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Found 87 results

  1. I have Lightroom version 5.7 I also have Photoshop which of course the two are from the same developer.... In Lightroom I have the option to Edit in and external Editor... 99% of the time I use Photoshop. Creative Cloud is becoming too expensive so I've luckily found this awesome program. Loving the tutorials etc... Ok my issue is that when I try to edit in external editor and I chose Affinity Developer as my choice that's all fine, but then I get this message. I took a screen shot of it... Now normally, this would work, however, today I just wiped my drive and reinstalled everything to give my computer a fresh start. (I use an iMac with OS X Sierra) Permissions are fine on all of my folders, that shouldn't be an issue. So does this error lie within Affinity Program at all? Please help! I would love to make this program my go to source.
  2. Is there a radial filter (lightroom equivalent)? This is what I do in "lightroom". Drag circle tool over dark face. increase brightness or shadows. Done! I don't subscribe to Adobe and don't want to, but i do own version 5 which is great for quick photo fixes. This is what I do in Affinity photo Desktop Mac. Use select tool with feather. Add adjustment layer. (brightness or whatever) Deselect Add radial or gaussian blur Adjust effect. It's way longer to do and to adjust than it is in Lightroom with the 1 develop tool. Or sometimes in AP-desktop I add an adjustment layer (curves) Bump up the middle of the curve Select flood tool and flood the whole layer back to "no effect" press X to change to opposite colour select brush with appropriate hardness and transparency and size then paint on the brightness (mid range curve) where I need it Am I missing something? An easier way perhaps.
  3. I'm making a concerted effort to shift from LR/Photoshop CC to Affinity. Not only do I have the Affinity Photo desktop but now the iPad version too. One issue remains: how to handle my 80,000 images that are catalogued in LR? Once I cancel my Adobe CC subscription, I'll have 80,000 stray images? The Lyn app is okay, but not enough. Very much would appreciate other ideas. Thank you.
  4. Photo is great, but as a photographer I would not use Photoshop on most of my photos, I would use Lightroom because it is quicker. You go on a photo shoot. You have tons of photos. You want to quickly browse through them and then quickly do some adjustments. Lightroom is perfect for this but it is part of the Adobe tax system. are you guys going to look at something that will suit a bulk workflow?
  5. I use Lightroom and have a bunch of presets. I am wondering if I turn to Affinity Photo, can I import the presets that is from Lightroom? Or shall I treat Affinity Photo as an instead of Photoshop, not Lightroom?
  6. Hello All, I am currently shopping out a replacement for my beloved Picasa 3. I am now having problems uploading my files and I know that it will not be fixed so I am moving on from it. I narrowed down my search to Lightroom and Affinity With a program called iTag I could tag my photos and write captions using XMP Metadata. I could tag and caption multiple photos at once. Can I do that in Affinity? On Picasa 3, I could search all my folders on both my PC and plugged in external drives at once with metadata. I could also print multiple photos at once. Additionally, I could export and watermark multiple photos at once. I would like to basically use Affinity has my photo organizer. Is all of this possible? Thanks!!!
  7. I'm still using Lightroom as my main cataloging app, but I'd like to be able to send native RAW files or DNG files to Affinity Photo for initial developing using the Develop persona. I did set up a Lightroom External Editor for AP, but the only available file formats are TIFF, PSD, and JPG. Even If I have to export the finished file from AP to Lightroom as a TIFF file (since AP does not support DNG export), is there a simple way for me to direct the RAW file from Lightroom to AP for processing? Thanks, Dave
  8. We run an online newspaper and use Lightroom for DAM We frequently use Photoshop to resize and use canvas size to fit fit into a column width What would be the advantage of using Affinity? What would happen to our Lightroom catalogs? Henry
  9. Can we access Affinity directly through Lightroom to edit a Photo and bring back to Lightroom, just like we do it for Photo shop.
