer to get out of the one currently selection. The only thing I can do enable working on all layers, but as soon as I turn it off It remains on the last selection. The other option I have is to save and restart, definitely not optimal. I also am still able to hide layers, as well as show and collapse sub layers. Thanks for any help!
  6. Hi there, Is there a keyboard command I can use to lock one axis when I am dragging an item along another axis? i/e If I want to keep it on the y-axis height I've chosen, but drag along the x-axis, can I press a keyboard button to lock while I drag so that I don't lose the correct y axis? Thanks
  7. Not sure if requested... but I would like to see a Lock and Unlock feature for Layer Masks to the layer. Similar to PS where unlocked masks allows you to move object/img within the mask. Thank you Serif Gods :wub:
  8. The two options for layers should be accessible from the layer label. Now there is a checkbox to show or hide a layer which is easy to work with. The lock functionality has to be accessed from the top of the panel. It seems more logical to have a locked/unlocked icon to enable or disable the lock state. Of course, having a closed/open eye for the visibility state would be nice in that case. PS: funny thing is that it is possible to unlock a layer by clicking the lock-icon. But you can't lock it clicking in the same spot...
  9. I'd like to be able to modify the content (text, colors, gradients, effects etc) without risk of moving an object. Having a way of locking the position of an object (or, at least the anchor node) would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Sublayer "2X" is locked, but I can transform it by selecting its unlocked parent layer?! No Bueno!

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