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Found 95 results

  1. I am making a determined effort to wean myself off of Adobe Creative Cloud, (Lightroom & Photoshop) and replace them with Affinity Photo but I am worried about losing the ability to use Photoshop plugins, (Nik & Topaz Collections) if I unsubscribe from Adobe Creative Cloud. Am I right to assume that if I do unsubscribe from CC it will not affect my usage of the plugins in Affinity Photo? Many thanks for advice. Andrew-Bede
  2. Hallo to everyone, i was wondering why i can open from lightroom in Affinity in PSD format, but after i can't have it back in lightroom, if i use a tif file or jpeg the is no problem... but not with PSD.. Missing something?
  3. Hello! I just this morning got a tip from some site about Affinity Photo. I'm tired of paying for the subscription I'm currently have with LR and PS CC. I'm importing and fixing the most of my pictures in LR. Some of them, portraits for example, I also edit in PS. LR is easy and fast but I'm feeling that I'm not using it enough to pay the subscription fees. I can buy two Affinity Photo for the same money as a year of LR + PS. Is there anyone who made the switch who had the same workflow as me? Is Affinity a good replacement if I use LR? Any tips for a good way of cataloguing my photos as LR?
  4. I am working with Affinity Photo and Lightroom. I would like to save layered tiff or psd dokuments in AP, so that i can find them and work on them back in Lightroom. AP is not able to do that. So i have to save my pictures in afphoto-format. But now there is no way to find my pictures again besides from the Finder. Even the AP-own Media Browser does not show afphoto-files!!! How can that be? Is there a media browser in the market, that let´s me find my afphoto-pictures again? Thanx..
  5. Hello, I am new here and not using Affinity products right now. May I ask you how you organize your Pictures while using Affinity products? I am using Lightroom CC now and I like the database in Lightroom. So how do you organize your Photos? Do you know if its planned to develop a Database APP for organizing pictures? thanks for your help Peter
  6. Hi Guys, I Really like both AP and AD, I am however stumbling upon a problem using different colour profiles when roundtripping via tiff from lightroom (version 4). Simply put, when using sRGB and Adobe RGB the colours in LR (library module) and AP are consistent. Using the ProPhoto profile however, the colours are 'wrong'/different in AP as are the grey levels. I searched the forum but could not find a suitable answer. Any editing using this preferred profile is therefore pointless. I also checked the file in preview and Pixelmator, both were next to identical to the LR view leaving only AP different. I am attaching two screen shots; one from LR in library module, the other from AP. Same tiff file. Also a screenshot from the file information is attached. The ProPhoto icc is available on my system. System Information: 2013 Mac Pro, Dual D300 OS: El Capitan Lightroom 4.4 AP 1.4 Spyder 3 Color Calibration (also checked with the default profile from apple, no joy) Hope you can help or fix the problem. Wouter
  7. I don't know if this is possible. Today i do all my Photo-Editing in Lightroom, only for heavy composing purposes i switch to Affinity Photo (previous Photoshop ;-). Now... my LR/Affinity/LR-Workflow goes like this: - open the raw as psd copy in Affinity-Photo (psd becomes visible in Lightroom). - Do my work on the opened psd-file in Affinity-Photo. - save the work does forces the .aphoto Format, which is saved beside the psd. - Now i export the work as psd - what overwrites the previous opened psd - (which is visible in LR). - I make some virtual copys of the psd to do variations for the finish (i use all that develop stuff in LR for that) - If i want to do some more work on the file, i klick in LR on the PSD, and do the "show in finder" command. There i locate the .aphoto file and open it in Affinity-Foto for additional work. After finishing my work i do step 4 and 5. It may be useful to have a LR-Plugin that can handle the .aphoto directly. What do you think?
  8. Will it soon be possible to be able to access Affinity Photo from within Lightroom...as we an currently for Photoshop CC as well as Photomatix and other photo editors? Thank you!!