  10. I am really starting to like Affinity for windows a lot and I like the functionality. The main reason for not being wholheartedly for Affinity is probably my ignorance - I want to have a work flow that means I can edit in lightroom and then go to affinity and then back again without having to save the Affinity file then import back into lightroom. Maybe there is a way to do this already but I am not aware of this so any help or comment would be appreciated.
  11. Hello fellows, I've received the email to buy affinity 1.5. I'm really excited about this program, but I need to make a question, about one missing feature. Will affinity photo feature a Sync option, as simple as Lightroom? I have multiple photos taken in the same shot, and I simply can't color correct them one by one. I only need this answer to buy affinity photo. best regards
  12. Using AP 1.5.1 with Lightroom 6.8 on OSX 10.11.6. When setting AP as an external editor with LR, what is the preferred file format — TIFF or PSD? PSD sounds like the obvious choice, but there were issues with using it prior to AP 1.5.1. I've watched the new video on PSD round-tripping, but it just addresses the AP preferences, not the LR ones. Thanks!
  13. I am currently using Lightroom which I will drop it once the Affinity DAM is available. Is there anything I should be doing now to prepare for the change once Affinity DAM is available? My current workflow is: copy my SD card to my desktop select photos copy photos to a folder on my iMac using this folder structure for example: Pictures > Lightroom Photos > 2016 > 2016-03_description_of_event > filename.jpg (2016-03 indicates the year 2016 and the month of March. Filename.jpg is the camera generated filename. Sometimes the file is a .jpg other times it is a (panasonic) .rw2 file. assign Lightroom keywords when importing into Lightroom delete the photos I don't like and eliminate them from Lightroom and move the original image to the trash. tweak the files I like, keeping them in Lightroom export .jpg files only when I need to upload them to my blog or when I want to post them to Facebook or instagra, make a print etc. My concern is that when I switch to Affinity DAM I will lose my keywording. Also I will not be able to access the finished image since it is stored in LR. I guess I should have been exporting .tiff files of my favorite photos but hesitated to do so since .tiff files are huge. Do you have any suggestions on how I should improve my Lightroom workflow now to prepare for the change to Affinity DAM in the future?
  14. I currently use Lightroom along with Photoshop Elements for layers and the other Photoshopy features in Windows10. I'd like to replace PSE with AP. However, I'm having one major issue with it. Right now in LR when I want to open an image in PSE, I right click on the image, select 'Edit In' and then select PSE. The image opens in PSE, I do my editing, then I can click File>Save and it saves the TIFF back in the original LR folder in my LR library (great). However, with AP this isn't functioning the same. I can select 'Edit In' and then AP in LR, the image still opens in AP, I can do my editing. But when I go to File>Save it tries to save some afphoto file and its not even in the LR directory. I select Export in AP and it brings up a generic dialog for various export file types and is not pointing to my original LR directory. arrrrgh :( I just want AP to automatically know to point back to the original folder when I try to save a file that was first launched into AP by a call from LR (just as PSE functions now).
  15. It would be really, really, REALLY nice, if it was possible to work on one image (of many in a sequence), then select "Copy settings" (with the option to exclude some or not), which will preserve all operations, rotations, sizing, modifications and whatnot done to the original. Then enter batch mode or whatever could be agreed upon, select the images to be processed (one to many - in my most recent case 398 images), and "paste settings", whereafter each of the selected images in the sequence undergo the exact same process, as the "master" image. No problem at all in Lightroom. Typically a case of seconds or a few minutes at most. I often need to work on sequences of images - extracted from video - that need heavy processing (available light scenes) - or just modifications to create i.e. moving "filled outlines" or other even more elaborate effects. Currently I use Lightroom for "image cosmetics" working on "intermediate lossless formats" extracted via FFMPEG. A lot of things can be made via Lightroom (and videos initially lost due to quality issues have actually been salvaged that way). It's quick and dirty, but it works, and Lightroom is in some respects extremely powerfull as a multi-image/sequence/video editor. Regards
  16. I edit my images with Lightroom- for further processing I change to affinity- Can i safe the picture and change to Lightroom without detours. Thank you for answers.
