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Found 8 results

  1. In this tutorial I show you how to create windows or blinds from scratch and use them to create a more dramatic photo. I use shadows, shapes, blur, blend modes, gradients, perspective and more. I originally saw this done in photoshop, but they were selling the shadows, while I am showing you how to make them yourself. https://youtu.be/ceUU7V6lIfY I also did an iPad version. the link is in the desktop video.
  2. Yesterday I had an issue with Photo 2 on Ipad. I tried to apply the Gaussian Blur filter to my image with strange results. The image was expanded from the center horizontally outwards to the borders but without any blurring. So I made another simple picture, just 1 pixel layer, to try again. But after >20 attempts I almost gave up. Just by chance I switched the effect menu from preview mode to list mode and then the filter worked as expected. After switching back to preview mode the same strange behavior occurred - expanding the picture without blurring. Toggling between these two menu modes always showed the same results. One was working right the other one not. Any idea? Here are the original picture without any effect, and the 2 results with different menu modes
  3. Hi guys, Bevel & Emboss is cut of by live filter layer perspective. Didn't test anything else, didn't test on pixel layer. - Please see video: Effects + Live Filter Layer issue.mov
  4. I purchased Affinity Photo months ago. Ever since then, I have been having a few issues with the software. The issues I'm having with the software are the layers are blurred or something like that for a few seconds when I use Effects. When I used the text or a specific type font or do anything with the text, like change the size of the text, duplicate the text, and move the text, the transparent canvas would show up (some of the transparent canvas would show up). Also, when I open up a file, the layers, adjustments, layer effects, and live filters become blurred for a few seconds, then go back to normal. Now, I'm going to tell Affinity support about the issues I'm having, but I just want to post it in this forum to see if anyone else is having the same issues, as I am. Also, if someone could help me solve these issues.
  5. I encountered a quite annoying UI bug in both Designer and Photo when using Live Perspective filter + artboards. It seems that render glitches appear on the canvas pretty randomly, in addition to a "border stretch" effect of what's displayed on the border of the artboard. The "border stretch" glitch can be somewhat workaround by reducing the size of the artboard content as to add some padding to the artboard. However the other glitches remain. Moreover, the glitches "update" on each canvas resize/zoom as you may see on the different screenshots attached. I am also attaching two files that show the issue. While these are .afdesign files, sending them over to Photos actually leads to the same glitches. These are using artboards, Live Perspective filter and symbols. Versions: - Designer 1.10.4 - Photo 1.10.4 - macOS 12.2.1 FYI, I tried disabling GPU acceleration, changing display rendering from metal to CPU, and any possible combination of both without success. Hope this can get fixed sometime! Mockup.afdesign Mockup.afdesign
  6. Easy use of the turbulence tool. In this easy Affinity Photo tutorial, I use the turbulence tool to create a perm or Afro hairstyle. This Photo Manipulation is number 44 in my Powerful tools of Affinity series and is shown in desktop and iPad. https://youtu.be/mjngeQCl1cg #turbulence #liquify #livefilter #mask #photomanipulation #madeinaffinity #affinityphoto #affinityserif #tutorial #photomanipulation #graphicdesign #affinity #digitallyfearless #affinityguides
  7. 3D texture with live lighting Affinity Photo tutorial on iPad and desktop. First I show the way I believe it was meant to be used, but then I tried something different. I used a photo of a flower and gave it live lighting with 3d texture. https://youtu.be/lFK-Gqz1x2I
  8. In order to remove some noise in the sky of an image I have nested a noise reduction live filter in its pixel layer. In this screen shot, the position of the Noise Reduction live filter is clear underneath the Dehazed Background pixel layer, but it has been unchecked to show the luminance noise in the sky. After checking it and setting Luminance to 25%, the sky is still splotchy, the noise having been reduced but not completely eliminated: When, without modifying any settings in the Noise Reduction live filter I move it to the position shown in the following screen shot, the luminance noise disappears: What is the significance of the "half-child" position in that screen shot? Why is the live filter in this position so much more effective than as a sibling of the other child layers? Thanks
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