  9. Hi, I am a new affinity user. Having come over from Adobe CC I would preview my images in LR before importing to PS for editing. What are the raw image preview options you recommend? I like affinity once I have the correct image selected to import, but it's finding the right image and evaluating/comparing them before import that's now the issue. Thanks, Bec
  10. What do you reckon should be the flatten image policy? . I am looking at exporting for fine art printing. It would be great publishing a comprehensive tutorial on layers and files . Seems to me that this the main difference from Photoshop and the main obstacle for photographers like me who wants to make the transition and use PSCC, LR and AP In the same workflow . The videos are great but they need to detail a complete workflow and its various options. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I have bought Affinity Photo last night after 2 days of searching on the net. I have been using Lightroom for 1 year, as hobby and semi-pro works. I really enjoy it but i feel that I should move forward and Lightroom is just a quick package edit tool limits you in some ways. I have never used Adobe PS, and I have to learn everything here with Affinity Photo. What would you offer me for the start for fast learning? Should I start to watch all of Affinity Tutorial videos with taking notes and ailing them on my photos? or would it be good to watch Adobe PS tutorials too, as it has more source to watch and read and not that different from Affinity Photo? Thank you' Oflatun
  12. Hey folks, Photos selected to edit in Photo from Lightroom don’t appear to honour the capture listed in the meta data. When selecting to sort my photos by capture time in Lightroom, the edited photos are now sorted at the very beginning of my catalogue. Fortunately I have a backup, but I’m now hesitant to edit photos from Lightroom in Affinity. Anyone know what’s up?
  13. I'm really enjoying affinity photo and designer software, and it will be great if affinity creates a program to manage the content and photos, like bridge, lightroom, aperture, iPhoto, Photos, etc...
  14. Hi, i think i found a bug: I'm using Lightroom (Version 6) I have set Affinity Photo as Editor, so i can right-click an image in Lightroom to "edit in - Affinity Photo". Now two things happen, depending on which picture format you set up in Lightroom for the external editor. a) If you set it to TIF, you can edit the picture in Affinity Photo and if you save, the changes are transfered over to Lightroom as expected. fine. BUT: You cannot deal with Layers! If you have added layers, you will get a message when you try to save it - If you OK it, the link to Lightroom is lost. Only work-around: Flatten the Image (to one layer) before saving it. Bad as you cannot come back to edit it again later. b) If you set it to PSD, you can edit the picture BUT again, if you have layers you have a problem. And If you doesn't have layers the link to Lightroom is broken too - you always will get a Save-As-Dialog As far as i know, PSD is a kind of TIF and both are able to hold layers. Shouldn't Affinity Photo able to save the layers within either format and still be compatible to Lightroom? I'm really missing that. I'm not 100% sure but i think this works with one of the betas?
  15. Hi, I don't see a place to add metadata to an image. This would be an important feature especially to me as a professional photographer, thanks. Also, export to lightroom would also be a good feature to add.
  16. Hi there, I'm testing Affinity Photo, like what I currently see and what's on the roadmap. However, I don't care at all for Media Browser. Since I use Lightroom right now, any other options besides that? Open source? lower cost? Thanks in advance.
  17. Well the subject tells it all : Make chafing the brush size a very nifty and much more intuitive operation like Adobe Lightroom can do. J.
  18. Hi Would it be possible, and therefore perfect :-) to create just like in lightroom a brush inside the develop-mode to adjust for example exposure locally? thanks in advance Looking great!
  19. When you finish working on affinity photo then It would be great if you made simple app which replace lightroom and discontinued aperture. Also I think making that app in this year would be business wise decision because you can use all the fuss about photo editing programs on apple app market.
  20. One of the things that really bugged me about my PS / LR workflow is the way that Photos would get passed back and forth between the two apps. With a typical workflow you start with a Photo in LR and then need to send it to PS to do something that LR can't do. LR makes a copy of the photo so when you are done editing it you now have two similar photos in your library. If you decide you want to edit the photo again you now have three copies and then four etc. The way this operation should really work is you make an adjustment in Apple's upcoming Photos app, say move the brightness to 27, and then when you export the file to Affinity Photo it uses the same photo instead of a copy of the photo. You should then see your brightness adjustment of 27 in Affinity Photo and then be able to make an adjustment to the brightness again to 15 which should then show up in the settings to Apple's app as you return back to it. I can understand some of the reasons why Adobe's workflow was clumsy, they were trying to get a 17 year old app to work with a brand new app after all. But now that both Apple and Affinity are both starting out at version 1 and at essentially the exact same time let's try and get the way this works under control. I disagree with many people on this forum that Adobe's photo solution works pretty well I think there is a huge opportunity for taking on Adobe in this area.
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