  17. I am making a determined effort to wean myself off of Adobe Creative Cloud, (Lightroom & Photoshop) and replace them with Affinity Photo but I am worried about losing the ability to use Photoshop plugins, (Nik & Topaz Collections) if I unsubscribe from Adobe Creative Cloud. Am I right to assume that if I do unsubscribe from CC it will not affect my usage of the plugins in Affinity Photo? Many thanks for advice. Andrew-Bede
  18. Hallo to everyone, i was wondering why i can open from lightroom in Affinity in PSD format, but after i can't have it back in lightroom, if i use a tif file or jpeg the is no problem... but not with PSD.. Missing something?
  19. Hello! I just this morning got a tip from some site about Affinity Photo. I'm tired of paying for the subscription I'm currently have with LR and PS CC. I'm importing and fixing the most of my pictures in LR. Some of them, portraits for example, I also edit in PS. LR is easy and fast but I'm feeling that I'm not using it enough to pay the subscription fees. I can buy two Affinity Photo for the same money as a year of LR + PS. Is there anyone who made the switch who had the same workflow as me? Is Affinity a good replacement if I use LR? Any tips for a good way of cataloguing my photos as LR?
  20. I am working with Affinity Photo and Lightroom. I would like to save layered tiff or psd dokuments in AP, so that i can find them and work on them back in Lightroom. AP is not able to do that. So i have to save my pictures in afphoto-format. But now there is no way to find my pictures again besides from the Finder. Even the AP-own Media Browser does not show afphoto-files!!! How can that be? Is there a media browser in the market, that let´s me find my afphoto-pictures again? Thanx..
  21. Hello, I am new here and not using Affinity products right now. May I ask you how you organize your Pictures while using Affinity products? I am using Lightroom CC now and I like the database in Lightroom. So how do you organize your Photos? Do you know if its planned to develop a Database APP for organizing pictures? thanks for your help Peter
  22. I was wondering if Affinity Photo offers a capability to edit one photo ,and use it as a preset to instantly edit multiple photos with that preset for time-lapse purposes.In lightroom you can do it ,but can you do it in Affinity Photo?
  23. Hi Guys, I Really like both AP and AD, I am however stumbling upon a problem using different colour profiles when roundtripping via tiff from lightroom (version 4). Simply put, when using sRGB and Adobe RGB the colours in LR (library module) and AP are consistent. Using the ProPhoto profile however, the colours are 'wrong'/different in AP as are the grey levels. I searched the forum but could not find a suitable answer. Any editing using this preferred profile is therefore pointless. I also checked the file in preview and Pixelmator, both were next to identical to the LR view leaving only AP different. I am attaching two screen shots; one from LR in library module, the other from AP. Same tiff file. Also a screenshot from the file information is attached. The ProPhoto icc is available on my system. System Information: 2013 Mac Pro, Dual D300 OS: El Capitan Lightroom 4.4 AP 1.4 Spyder 3 Color Calibration (also checked with the default profile from apple, no joy) Hope you can help or fix the problem. Wouter
  24. I don't know if this is possible. Today i do all my Photo-Editing in Lightroom, only for heavy composing purposes i switch to Affinity Photo (previous Photoshop ;-). Now... my LR/Affinity/LR-Workflow goes like this: - open the raw as psd copy in Affinity-Photo (psd becomes visible in Lightroom). - Do my work on the opened psd-file in Affinity-Photo. - save the work does forces the .aphoto Format, which is saved beside the psd. - Now i export the work as psd - what overwrites the previous opened psd - (which is visible in LR). - I make some virtual copys of the psd to do variations for the finish (i use all that develop stuff in LR for that) - If i want to do some more work on the file, i klick in LR on the PSD, and do the "show in finder" command. There i locate the .aphoto file and open it in Affinity-Foto for additional work. After finishing my work i do step 4 and 5. It may be useful to have a LR-Plugin that can handle the .aphoto directly. What do you think?
  25. Will it soon be possible to be able to access Affinity Photo from within Lightroom...as we an currently for Photoshop CC as well as Photomatix and other photo editors? Thank you!!