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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I've made some edits to an image in Affinity Photo, and wish to update the link in Affinity Designer. I've searched through the AD "Help" section, but cannot seem to find a way to do this. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to find an "update link" type button? Thanks!
  2. Point 1. I decided to try to put a pdf together in AP Beta. I successfully created a pdf. The following day I accidentally deleted it, which was not really a big deal as I needed to update many of the images (.jpg). I was surprised that when I created a brand new pdf with the updated images, Publisher placed the old images! How is this possible? Point 2. Also, I can see no way to 'refresh' images. Point 3. All my images are linked, but do not update.
  3. Hello, When moving a Publisher file from a PC to a mac, the images linked in documents are noted as 'missing' - I believe this is because the server path appears to be changing... On the mac the path includes the server 'share' name whereas on the PC the server share is noted as a drive letter (Y:\) instead. Firstly, is there a way around this within Publisher? Secondly, if not, is there a way to do bulk updates to linked images? I'd have expected that, when I update one image within a folder, the others with the same general path will also automatically update. However, currently I have to update the each individually. Am I missing something? All thoughts gratefully received! Edward
  4. I have an Affinity-file that's using another Affinity-file as a linked image inside an image placeholder. The document is set to 'prefer linked' so I told Affinity to don't embed images, but only link. When I update that linked Affinity file itself though, the parent Affinity file using the linked file, doesn't update. Not even when I reload the file. Not even when I reload the software. There is a message telling me there's a change in a linked image, but when I click on the button to show the resource manager, there's nothing in it to update. I can't find any way to update this linked image inside the parent document without reloading the image again in the placeholder. So it doesn't have the behaviour of a linked image, but acts like an embedded image. But I might miss something here? [edit] in the video below both tabs are different documents/'processes'. So the 'linked-file'-tab is not opened by the 'parent-file', but is a different document that happens to be open in the same interface. So there's no connection between the tabs. no-update-of-linked-file.mp4
  5. Hey, I am new to Affinity and checking out the viability of moving from PS. My one main request would be linked images so they help non-destructively as PS does and will update in your file when the original is updated. Is that something you plan to do? Thanks MR
  6. There are many threads regarding relative paths for linked images and wanted "pack & go" functionality. I read it over and over and I start to think that these solutions are partly really complicated for a thing that already has a easy solution if you look at other software. I reseaeched how customer photo book creation software like the one of CEWE, Rossmann and Pixum does it. They all have a "inages"/"ressources"/"assets" folder right beside the document file. This folder is managed by the application: If you drag an images from anywhere into your document (application window) the file is copied into that folder. If you delete the image from the document the file gets deleted to. If you change the file in the folder ot gets updated in the document like Publisher does this automaticly with linked ressources (if the option is acticated). It's really simple and works basicly the same way the APUBs "internal filesystem" works. This could be a third mode alongside with "embedded" and "linked". So there would be no need to do a regular "pack & go" to "clean" your image directory from unused files. Publisher should automatic delete them in this mode. Of course if you delete a used file it should show up with a broken image indicator in the document. But using this mode you know what you do. Again, every major photo book creator works this way and I believe this would solve all the problems people asking for relative paths and pack&go have. Also in my workflow it's cumbersome to copy my selected images first to another place. I browse my photo collection looking for fitting photos as I build up a new page and drag them in, look how they fit into what I want to show and maybe I remove it again and use another. Having them to copy to an image folder first is a bit annoying.
  7. This is probably in the wrong place - but it's sort of a bug tho.... Doing a simple file to get used to APub. Long time Quark and Indesign user. 1. Placing an image? At first it appears that the images were imbedded. Then APub asked if I wanted to link them instead - to help with file size. I said yes. Now it's missing an image that I have no idea where it is. The names seems to have been changed. Also I'm not finding a window to list all of the placed images- so I can select them, find them or edit them. Possibly the layers file serves that purpose, but how do I find the missing image? 2. Placing an image. I'm used to the images always being linked and that seems to be the best idea especially if multiple files will be using the same linked images. Please make that a default or choice at the time of import. 3. Editing a placed/linked image - will that be coming when the apps Photo & Designer are updated? I don't see a way to open the linked images from inside APub. --- OK I see the Edit Document now. Which is great but the Document is imbedded. 4. How do I chose to make APub link to images instead of imbedding them? It shows that images and Affinity files are imbedded by default. Thanks!
  8. I've created a document, and inserted a number of images. However, I now want to link those files, rather than have them embedded, so I went to resource manager to do that, but the images don't appear. To test, I tried just dragging an image directly into the document. This one appears in the resource manager. I also created a frame directly on the page, and then dragged an image onto this. This appeared in the resource manager too. So the fact they don't appear must be because of the process I used: I created a master page, with two image frames in the positions that I wanted images. I created a number of pages based on this master page. I turned off syncing and unlinked the master page layer on each page. I dragged images onto the frames to populate them. There must be something about this process that means that the images don't get indexed into the resource manager. Please can this be corrected?
  9. I have made a sample document in Publisher containing only 1 page with 1 rectangle. Then I imported a multipage-pdf with 29MB (which shows only page one...) and an afdesign-file of 21MB (also multipage, and only page one shows...) In the Resource Manager, I changed both imported files to LINKED to save filespace. when I save, my file is 100MB! So doing the maths: 21+29=50MB embedded size plus 100k for the rectangle and fileheader, if you will. 1mb+1mb for filepaths and preview + 100k for rectangle and fileheader = 2,1MB Why is it 100MB?!?
  10. Thank you for implementing this requested default setting! But... it does not work for me. I replaced my first beta with this new one, started with ctrl and reset everything. I did NOT open an old beta file. Instead I made a fresh new one. Changed the setting to link images by default placed an tif-image per drag and drop from finder opened resource manager -> shows as embedded. placed a second file (PDF) per drag and drop same in Resource manager clicked make linked clicked on the desktop to change to Finder -> Pub crashes immediately
  11. Hi, Is there a way to export images in a doc as links instead of base encoding them in the SVG. Thanks Greg
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