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Found 9 results

  1. Good morning, I currently have Affinity Phot on a Dell laptop.I would like to transfer/re install Affinity on to a new laptop.Can you tell me how this is done please.Also does the license key stay the same ? Many thanks Dave Harker
  2. Hi All, I was wondering if there is a way on the portal to be able to see the total number of registered devices per each piece of software? If I scroll through and count them all myself I can do it that way, but that surely there is an easier way. It would useful to see a comparison of number of licenses bought compared to the number of registered devices so we can see where we may have too many or too little numbers. In the future, will there be the ability, same as you can currently do in Adobe, where you invite members to join your team by email address and then assign licenses to an individual rather than a machine. Thus being able to better track who does and who doesn't have what licenses. Many thanks
  3. Hi there, User of affinity photo and designer for windows (desktop). Is there any way to ONLY show fonts from a specific folder instead all the installed ones? Is a mess to guess if one is good or not for a purpose or another one deppending on its license. Would be helpful having the option to list only those ones we have in specific folders. If is imposible at this point, I suggest to add this feature.
  4. Hello ! I downloaded the 90-month trial, and I'm wondering due to them coming in a package deal with 3 licences is affinity photo, designer and publisher included in one price ? Or are they separate purchases ? I'm sorry if it's answered in the trial somewhere, but I have yet to install it at the time of writing I will edit the post if it gets answered when I get my hands on the software's trial
  5. I own two Macs. MacBook Pro and iMac. I use same Apple ID on both. CAN I USE THE SAME Product key(S) ON BOTH COMPUTERS? (I am a single user and use Affinity software for personal needs only)
  6. I will be teaching Affinity Photo in my class. I never have more than two students at a time in one month period. I am teaching adults how to run an office, do graphics and create a website. I used to use Photoshop but I believe I will like Affinity Photo even more. My question is this: Can I install just one licensed program on a total of four computers. One in my office and one on my classroom computer and my two students computers. All will be in the same building and all will be using Windows 10 and all are desktop computers.Or do I have to buy four licenses? Thank you!
  7. Hi, Im working for a Company where one of my co-workers has buyed a license of Affiniti Photo and he used his work e-mail to register a account while doing that. Now the problem is that the pc where we had the Affiniti Photo on has broken down and we got a new one. So we need to instal it again. But the co-worker who bought the license has quited the job and he only left the information about the license number and no software. So we need the Affinti Photo software to install it again, but then we need to logg on to the account that was used when we bought it and its gone now because the co-worker dont work here any more. So is there any other way to get the software so we can download it and use the license that we have? "sorry for my bad English"
  8. From looking around it sounds like once you buy Affinity Designer you can install it on as many computers as you wish, just you can only use it on a single computer at a time. This is great because I have multiple computers that I work on. Where there might be a problem is I work both on Windows and on Mac. So Ideally an license would also be cross-platform. From what I can tell though this is not the case, I would have to buy a license for Windows and a separate license for Mac. Is this correct?
  9. I have installed Infinity Photos on my Mac Mini and have ordered a Macbook Air. Is it possible to install it on there too without paying for the Software again?
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